Top 11 Naruto Wallpapers for PC and Desktop

Naruto is unarguably one of the most popular characters of the anime world. With his crazy antics, fierce determination and matchless skills, he has ruled the hearts of both young and old alike.

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 7

With the next generation of the Naruto characters becoming popular, we felt that a quick throwback to the legendary ninja would be a great nostalgia trip.


1. The Duelist

Naruto And Sasuke Naruto 45150 1920X1080

Break the wall, don’t stay within the cage! If the manga fan in you is looking for a wallpaper that also doubles up as a motivational wallpaper, here’s the perfect one for you.

2. The Great Dōjutsu

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 11

People share a love-hate relationship with the red & black color combo. For some, red appears a bit intimidating, while others might love this classic color combination.

So, if you’re someone who wants the red of the Sharingan to stare straight into your soul, here’s your best shot.

3. The Clan

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 10

Did you know that the tallest human character in the Naruto series is Fuguki Suikazan? He measures about 8’2. On the other hand, the shortest character measures around 4′3. That’s quite the difference, right?

Can you guess the height of Naruto Uzumaki?

4. Meanwhile in Mars …

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 12

Nothing beats the charm of a clean and minimal wallpaper. The Naruto fan in you must have always wondered how he got along when he was young. Well, here’s a charming reimagination.

Our question: What the hell is Gaara even doing?

5. Eye of Insight

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 13

Did you know that whoever uses the Sharingan is granted incredible clarity and is considered one of the most powerful objects in the arsenal?

If you ask me, wallpapers in white are awesome, but the ones in black are super awesome. The best thing about this wallpaper is that you can have the desktop icons on the left and yet they wouldn’t hinder the character of the wallpaper.

6. Who is The Strongest Ninja

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 1

A clean desktop would do full justice to this image. After all, you wouldn’t want to block that determined look in the eyes of your favorite character, right?

So, are you a Naruto fan or a Sasuke fan?

7. That Determination

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 3

Do you see the sheer determination in his eyes?

8. The Hyūga Heiress

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 4

Did you know that Hyuuga Hinata had a crush on Naruto ever since their Academy days? Known as the one with the unusual eyes, Hyuuga has almost 360 field of vision, thanks to the power of Byakugan.

9. The Magic of Color

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 9

A colorful background, huge sparks of colors and the young Naruto at the center. It’s true that a beautiful and colorful wallpaper plays a big part in uplifting your mood. What if the wallpaper also motivates you to discover your inner strength, as the two young ninjas are doing in the image above.

10. The Calm Before the Storm

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 6

Did you know that Naruto wasn’t actually destined to a Ninja? Initially, Masashi Kishimoto wanted Naruto to use only magic. Later on, thinking about the confusion that it would bring, he changed it. And that’s how this fierce Ninja was born.

11. Unleash Hell

Naruto Wallpapers For Pc And Desktop 8

Want to see the wild side of Naruto? Well, here it is. Did you know that the headbands were created to save time while drawing/sketching the characters? In fact, Masashi Kishimoto initially brooded over the idea of the characters wearing goggles. However, he found out that precious time would be wasted on drawing the reflection on them. Hence, headbands it is!

Enjoy the Manga Frenzy

So, which one did you choose as your next desktop background? Let us know in comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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