7 Exciting and New Android Games for July 2018

From sci-fi fantasies and brutal hack & slash games to fun-filled intergalactic battles — this summer, the Google Play Store has seen a bunch of new games and boy, are they exciting!

July 2018

As is the tradition each month, here we are again with a fresh batch of exciting new Android games for July 2018.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these games.

1. Westworld

Remember the HBO series Westworld, where guest interact with robots? Well, the Westworld game is the Android rendition of the same series. There are tons of robots with varying intelligence and skills. Your task as a trainee is to manage the park, upgrade the robots, and play God.

Screenshot 20180630 110455 Westworld

The gameplay may seem a bit monotonous initially, however, trust me when I say that it’ll get you hooked pretty fast. Once you learn the reins of handling the cash, interacting with hosts and leveling up the hosts, you’re sorted!

Games Of The Month July 4

Thr graphics are lovely and the good thing is that the game will walk you through the first few stages.

2. AXE.IO – Brutal Survival Battleground

AXE.IO is a hack and slash multiplayer skill-based game that’s certain to keep you at the edge of your seat. The thumb rule is simple — slay your opponents and survive till the end.

Games Of The Month July 3

The graphics are gorgeous with colorful art. You’ll find yourself running around charming countrysides and lofty castles, carrying an axe.

Though the gameplay is tricky, the controls are simple and straightforward. The left pad controls the direction while the right is used to swing the axe. Just make sure that when you throw your axe, you find a new one immediately.

3. Silly Walks

The blender has taken the strawberries captive and you, as their dear friend, have to rescue them — that’s basically the plot of Silly Walks. With a slew of animated characters, it’s a cool and fun game and qualifies to be the perfect time-waster.

Games Of The Month July 2
Games Of The Month July 1

It’s a one-tap game and as you rise up the ladder you get to unlock many walking characters like Cupcake, Hot Dog, Noodles, etc. And while you are at it, stay away from knives and toasters.

4. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an action RPG game that blends beautiful graphics with great storytelling. Demons and ogres have taken over the Lord’s castle and as you might have guessed, you have to save the day.

Screenshot 20180629 215803 Darkness Rises

The gameplay is awesome and you get to wield a variety of weapon. And depending on the weapon you choose the attack style also changes. With epic boss-fights and hard-to-kill enemy, Darkness Rises keeps you captivated throughout.

Games Of The Month July 6

There are four different characters to choose from — Warrior, Wizard, Berserker and Assassin. Based on the character, the powers change. For instance, the Warrior does more damage by dishing out more punches and kicks.

Though initially, the game narratives may get a bit annoying, however, if you ask me, that’s necessary to establish the storyline.

5. Galaxy Warrior: Space Battles

Galaxy Warrior is Galaxy Attack on steroids. It’s a SHMUP (Shoot ’em up) game with absolutely gorgeous graphics and is complete with frightening boss battles. The best thing that I loved about this game is that it gives you two sets of controls to choose from.

Games Of The Month July 7
Games Of The Month July 8

You can either have a two-hand control (much easier) or a single hand control, which is a bit complicated. A great game and it’ll get you hooked pretty soon.

6. Knights Chronicle

The next game on our list is Knights Chronicle. It’s an online card-based RPG game with an animated theme and follows the adventures of Leona and her friends. The game can be played in both landscape mode and portrait mode.

Games Of The Month July 9
Games Of The Month July 10

The graphics are lovely. However, you might want to connect to Wi-Fi before you download the game since it needs to download a bunch of packages before you start off.

7. The Sims Mobile

Though the name is almost around seven years old, The Sims Mobile game saw a major rebranding earlier this year. It has the same working as the older games and where you need to dress up a Sim and make it live their lives through your eyes.


The only issue is that you’d need to invest a lot of your time in this game. Just make sure that you live your life while you’re making your Sim live.

Just Play!

So, these were some of the games that released in the last few months. So which of these will you play first? If you were to ask me, Galaxy Warrior should be your first choice.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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