Top 5 Monitor Light Bars

Frequently working late at night on a desktop can result in eye strain. Most people switch on the lights, which creates a glare effect on your screen. You can also use a lamp, but not everyone has sufficient space on the table. Here’s where monitor light bars come in and offer a practical and convenient working environment on your desk. Here are the top monitor lamps you can use.

A monitor light bar does the job and doesn’t take up any space on your table Once you install a light bar, you should tweak the positioning and adjust the lighting angle to your preference.  When buying a monitor light bar, you should consider many factors such as product materials, LED quality, customization options, size, and weight. Let’s check our options.

1. Quntis Monitor Lamp

Quntis is one of the cheapest and highly acclaimed monitor bars on Amazon. The light bar is made from aluminum alloy, and the company promises a 25,000+ hours lifespan.

Most average monitor lamps illuminate the entire desk, and that’s not ideal for long working hours. Quntis illuminates only the desktop monitor and keyboard area and blocks harmful blue light to protect your eyes. Quntis also comes with an auto-dimming function to adjust the lighting intensity based on the surroundings. If someone turns on the lights, the lamp will automatically reduce the brightness accordingly.

The monitor light bar comes with touch controls at the top, which is surprising and welcome given its low price tag. Quantis light bar is most suitable for 15 -22 inch monitors. Quntis monitor lamp won’t support laptops or curved monitors.

2. Baseus Monitor Light Bar

Baseus is yet another affordable light bar that won’t break the bank. The monitor lamp comes with adjustable brightness and three color modes.

Baseus nails the basics and offers excellent attention to detail. For example, most monitor light bars keep touch controls at the top, sometimes making it hard to reach. Baseus has all the relevant controls on the front side. You can adjust color modes to warm white, natural white, or cool white for working, reading, or relaxing. The light bar bundles a USB-A to USB-C cable to use with a power bank or a 5V adapter. After you set an ideal brightness and color temperature, the light bar will remember those settings and use the same next time.

Be careful while applying light bars to a monitor. If you apply too much pressure during setup, you might break the monitor display over time.

3. OOWOLF Screen Light Bar

OOWOLF brings a unique approach to the table (pun intended). Apart from front lights, their monitor light bar also offers a backlight to improve your working environment. It uses a rear ambient light to eliminate dark scenarios (without adding any glare to the screen).

Thanks to 84 LEDs in the light bar, OOWOLF claims to offer symmetrical lighting on your desk. Some below-average light bars come with uneven lighting that’s not ideal for your workflow. Like Baseus, this one also packs a memory function to remember your light bar settings. A silicone mount base ensures you don’t get scratches on your monitor during light bar setup. OOWOLF beats Quntis lamp and advertises 35,000+ hours lifespan.

The light bar’s USP (user selling point) is back-side light support. It replenishes the surrounding light and reduces eye fatigue.

4. MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar

So far, we have talked about typical light bars designed for a flat monitor. What about curved monitors? Meet MELIFO monitor lamp that is ideal for your curved monitor.

Some pros prefer a curved monitor for better productivity. You can always use a standard light bar with your curved monitor. But due to a curve screen, a standard light bar will create glares on both sides of the screen. Here is where MELIFO’s curved monitor light bar comes and saves the day (or night). A curved light bar style doesn’t intersect the screen light and create glares.

The curved monitor light bar has features such as adjusting natural, warm yellow, and cool white light besides auto-dimming, touch controls on the front, and a USB power cable to charge the light bar.

5. BenQ ScreenBar

If budget is not an issue and you want the best high-quality monitor light bar for your desk, look no further and go with BenQ ScreenBar.

BenQ ScreenBar comes with a desktop dial that has a built-in ambient light sensor to adjust the lighting based on surroundings. You can also use it to control brightness and color temperature – no need to reach at the top to make little tweaks. BenQ ScreenBar offers precise glare-free lighting and doesn’t lighten up the entire desk. The ScreenBar comes with a matte silver finish to deliver a premium touch to your work-from-home setup.

BenQ also offers a standard ScreenBar without a dial. If you want one for your laptop, another ScreenBar model is designed for laptop users only.

Create an Ideal Working Setup

You no longer need to switch on lights at night and create irritating glares on your monitor. Invest in a monitor light bar, be careful during installation, adjust the angle, brightness, and color temperature, and enjoy your working hours at night.

Last updated on 22 June, 2022

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