Top 5 Instax Mini 11 Accessories and Bundles in 2020

It goes without a doubt that the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a compelling camera, thanks to its auto-exposure settings, dedicated selfie mode, and a sleek design. However, as I recently learned, buying the camera is not just the end of it. Apart from instant films, you will also need a cool set of accessories to complete the circle, especially if you are getting the camera as a gift.

Top 5 Instax Mini 11 Accessories and Bundles in 2020

Apart from albums and camera covers, these accessory bundles come with cool photo frames, selfie lens, and photo albums. Sounds cool, right?

If you plan to buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 or have already bought one, here are the best accessory bundles that you can buy to enhance the overall experience.

Let’s take a look.

1. Fujifilm Store Accessory Kit

The Accessory Kit from Fujifilm Store bundles quite a few exciting things and proves to be the perfect pick, especially if you consider this instant camera a gift. Apart from bundling the actual camera, this one also has a bevy of photo frames and photo stickers. However, the most interesting elements are the shutter buttons. These buttons can be fixed on top of the shutter button to uplift the look of the camera.

Other than that, you get a healthy dose of standard films and a camera bag in a similar color.

It’s a stock bag, and you can rest assured that the fit will be perfect and there won’t be issues with its size. At the same time, a like-colored shoulder strap makes sure that you can simply sling the camera around your neck or shoulder when not in use.

Though this kit ships with plenty of films, they are standard films, meaning you do not get black and white films or printed film papers in this one.

2. Fujifilm Store Best-Value Accessory Bundle

The Best-Value Accessory Bundle’s crux is that it leaves out the trivial things like stickers and photo frame and instead bundles significant accessories like batteries and films. It comes with four sets of films. Out of these four packets, one is based on Disney’s Frozen series. So if you are a Disney fan, this special packet would make for a good choice.

Again, the camera bag is not the usual run-of-the-mill bag. It resembles the conventional camera bags. The bigger surface area means you will be able to pack films and batteries along with the primary camera. Plus, a stronger and wider strap ensures a proper grip.

Both the bag and strap come into the picture if you plan to shoot many pictures while on your travels or outdoor adventures. When you are done with the photos, put the camera in the bag, sling it around your neck and go about your usual business. Simple, right?

3. Deals Store Accessories Bundle

If you want to go all-in and have a little budget to spare, you can’t go wrong with the accessory bundle from Deals Number One Store (Yep, that’s the store name). This one brings every single instant camera accessory under the roof, such as filters, photo frames, patterned papers, and photo albums, among others. Like the first bundle in this list, it also ships the camera as well as the accessories. Well, that explains the slightly high price.

The best part is that the products are color-coordinated to go with the camera’s color, especially the photo album and the camera bag. However, do not expect much from the photo album. One album can store just over 60 photos, and if you are a shutter-happy person like me, the odds are you’ll run out of it quickly.

Nevertheless, the other products are up to the mark and manage to do the work pretty well. Like the first product on this list, you also get three standard 20-pack instant films.

However, the camera bag isn’t a Fujifilm product and isn’t as sturdy as the in-house bag.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a minimalist option, you can check out the Value Ice White Bundle by Fujifilm. It comes with a packet of Instax Black film, which I am sure will look ultra-cool on your colorful holiday pictures.

If you have already bought the camera and are looking for a simple accessory bundle, the one from Saika makes for a good buy. It has all the essential products like a photo album, photo frames, and colorful filters. The best part? It costs less than $25.

Furthermore, the camera bag is not your average plain-looking camera. Instead, it comes within an attractive blend of characters and patterns and adds a fun vibe to the camera. At the same time, the bag is lined with soft material to prevent scratches and abrasions on the camera.

Interestingly, this bundle comes with a set of metallic pens to record the date and time of your favorite moments. Cool, right?

Saika has been a maker of cool camera accessories and bags, and their products for the Instax Mini 9 are quite popular.

So far, it has received a decent number of reviews and quite a few folks vouch that the products are as good as advertised.

5. Celion Instant Camera Accessories

Do you like bear-shaped photo frames or a rainbow-colored camera bag? If yes, you can check out the Instax Mini 11 camera bundle by Celion. Like many of the accessory bundles in this list, it packs quite a few nifty items. However, the crux is the pendant shaped frames that give an adorable touch to capturing and displaying memories. This bundle doesn’t come with a camera.

Plus, you get a cool set of pens to describe your memories next to the photos.

Like many conventional instant camera bags, this one also comes with pockets and slots to hold your extra films and printed photos. And well, the cool rainbow theme will certainly lift the looks of your camera.

The crux of this camera bundle is that you can pick from different prints as well. There’s a gorgeous Peony print that I am sure will give a classy touch to your camera.

Pose, Smile, Click, and Print!

The Instax Mini 11 makes it easy to click and print instant photos. From selfies and close focus to portraits and landscapes, you just have to tweak the lighting a little to carry on your experiments. And with these features, it’s only natural that you’d want the right set of accessories to help you display your prized memories better.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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