Top 7 New and Free iPhone Apps for December 2019

Finally, the month of December is here, and we can’t be any more excited. Yes, this is the time when we plan our holidays and take up a couple of new year resolutions. But before you get down to it, how about you give a new look with a set of new iPhone apps for this month? Not only will they let you get the most out of your phone, but they will also help break the monotony of the existing apps.

Top 7 New And Free I Phone Apps For December 2019

In this month’s edition, we have featured everything from a cool password manager to a beautiful wallpaper app and a nifty note-taking app.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

1. Steller

Looking to create beautiful multi-page stories of your holiday photos? If yes, you are in for a treat. The stellar app lets you create beautiful stories for Instagram. It comes with a bunch of cool fonts and colors that let you customize the design of the story on the go.

Best Ios Apps December 2019 3

You can add text boxes, maps, cool change the layout. At present, you can pick from 10 different fonts. Once a story is created, it gets categorized automatically into categories such as Featured, Places, Creative, and more. The app has a clean and clutter-free interface, one of the things that I loved about it.

Best Ios Apps December 2019 1
Best Ios Apps December 2019 2

Moreover, you needn’t rake your brains over how you create the stories. You can simply browse through the catalog of stories and adventures if you are looking for inspiration and get inspired by storytellers. And once you have created it, you can share it directly on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Buttercup Password Manager

If you forget passwords often, then you might want to try out Buttercup. Yep, that’s the name. It’s an open-source password manager that helps store and track your login information. The service claims that all the information is stored in a securely encrypted archive and is available once you have entered the master password.

Firefox Lockbox Vs Chrome Password Manager

Aside from that, Buttercup has a desktop application and a browser extension that lets you easily manage your login credentials and your groups. Using it is for your work as well as home is simple and straightforward. You’ll have to authenticate and connect to a cloud, such as Google Drive, and then you’ll be able to create a new vault with a new password.

And once a vault has been used, the app automatically locks it after 10 mins of inactivity.

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Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 6

Other than login details, it supports autofill login forms as well. This app is designed to be used with free-to-use cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and WebDAV-enabled services.

3. HDR Plus +

So, what’s great about the HDR Plus + app for iOS? For starters, it allows you to create HDR images by choosing the best exposure modes for the current scenario. Interesting, right?

Furthermore, you can create custom presets in the app’s settings and shoot instant HDR images. And as it goes with any photography app, you can also customize the image your way. Or you can choose to edit each exposure individually for full control.

Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 1
Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 2

If that’s not enough, the app also saves LDR images along with their HDR counterparts. If your phone has enough storage, you can opt for that via the app settings.

You can also post-process HDR images after shooting. So, if your iPhone’s camera feels a bit dated, this is the app for you.

4. Meditopia

The App Store carries over a dozen of Meditation apps, and the new ones arrive often. So what makes Meditopia different from the rest?


For starters, it offers over a thousand deep meditation practices. You get to select your daily meditation topic every day so that the practice doesn’t become monotonous in the long run. What I loved about is the fact that it comes with in-app challenges and a diary, where you can note down your thoughts.

Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 3
Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 5

In a nutshell, Meditopia offers dozens of meditations, sleep exercises, breathing, and visualization exercises to help you relieve your day’s stress. And the best part is that it syncs with Apple Health.

5. Noto

If you are looking for an intuitive note-taking app for your iPhone, Noto is your answer. This simple app lets you experiment with various types of layout. So, whether it’s a simple list with bullet points, a note, or a beautiful sub-list. Plus, you can color-code your lists as per your preference.

The features are there in the bottom ribbon. Pick the right one apt for your notes. Plus, you can drag and drop the items on your list as well.

Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 20
Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 19

The free version has plenty of features that you can play with. And if you like this app, you can also opt for the pro version, which lets you attach emails, images, and other files.

6. Readaway

One of my biggest pet peeves is not finding an audio version of the short stories and articles I love. Bummer, I know. However, Readaway attempts to change that with its new approach. This app can convert any text into its audio version.

All you need to do is open the app and scan any document or a book page and then listen to it. And if it’s an online article you want to ‘listen to,’ this app gives you that option as well. Paste the URL into the app directly, and it will take care of the rest. And if you are in the mood, you can also bookmark it for later use.

Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 17
Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 16

Apps like Readaway comes helpful when you are commuting and want to listen to your favorite articles, such as our detailed explainers. There are various plans that you can customize as per your usage.

7. Wallpy

Last on our list is WALLPY, a wallpaper app. Apart from the beautiful wallpapers, Wallpy has various categories such as Wallpapers We Love, This Week’s Favorites, which make it easy to pick images as per your taste for your phone’s home screen.

Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 12
Top New Free Iphone Apps December 2019 13

And that’s not all. It also has a randomize function that (you guessed it right ) puts random images on your phone’s home screen, thus spring up a nice little surprise for you when you unlock your phone.

Time to Shift

So, these were some of the new iOS apps that were released in the last couple of months. We believe that these apps will breathe a new life into your phone with their intuitive interface and innovative functions. For now, Readaway will be a permanent fixture on my iPhone.

Here’s a video tour of the best iPhone apps for December from our Guiding Tech (English) YouTube Channel:

What about you?

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