Top 6 RGB Light Strips With Amazon Alexa Integration

The best part about smart lights is the flexibility to control them with voice commands and a mobile app. If you feel a bit apprehensive about disturbing anyone at night or are away from home, you can use the companion app or open the Alexa app to switch off or switch on lights. And thankfully, there are RGB light strips that support smart features too. Once you add them to the Amazon Alexa app, you’ll be able to control the outcome from your phone.

Top 6 RGB Light Strips With Amazon Alexa Integration

At the same time, it’s incredibly easy to change the color and brightness of the lights. What makes the deal sweeter is that they are not ridiculously expensive and are affordable.

So here are our recommendations for the best RGB light strips with Amazon Alexa integration. Let’s have a look. But first,

1. TaoTronics TT-SL215 Led Strip Lights

  • Length: 32.8ft

The crux of the TaoTronics TT-SL215 is that it comes with an integrated mic that syncs the intensity of the lights as per the ambient music playing. Yep, you read that right. Quite naturally, this means that the price tag of this LED light strip is a little more than its counterparts. Nevertheless, this one delivers great colors and you can also change the color combinations as per your preference.

At the same time, the length is adequate for an average-sized house. The best part is that the installation process is super simple. Just tear off the paper protecting the adhesive layer from the strip and stick it wherever you need them to be.

Apart from Amazon Alexa, the TaoTronics TT-SL215 is also compatible with Google Assistant. This one connects directly to the 2.4 GHz network of your home Wi-Fi and thus lets you control the status of the lights seamlessly.

2. USTO Smart Wi-Fi Led Lights

  • Length: 65.6ft

If you want a longer line of RGB LED lights in your house, you should certainly check out the USTO Smart WiFi Led Lights. This one measures around 65.6ft and the fact that you can cut it after every 3 LEDs makes it very flexible. Apart from Alexa integration, this one is also compatible with Google Home. So yeah, depending on the home assistant at your place, you can configure it as such.

The real magic of this light strip lies in the fact that you can control the intensity and the color of these lights using the companion app. You can adjust the brightness too. If you are in no mood to fish out a smartphone, you can simply utter the relevant command to your Echo device and it will be taken care of.

Both the Usto and the Traotronics smart light strips cost almost the same and one of the major common features is the music sync. The reaction time is great and so is the sync mechanism.

3. Hedynshine LED Strip Lights

  • Length: 16.4ft x2

Another RGB light strip that you can consider buying is the one by Hedynshine. Like its counterparts above, this one also syncs to music and has the ability to deliver multiple colors. Several users back that they work as advertised in their reviews on Amazon.

Apart from the controller, you also get a physical remote should you not want to fiddle with the app in your hand. However, note that it lacks some features. For instance, the built-in app lacks schedule on/off and the app interface leaves a lot to be desired.

Thankfully, the Alexa integration is smooth and easy and lets you go about some of the smart functions like switching the light off/on, adjusting the hue seamlessly.

Do note that the adhesion of these strips is not one of the finest and you might have to invest in some double-sided tape if you are looking for a good installation process.

4. Onforu Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

  • Length: 49.2ft

If you do not want to spend huge bucks and yet want colorful and attractive colors, the Onforu smart lights are the ones you should certainly check. As noted earlier, they are bright and manages to light up your house in attractive colors. It has a good range and manages to stay connected to the Wi-Fi without any issues.

Though it is also touted to sync to music, it only does so with the music on your phone. Nevertheless, it comes with features like scheduled turn on/off and color customization (which is a big plus). Plus, the lights are clear, and they respond fast to the music that is played.

However, it’s not perfect. For one, it’s not as durable as its premium counterpart.

5. Maxonar LED Strip

  • Length: 16.4ft

You can’t go wrong with the Maxonar LED Strip if you want a frills-free LED strip experience. This one costs a lot less than its counterparts above and quite naturally doesn’t contain fancy features like music sync and the likes. However, what it does have a good Alexa integration, thereby making it perfect for voice commands. Moreover, it has a rating of IP65, thereby making it ideal for the outdoors as well.

What you will love about the Maxonar LED Strip is that for the money, it gets the basic right — it lights up well and at the same time, has every feature of smart light.

Furthermore, these lights are clear and durable, something which you’d appreciate if you plan to run them around the room or your house.

If you are looking for a bang for the buck deal with no compromises, you should definitely consider buying the Maxonar LED Strip.

6. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

  • Length: 32.8ft

Govee is a well-known name in the light market and the smart LED strip embodies most of the features that you’d find in commercial smart LED strips. For instance, there’s music mode, ambient light mode, scheduled turn on/off, among others.

One of the things that separate this light from the rest of the products in this list is its price factor. This one is priced at just $20, making it one of the inexpensive strip lights on this list.

Quite naturally, the combination of the low price tag and a healthy mix of features has made it quite popular on Amazon. So far, it has seen more than twenty thousand reviews and several users have vouched for the brightness of the RGB LEDs.

Add Color to Your Life

With these lights, you can not only add a splash of color to your room or gaming stations, but you can also control the colors and hues from a distance, all thanks to the brilliant Alexa integration and the in-app management.

So, which of these lights will you buy? Will you go for the basic smart lights such as the one by Maxonar, or will you opt for music mode-enabled ones?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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