Top 7 New and Free iPhone Apps for October 2019

Finding a free iPhone app is a tedious job. For one, you might end up with apps that demand an insane amount in subscription fees. Secondly, there’s iTunes. There’s no feasible way to browse for iPhone apps on the web unless you know the app by its name. Bummer? Not anymore. We shall list severl free and new iPhone apps that we’ve hand-picked from in the App Store.

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For the sake of your sanity, we shall keep it as relevant as possible. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. BOCA – Portrait Mode Videos

Are you looking to capture cool real-time portrait mode videos with your iPhone? If yes, Boca is the app for you. It beautifully combines depth and video data to create an artificial depth-of-field effect, and the effect looks great on your videos. And the story doesn’t end there. You can also adjust the background blur even after capturing the video.

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Using this app is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is drag the slider left/right to adjust the bokeh, and tap on the Shutter button. That’s it.

After clicking an image which also records a short video, you can easily save the video to your phone’s storage with a single tap.

2. Dualgram

If you love making vlogs or Instagram live videos with your iPhone, Dualgram is the app for you. The app lets you record videos using the rear camera and front camera. By default, the viewfinder displays the feed primarily from the rear camera, and a small window at the top right corner displays the feed from the front camera. Cool, right?

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Also, you can easily switch the feeds if you are want to record a feed primarily with the front camera.

When it comes to the settings, you can change the window and adjust the zoom level, among others. Once a video is captured, you can choose to save a composite photo or video. Or, you also get the option of saving each file individually to stitch them later.

3. Snapshelf

Snapshelf is another new camera app in our list, and it’s not just another camera app that lets you take stunning portraits or noise-free nights shots. Instead, it lets scan your documents into editable documents. Yep, you read that right.

All you need to do is scan the document and hit the shutter button. Snapshelf will automatically identify the document. Similar to most of the scanning apps, it’ll give you the option to tweak the edges or crop the image.

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Top New And Free I Phone Apps For October 2019 1

Once done, hit the Save button, and the built-in OCR feature will kick in. As you might have guessed, the app will convert the image to an editable text document.

4. Shortly: Read Short Stories

Do you love reading short stories? If yes, you might actually fall in love with Shortly.

Stories Books

The best part of shortly is that it just doesn’t recommend you just about any short stories. Instead, it’ll analyze the amount of time you have on your hand, and will suggest a story based on that.

The app is easy to set up and the interface is straightforward. You’ll be given a sample short story to measure your reading speed. After that, it’ll recommend the stories to you.

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Top 7 New And Free I Phone Apps For October 2019 5

You can choose either 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes short stories depending on your reading speed. You can also choose to set daily reminders to keep up with your reading goals.

Story Telling

Aside from the above, you can mark a story as favorite and adjust the font size. Plus, you can pick from different themes. However, some of these features are locked behind a paywall.

5. Tonic

Tonic is another reading app for the bookworm in you. However, instead of short stories, Tonic brings to you a range of interesting articles on diverse topics. It makes use of machine learning to identify the kind of articles you like. And based on your likes, it’ll recommend and suggests similar articles for you to read. The articles are really cool.

Top 7 New And Free I Phone Apps For October 2019 1
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While I was testing it out, I came across an article that talks about french fries and the variety of different condiments people use with them all around the world. Interesting, I’d say.

Coming back to the app, it lets you bookmark a post to read later. And if you have a friend like Sheldon from The Big Band Theory who loves interesting tidbits, you can share the article directly with them.

Overall, the app is great and is a must-have app for you if you love reading and discovering interesting tidbits.

6. Cordia

One can never get enough of music. However, when it comes to discovering new songs, the process isn’t an easy one. Apps like Cordia attempts to solve this problem with its neat music discovery feature.

Musician 349790 1280

Cordia is a new social media platform that is designed to help you connect with people who have a similar taste in music so that music discovery is easy. Cool, right?

Apart from that, the setup process is easy. It’ll just ask you to pick your favorite music genres, and then it’ll recommend people who have a similar taste in music. Plus, you can also connect with them right from within the app to discover new songs through their profile.

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And if that was not enough, you can link your Spotify account to the app to find more amazing music.

7. OffScreen: Screen Time Tracker

If these apps were all about getting the most out of your iPhone, then OffScreen is all about personal time. This one helps you understand how you interact with your phone, such as the amount of time you spend on apps, how frequently you unlock your phone, and the likes. And in the process lets you focus on the real things around you.

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Enabling it is quite easy. Flip your phone downwards and the app will stop all the notifications from distracting you. Plus, you can specify the amount of zen time. The best part is that if you pick up your phone before the zen time gets over, OffScreen will record the number of times you failed to stay focused.

To top it all, it also gives daily and weekly insights on your phone usage. It’s a useful app if the Screen Time is giving you issues.

Say No to Unnecessary Browsing!

So these were some of the iPhone apps released in the last couple of months that help you maximize the potential of your iPhone.

Here’s a quick tour of the best iPhone apps for October from our Guiding Tech (English) YouTube Channel:

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