Top 7 Ways to Save Battery Life on OnePlus 7 Pro

Ask anyone about the most vital aspect of their phone, and the chances are that they will say it’s the battery life. A phone with a flawless performance or a great camera can be rendered useless if the phone battery life is not up to the mark. While the OnePlus 7 Pro has a significantly larger battery capacity, enabling all the talked-about features may cause the phone to lose charge rapidly.

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On One Plus 7 Pro

Add new-age habits like media consumption and uselessly browsing social media pages to the mix, and you’ll end up charging your device more then you should.

So, if you are looking for ways to save battery on the OnePlus 7 Pro, take a look at the following tips and tricks. It’s not necessary that you’d need to do them all. However, you may need to try out some of the methods and see which one works great for you.

1. Welcome the Dark Lord

The OnePlus 7 sports a Fluid AMOLED display. As you may already know, AMOLED displays have tremendous advantages over LCD panels. Apart from producing brilliant colors, they are more power efficient as they do not use backlit. Instead, only those pixels are lit which are in use.

Top N Must Have Apps For Oneplus 7 Pro 5

Hence, it only makes sense to switch to the built-in dark theme. In fact, that should be the first thing that you should do on your new phone. Apart from the aesthetically pleasing scenario, a dark theme is also pleasing to the eyes. Imagine, unlocking your phone in the middle of the night to be hit by a blazing white screen. Not cool, right?

To do so, go to Display and scroll down until you see Theme. Tap on it and select Dark.

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 13
Save Battery Life On One Plus 7 Pro 8

While the theme paints most of the native apps and the Settings black, it doesn’t extend to third-party apps like Google Chrome (see how to enable Night Mode on Chrome), Twitter, or Instagram. So, if the apps in question do come with a dedicated black mode, do make sure to activate it.

At the same time, so get your hands on a useful AMOLED wallpaper apps like Artwalls and Darkops.

2. That Screen Refresh Rate is Cool

Yep, the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a pretty cool 90 Hz refresh rate which makes navigation buttery smooth. However, it comes at a price — battery life. Hence, you may want to switch the battery friendly 60Hz refresh rate when you see that the battery is about to hit the red area.

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 11
Save Battery Life On One Plus 7 Pro 5

To do so, go to Display > Screen Refresh rate and select the first option. Make sure you save all documents or complete all tasks if any are open since the switch may close some apps.

3. Switch to Auto Display Mode

Similar to Screen Refresh, the QHD+ screen also plays its part in draining the battery sooner. Thankfully, there’s a sweet middle ground. Unlike the one above, here you can simply select the Auto switch.

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Save Battery Life On One Plus 7 Pro 6

That will make the screen switch to the appropriate resolution, thus taking away the hassle of manually doing it each time you watch a movie or a video.

4. Switch on Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery is a cool feature of phones running Android 9.0 Pie. The AI-feature works by determining your app usage patterns over time and limiting the battery usage of frequently used apps.

Android Pie Adaptive Battery

The only issue with Adaptive Battery is that you may miss out on app notifications. But if you can live with that, you’ll notice significant improvement in the battery life.

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Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 14

Of course, learning your usage pattern is not an overnight practice. The system will need time in identifying your pattern, and once done, it classifies the third-party apps into four categories – Active, Working set, Frequent, Rare and Never.

Do remember that this is not a permanent list. The classification of apps may change dynamically as per usage.

Thankfully, you can see the classification inside the Developer Options menu, from where you can change it if you feel the need. To unlock the Developer Options, open Settings > About phone and tap on the Build Number seven times.

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 1
Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 2

Now head over to Settings, and search for Standby apps.

5. Find Apps Eating Up Your Battery

Be it app crash or a faulty app, many times some apps simply choose to hog the phone battery even when it’s not active. Though you’ll be notified of such scenarios, it makes sense to check the app usage from time to time.

If you see some app hogging up juice more than it is supposed to, you can either remove or replace it, or go with an alternative app (if one exists).

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 4
Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 5

To see the battery stats, go to Setting > Battery > View Detailed Usage, and see the list below.

Click on a name if you want to get a detailed battery stat. You should look at the ‘While in active use’ and ‘While in background’ section.

6. Turn on Battery Saver

OnePlus has a built-in Battery saver that kicks in automatically once the battery level reaches a certain point. It is set at 20% by default, but you can set it as per your preference.

One Plus 7 Pro Battery Saver

Simply go to Battery > Battery Saver and drag the slider left or right. Once this mode kicks in, you may notice the performance dipping a bit.

One Plus 7 Pro Battery Saver 2
One Plus 7 Pro Battery Saver 1
Did You Know

7. Deep Optimization or Sleep Standby?

If you take a deep dive into the battery optimization features, you’ll notice two options — Deep Optimization or Sleep Standby.

While the first one stops apps from running unnecessarily in the background, the latter ensures that you don’t lose out on much juice when the phone is in sleep mode. On average, switching this mode on will result in around 1-2% battery drain.

Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 6
Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 7

To check whether these options have been enabled, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimizations. Now, tap on the three-dot menu at the top and select Advanced Optimization.

Cool Tip: Check out Accubattery

There’s more to a phone battery then merely charging it or switching on all the battery optimization features. From time to time, you also need to take a peek at the battery health. Accubattery is one of the best apps for monitoring battery life.

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Top 7 Ways To Save Battery Life On Oneplus 7 Pro 9

From per-app battery usage to the contribution of each app in the overall discharging speed, Accubattery helps you gain plenty of insights.

Save Smart

Yeah, battery optimization is a necessity. But do note that going overboard with excessive optimization may ruin the overall phone experience. For instance, you’ll miss out on app notifications. Or, you may need to re-launch key apps like Dashlane and LastPass, which you do not use often, but you may need them indirectly to fill out forms and passwords.

At the same time, do remember to lower the sleep time of the phone and switch to the auto-brightness mode.

It’s true that a wish for a longer battery life demands a few sacrifices, such as letting go of the FHD+ display. Sadly that’s the way, at least for now. Unless, of course, you are willing to stay hooked to a portable power bank at the end of the day.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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