Top 12 New and Free Android Games for April 2018

From sci-fi to fantasies to puzzle games, from shooting games to card-games — Google Play Store sees a plethora of new games every month. Perhaps, the best thing about a good game is it has the power to take you on a mind-refreshing joy ride, leaving all your worries behind.

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Well, truth be told, finding such games isn’t a walk in the park. Thus, we at Guiding Tech, have taken it upon ourselves to make a list of such incredible games. Here we are with a list of the best fresh and free Android games for April.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these games.

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1. PUBG Mobile

Undoubtedly, Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds or PUBG is probably one of the most popular games in the PC and Xbox World. Following in the wake of its immense success and popularity, Tencent’s PUBG has now made its way to the Android world as well.


Boasting of almost perfect recreation in the mobile screen, this game is the perfect illustration of the survival of the fittest. Hone your survival and scavenging skills as you prepare for the arduous journey of survival.

However, before you sit down to play, make sure that you’re hooked on to a super-fast Internet connection.

2. Marvel Strike Force

FoxNext, the gaming subsidiary of Fox, is here with their first game — Marvel Strike Force. It’s an action game, which features over 70 Marvel superheroes and villain such as Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, among others.

Marvel Strike Force 2

Though the graphics are amazing, you may find the gameplay a bit childish. There are two sets of actors in a scene. As soon as one of the heroes release their own special powers, the opponent is on the offense, and when it’s their turn to attack, you’ll be on defense.

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3. Stormborne3 – Blade War

Fancy a gladiator battle? If yes, say Hi to the Stormborne3 – Blade War. It follows the life of a lone gladiator who has lost his memory.

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Both the graphics and the controls are amazing. Plus, the game has a pretty good collection of armor and weapons.

New And Free Android Games For April 2018 9

While some of the attacks are automatic, you’d have to choose the attack style. Similar to most games, you can customize your character as you move up the game.

4. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a high-end shooter mobile FPS game. This touchscreen game follows a group of legendary warriors, who have to save humanity from a deadly alien attack.

Screenshot 20180330 134307 Legends

The controls are easy and smooth. While the left thumb helps you look around, the right is used to control the movement. On the graphics end, the game is awesome with a colorful apocalyptic background.

5. ChronoBlade

Chronoblade boasts of a solid gameplay with great graphics. Made by the same company, which gave us Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Chronoblade is a side-scrolling RPG game. You can select from four different characters and each can be customized to full extent.

Each character can be customized to full extent.

New And Free Android Games For April 2018 3

Your character can do light attacks, heavy attacks, jump as well as block and you can upgrade the character to gain access to skill points. The only issue with this game is the long loading time.

6. Miriam – The Escape

The name says it all. Miriam – The Escape is all about a little girl in a black-and-white world and her elaborate plan to escape, and you are her guiding beacon. The game has an old-world charm and will take you back to the TV screens of the 80’s.

Top N New And Free Android Games For April 2018 3

The controls are simple and easy to understand. However, on the quest to escape, don’t expose the little girl to light, as light can destroy her.

The game does have a few ads in between, however, you can skip past them by switching the mobile data off.

7. Heretic Gods

The theme of Heretic Gods is loot. Set in the medieval era, this game takes you to a dark world full of dungeons.

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The game is intuitive and the controls are simple. Interestingly, the dungeons in this game are created automatically.

8. Dunk Line

If you’re looking for games to pass your time, Dunk Line would be the perfect answer. This new game from Ketchapp is addictive and super fun. All you have to do is draw a line and score a goal.

Top N New And Free Android Games For April 2018 5

Easier said than done, though. Like all Ketchapp games, the going gets tough as you move up the ladder. Plus, the balls are also accompanied by bombs when you least anticipate them.

9. Snow Trial

Adventure games have a certain charm about them — the rush to reach the destination against all odds is quite thrilling, to say the least. Snow Trial is one such game. Here, you’d need to guide a little skier on his little adventure up the ski slopes and steep cliffs.

Top N New And Free Android Games For April 2018 7

Though the graphics and gameplay are awesome, the only issue is that each game is followed by a 30-second-long ad.

10. Flippy

Another Ketchapp game to make it to this list is Flippy. Flippy needs you to be super alert and, more importantly, your reflexes would have to be super fast.

Top N New And Free Android Games For April 2018 8

Like all Ketchapp games, the gameplay is straightforward. A man is running down a road and the road is filled with spikes. You just need to make sure that he avoids these spikes by flipping over to the other side of the road. Sounds simple, right?

If only one could keep up with that man’s speed. Sigh!

11. Bluebird of Happiness

If you’ve played Stranger Things: The Game on Android, you might be able to relate well to the Bluebird of Happiness. It’s a puzzle game where your character is trapped in a dream world and you need to escape by looking for clues and solving them.

Top N New And Free Android Games For April 2018 1

You may find this game a bit slow initially. However, once you’re set, it’s hard to leave this dreamy world.

12. Light a Way

Last but not the least, we have Light a Way. Well, the name pretty well gives away the crux of this adorable game. Here, you follow a little girl and her plan to restore light back to the world. The world is dark at present, you see.

New And Free Android Games For April 2018 5
New And Free Android Games For April 2018 6

The controls are simple. All you have to do is tap on the screen for the fairies to release light to the world — one at a time. And yeah, you will definitely meet some evil enemies along the way. Good luck fighting them off!

Ready to Game?

These were some of the best free Android games that you must certainly play this month.

My current favorite is Dunk Line. Which one’s yours? Let us know in comments.

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