Top 7 New and Free iOS Apps for January 2020

January 2020 is here, and it’s time for your iPhones to don a new look again. As is the drill every month, we compile a list of the new and fresh iOS apps that were released in the last couple of months and apps that managed to stand up starkly against the rest. This month’s list has everything from a cool math solving app to a nifty food diary.

Top 7 New And Free I Os Apps For January 2020

And you never know, you might end up getting a few onboard. So, let’s check out the top new iOS apps for January 2020.

1. Microsoft Math Solver

If you hate solving math equations, Microsoft’s Math Solver is the app for you. As suggestive of its name, it’s designed to solve any math problem you throw at it. What makes this so special is that it also shows you the entire method along with the steps. Cool, right?

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 15
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 14

And that’s not all. It also comes with a scientific calculator keypad. That is in addition to the fact the Scan or Type feature. And well, it also gives you similar problems to practice on your own. And if you ask me, this is great for an academic app.

Best Ios Apps January 2020

Match Solver is completely free and comes with a clean and straightforward interface. If you’re a student, you should give it a shot.

2. Moderation

With the holiday season over, I am sure you must be dying to get back to your regular eating habits. How about an app that lets you keep track of your diet? Enter Moderation.

Moderation does away with calorie counting and the likes. Instead, it helps you stay consistent with your efforts to stay fit by letting you tagging all your meals as healthy or unhealthy.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 12
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 11

In a nutshell, it gives the control on your hands and lets you decide which food is healthy and which are not.

If you are like me who loses track of junk food they eat, this is a good app to start with. And that’s not all. This app also gives you regular insights into your eating habits so that you can plan your meals better.

3. Don’t Forgeter

If you’d like to try out a simple To-do app, Don’t Forgeter is a good place to start. This simple app allows you to make custom lists and even set reminders for the same.

The highlight of Don’t Forgeter is its simple and straightforward UI. Creating a list on it barely takes a few seconds. Tap on the Plus icon at the side, and then tap on one of the prompts.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 10

Plus, there are presets for To-Dos related to Home, Work, and Shopping which makes managing the To-Dos easy and simple.

4. Grammar Fix

English grammar can be challenging for many. At times, simple things like an apostrophe S or the wrong use of punctuation can change the definition of sentences and phrases.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 16
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 17

If the situation sounds familiar, you should certainly check out Grammar Fix. This nifty app offers a super neat interface that corrects the most common grammatical mistakes. All the lessons are accompanied by a series of nifty tests that makes understanding the language (and the concept behind it) simple.

5. WagerLab Bet

What if I told you that there’s a way to keep track of all the bets? Yep, you read that right. With WagerLab, you will be able to bet on all the action that is happening globally — be it in the sports arena, entertainment world, or in the political world. And well, these are just friendly bet, so there is no real money involved.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 18
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 19

All you need to do is tap on a bet you like, invite your friend to it, and select the amount of money you’d like to bet. And since there is no real money involved, there is no pressure of payout and the likes.

6. DarkRoom

It goes without a doubt that iOS devices, especially iPhones, excel at photography. And you may not require much post-processing at most times. However, if you’re looking to share them on social media, it’s always an ideal practice to polish them a bit.

And for that, there’s DarkRoom. Yep, you read that right — not Lightroom but Darkroom.

It’s an advanced image editing app that lets you touch up your photos in a variety of ways. From adding cool new filters to tweaking the color profiles, you can do a lot.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 7
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 8

Plus, it has support for RAW and large images up to 120 megapixels. Moreover, there’s the option to batch process images as well. And if that was not enough, you can even edit iPhone’s Live Photos. Now, isn’t that something amazing?

7. Spdr

Do you wish to increase your reading speed? If yes, say Hi to Spdr.


This simple app promotes Speed Reading. The app lets you tweak the reading speed between 100 WPM and 1000 WPM.

All you need to do is paste the text you’d like to read into the app. Once done, the app will show it to you word by word in your preferred speed. The special thing about Spdr is that you do not have to traverse your eyes from left to right. Instead, you get to focus on one word at a time, in a way, letting you read faster.

Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 2
Top New And Free Ios Apps For January 2020 1

It also lets you import PDF documents. What’s more, you can also scan documents and books directly into the app. Apart from that, you can customize the font size, alignment, and font type.

Hello, 2020!

So, which of these iOS apps are you getting this month? Moderation is a good app to have on your iPhone. And if you are a photography buff, DarkRoom is the way to go about it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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