UniConverter 15: 7 Reasons Why It’s an Absolute Must-Have Video Converter

If you often convert or modify videos, then you must be no stranger to Wondershare UniConverter. It’s worth noting that the UniConverter has been around for 17 years and is regarded as one of the industry’s leading video converters. This nifty tool helps in converting videos to other formats, and comes packed with interesting features. This year, Wondershare has stepped ahead and introduced many features that make UniConverter 15 a must-have for all video enthusiasts.

7 Reasons Why UniConverter 15 is an Absolute Must Have Video Converter

So if you are looking to upgrade your video editing and converting process, read on to learn about the new UniConverter 15.

1. Ultrafast File Conversion

One of the major strengths of the UniConverter 15 is its fast video conversion. With it, you can quickly convert a single video or a bunch of videos. The tool makes use of GPU acceleration to hasten the process. The tool for Windows systems is optimized to enable full GPU acceleration for AMD, NVIDIA, And Intel GPUs, among others.

Ultrafast File Conversion

The process is equally faster in MacBooks as well. If we talk numbers, there is a 9X performance improvement. Even if you plan on converting a long or high-resolution video, you can rest assured that UniConverter 15 will take care of it.

2. Lossless Conversions

Video conversions are tricky. When not handled in the right way, you may end up with low-res pixelated videos, and well, it can be a huge bummer. Thankfully, with this tool, you can convert 4K/8K/HDR videos with minimal loss in quality.

The resulting videos are clear and true to the original quality. What makes the deal even sweeter is that UniConverter 15 gives the flexibility to adjust the video’s frame rate, resolution, and bit rate. Such flexibility will allow you to share the video on different platforms.

Reasons Why Uniconverter 15 is an Absolute Must Have Video Converter4

All the options to tweak the video are easily accessible, and all you need to do is select them and get going.

3. Hello Productivity! Batch Conversions

Converting videos one at a time is no fun. If you want to save on your time, it’s time you said Hi to the Batch Processor of UniConverter 15. This tool, as suggestive of its name, lets you convert a bunch of your videos at the same time.

UniConverter 15 Batch Conversions 1

When you have added all the videos to the dashboard, just hit the Start All button. As noted earlier, the tool will deliver the converted videos much faster its peers.

4. Supports Various Formats

UniConverter 15 is a versatile video-converting tool that supports many video formats. The company claims that it supports over 1,000 video formats such as MP4, MOV, and MKV (among others) and audio formats like MP3 and M4A.

At the same time, UniConverter 15 supports a slew of device formats like Apple formats, Android formats, or TV formats like Apple TV 4K and LG TV. These features ensure that you can seamlessley share and transfer files across multiple platforms, without worrying about formats.

And that’s not all. All media file formats get optimal encoding and decoding support.

5. Compress Your Files Easily

The built-in Compressor is another nifty feature of Uniconverter 15. As you may have guessed, this one can compress high-resolution files seamlessly. This tool to convert even 8K files to 1080p files. To add to it, there is minimal loss of quality both for audio and video.

Ultrafast File Compressor

UniConverter 15 is a clever tool that allows you to adjust video file parameters like Bitrate, Resolution, and Encoder, among others. Plus, you can also pick the compression quality. Typically, the tool will give a recommended range.

6. Miscellaneous Tools

Aside from the one above, UniConverter 15 also bundles a few handy tools like a Video Editor. So if you have a passion for shooting home videos or capturing memorable moments during trips and holidays, this tool will be highly useful in editing, compressing, or converting videos as needed.

Reasons Why Uniconverter 15 is an Absolute Must Have Video Converter1

Like the other tools, the video editor is also easy to use.

7. Intuitive App Interface

The biggest strength of UniConverter 15 lies in the fact that it has a pretty intuitive interface. All the options are easy to understand, and the simple interface means converting and editing videos is easy and simple.

All you need to do is click on the relevant options and get going.

Convert Like a Pro

Wondershare UniConverter 15 comes with a wealth of features. Apart from the nifty ones above, it has a truckload of tools to streamline your video editing and converting process. Compared to other online video converters, this one can effortlessly convert files faster, compress them as per your preference or convert them into the file format of your choice. Naturally, this gives you ample flexibility and control in your hands.

Plus, there are no security issues, and it’s safe to download. If you often deal with educational videos, you want to convert and store, then UniConverter 15 will be right up your alley. And the same holds for people who deal with videos and small businesses.

For now, UniConverter 15’s Annual plan starts at $49.99. Or, you can go for the 2-year plan for $69.99 (for 2 years).

UniConvereter 15 has a nifty promotional event. You can save on your budget if you join the launch event before August 18th. Click here to know more about it.