Top 6 Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Protective Cases and Covers

Does a case require a protective case? Well, this is still a polarizing topic. But for those of us who don’t like scratches and dings on their earphones’ cases, a protective case or cover helps prevent just that, and the situation is no different for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. If you often keep the case in your pockets or purse, it’s bound to pick up scratches and scuff marks in the long run.

Top best Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Protective Cases and Covers

Besides safeguarding against ugly marks, a protective case also protects the case and its content to some extent in case of falls or drops. While Samsung has worked extensively to provide a strong pair of magnets for the case, the odds are that the earbuds will scatter when the case is dropped.

So, if you want your Galaxy Buds Live to remain in pristine conditions, here are some of the best protective cases & covers for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Let’s get started. But before that,

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

If you want the ultimate protection level for your Galaxy Buds Live, trust this rugged cover from Spigen to take care of it. This case features the Spigen’s signature matte black exterior and carbon fiber texture at the top cover that lifts the device’s overall look. It’s a hardshell case that wraps around the charging case and safeguards it against all the usual suspects like micro-scratches, abrasions, dings, etc. Just like their phone cases, the corners are reinforced to absorb the brunt of falls and drops.

The best part is that the hinges are not covered, thereby affording you a sleek look. Most of the cases cover the hinge area if you look around, which results in an ugly bulge when the case is opened. Result? An overall bad look.

The case doesn’t affect the opening or closing of the case. Nor does it add bulk to the overall thickness of the charging case.

The cuts for the port and the charging indicator are precise. You will be able to see the battery status of the case. For those unaware, the battery indicator glows green when the case is fully charged, and red when it’s about to run out of any charge.

So far, this case has received some positive feedback, with users liking the solid build and the protection it brings to the table.

2. LiZHi Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

If you want to save some money, the next best option is to get your hands on the Silicone Case by LiZHi. This one is a simple case that wraps snug around the charging case of the Galaxy Buds Live. It protects the case from falls and drops, and at the same time, the matte surface prevents ugly fingerprint smudges and sweat marks. Since it’s made of silicone, it doesn’t just slide off the table easily.

The cuts are precise and to the point. You see the LED indicator properly, and hook the charging cable without any issues.

It comes with clear sticky pads on the inside and you have to peel the cover off and slide the case into it. The quality is great for the price and also has a decent build.

Like its counterpart above, it also ships with a metal carabiner. However, in this case, the hinges are covered, and you will see the dreaded bulge on top of the hinge. If that’s not a concern, this one makes for a good buy.

It’s available in four colors—Red, Black, Navy Blue, and White.

3. Ringke Hinge Case

The Ringke Hinge Case doesn’t conceal the original color of your Galaxy Buds Live and lets it shine through in all its glory. This case is the one for you if you have the Mystic Gold version like me. This case’s crux is the hinges at the sides, which is different from the two cases above. It doesn’t look ugly and tends to lend a unique look to the case and, at the same time, keeps the top and bottom intact without relying on adhesive strips.

Applying the Ringke case is as easy as just sliding the Galaxy Buds Live into the case, and that’s about it. No hassles of adhesive strips and their sticky residue.

The case quality is solid (most Ringle cases usually have great build quality), and this clear protective case fits like a glove. And the anti-fingerprint feature sweetens the deal.

Unlike hardshell cases or colored cases, transparent cases like those mentioned here, have a habit of turning yellow over time. Thankfully, the affordable price tag means you probably won’t mind shelling a few dollars more for a replacement over time.

4. Alpha Vivid Hard Case

Another hard case which you can consider is the Alpha Vivid case. The highlight of this case is its thickness, rather the lack of it. It’s a thin case and doesn’t add much bulk to the Galaxy Buds Live’s overall profile. Secondly, this one has a dual color tone. The bottom part is painted in black while the top part comes in a few different styles, like bright orange and a soothing blue. It adds to the look of the device.

The advantages of hard cases are many. For one, it ensures the safety of the device. Secondly, most hard cases prevent the primary device from flying out of that case, unlike soft shell cases.

And well, it supports wireless charging like all the cases in this list above.

5. Woocon Game Switch Designed for Galaxy Buds Live

Do you want your Galaxy Buds Live to stand out from the rest? If yes, you can’t go wrong with the case by Woocon. This one is designed along the same lines as the Nintendo Switch (see must-have Nin­ten­do Switch accessories). Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit, but you get the gist. Both the controls are on the side and that’s not all. Even the tiny buttons and joystick of the Switch are replicated perfectly here. Lastly, the combination of red & blue adds to its charm.

It’s a well-built case and fits the Galaxy Buds Live case like a glove. For its price, it gives its due on safeguarding the case from short drops and falls.

This one is a soft case and doesn’t hinder wireless charging.

6. Newseego Full Body Protective Cover

The Newseego will appeal to folks who do not want a case that walks the perfect line between thin and thick. This is a simple silicon soft case that keeps off scratches and also provides a grippy texture. And its thin design makes wireless charging easy, though you have to be a little bit careful about placing it in the right spot on the charging pad or wireless power bank.

With the keychain and the lanyard hole, you can hang your case either on your bag or clip it around your belt loop while enjoying your favorite songs on the buds.

The company claims that this case is easy to clean. It’s available in two colors—Red and Black.

As Good as New

With keys and loose coins in our pockets and purses, it’s just a few weeks before you see an ugly scratch on the Galaxy Buds Live’s humble charging case. A case helps avoid just that. So even if you plan to sell off your earphones in the future, the polished surface will help you drive a better bargain.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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