Top 7 Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook Pro

If you work on your MacBook Pro from public workspaces or cafes regularly, you may want to prevent the nosey people and prying eyes from peeking into the screen. That’s why a privacy screen filter for Apple MacBook Pro can help to prevent that. You’ll need to stick such a filter on MacBook Pro’s display and block the others from viewing your screen’s content.

These filters are thin and easy to apply. Follow the packet instructions to stick them on the display. On the flip side, some privacy filters tend to reduce the screen’s brightness. Remember that fact before getting or applying one.

But before that, check these out,

1. Ceydebne Magnetic Privacy Screen

As its name suggests, the Ceydebne Privacy screen is a magnetic screen that adheres to your Mac’s screen via magnets. It means you do not have to go through the hassles of sticking it via adhesive tapes. The filter is thin, and you should be able to close the laptop’s lid without any issues.

The screen filter is reversible. One of the sides is matte, while the other is highly polished. And you can choose one depending on your preferences. Apart from blocking the view from the sides, it also reduces screen glare.

The overall performance is decent and gets the job done. It’s worth noting that it’s one of the cheapest privacy filters. And if you do not work in an overly bright room, it should serve the purpose right.

2. SenseAGE Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter

If you are looking for a magnetic privacy filter for your 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, you might want to peek at the one by SenseAGE. This one works as advertised and blocks others from peeping into your screen from the sides.

Here too, the same rules apply. The people directly behind you can see the screen just as clearly. The good thing is that it doesn’t decrease the screen’s brightness so drastically, but it does minimize the screen glare.

The installation is simple and pain-free. You’ll have to align it over the screen, and it will clip over the screen. The magnetic screen minimizes the occurrences of bubbles. At the same time, you can remove the screen anytime without leaving any adhesion marks on your Mac.

It is a popular privacy filter for MacBook and has received its fair share of praises from its user base. People love it for its solid adhesion and the fact that you can take it off as you please.

3. SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen

Another magnetic privacy screen for Apple MacBook Pro is the one by SlightPro. It brings all the advantages of magnetic filters. However, the bottom part of this privacy filter doesn’t stick to the screen, and you may have to stick little pieces of adhesive tapes to hold it there.

That said, it does a good job of blocking the side view to reduce the viewing angles. It’s an anti-glare filter and lets you work seamlessly in bright rooms. At the same time, it’s thin and allows you to close your laptop without any issues.

It’s a highly popular product among MacBook users, and people love its value-to-money proposition. On top of that, many users have praised the company’s customer support service, wh ich is responsive to any queries related to installation, product return, and replacements.

4. 3M Gold Privacy Filter

The 3M Gold privacy filter is different from the ones above. It’s not a magnetic filter and uses adhesive strips to stick to the display. The only limitation of this process is that you will not be able to take off the screen as frequently and could leave any residue when you take it off. As the name suggests, this filter has a reddish tint, which might be more comfortable to select users.

This thin filter won’t come in the way when closing the lit of the laptop. It does the double duty of blocking the side view and reducing the screen’s blue rays. The company claims this filter reduces up to 33% of Blue Light. When it comes to blocking the view, it lets you view up to 45-degrees when you are sitting directly in front of it.

It’s made of quality material and is durable. But it’s prone to attracting dust, and you may want to consider that. The 3M gold privacy filter is available in several variants and is also available for the 15-inch variant.

5. PYS Magnetic Privacy Screen

The PYS magnetic privacy screen has a big advantage over the other screen filters in this list. It comes with a built-in webcam cover. So whenever you aren’t using the webcam, you can gently slide the panel and block the camera. This privacy screen works as expected and prevents the curious souls from peeping into your screen.

It brings in other features like a Blue Light filter and protects your eyes. At the same time, the matte finish prevents unnecessary glare on the screen.

If you are cautious about privacy (we all should be, right?), then this screen filter with a webcam cover should fit your requirements. Note that it’s just a little more expensive than the ones above.

6. ANTOGOO V Privacy Screen Filters

If you have the newer 14-inch MacBook Pro, the Antogoo V privacy screen is a good bet. This one is not a magnetic screen, and the maker bundles strips of clear adhesive to attach it to the surface. The screen is slim, and the anchors at all four corners mean that the filter stays fixed and doesn’t sway easily.

It has the usual bells and whistles like an anti-glare coating and Blue Light filter. It works as advertised and fits the 14-inch MacBook Pro well.

It’s not as popular as some of its counterparts above. But so far, it has attracted a handsome number of reviews. Users have complimented its quality and the fact that it doesn’t hamper the brightness of the MacBook.

7. Kensington UltraThin Magnetic Privacy

It is a reversible screen protector and comes with a glossy side and a matte side. As you have guessed, it blocks the side view as advertised. However, the name brand means it’s a tad more expensive than its counterparts above. But the good news is that it’s available for both the 13-inch and the 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

It’s not without its limitations, though. For example, a few users have complained that the bottom tends to move around since it doesn’t have magnets. On the upside, the screen fits perfectly, and several users have backed this as part of their reviews.

Stop the Snoop

These were some of the best privacy screens for Apple MacBook Pro. If you plan to remove the privacy screen while you are home, you might want to get a magnetic privacy screen. They are easy to install, and you can take them out whenever you want. If you have a proper laptop bag, you can even take it along with you.

Last updated on 28 April, 2022

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