Top 9 Hidden Facebook Features That You Must Use

Several brands, celebrities, advertisers, and the young and old folks — all kinds of people use Facebook. To keep all kinds of audiences and users engaged, Facebook keeps updating its platform with new features frequently. It has so many hidden features that it has become difficult even to keep track of them.

Hidden Facebook Features

Are you a pro at using Facebook? I bet you would still miss out on some features. Here are some unique and interesting but hidden Facebook features that you aren’t probably using, but you must.

Let’s begin.

1. Up Is Down

Here is a trick to start your day all upside down. Deep hidden in Facebook is a setting that will turn all text on your favorite social media site upside down. A hilarious way to read your posts, huh? It all started when the Pirate fever had caught the world for a brief moment, and the dev team thought it would be cool to add an Easter egg.

Hidden Facebook Features 1

Open Settings and under Language and region, you will find the English language with ‘upside down’ written literally upside down next to it.

2. You, Me, and Us

If you are in a relationship and your significant other is on Facebook, you must try this feature. Click on the link below to visit the Us page on Facebook that will detail your romance online.

Hidden Facebook Features 2

If your status is single, Facebook will redirect you to your profile page. Why? They think I am in love with myself, which is so true.

3. Find Wi-Fi

While there are apps that can help you find free and open Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling, did you know Facebook can do that too? Facebook wants you to stay online at all times, hence the feature.

Hidden Facebook Features 3

Open Settings on your mobile and under See More, you can see Find Wi-Fi option. Look closely, and you can also find blood donation camps and a way to find help in a crisis. Note that the feature is only available for mobile users.

4. Politically Correct

Ever wondered about the local senators and other politicians? You can access the Townhall option to find out names, numbers, and addresses of the local senators, representatives, and other executives in a handy list.

5. When I’m Gone

What happens to your Facebook account when you are no more? An uncomfortable question, but still important. Facebook has a legacy contact option where you can assign one of your friends or relatives as your legacy contact.

Hidden Facebook Features 4

That contact will gain managerial rights. That means the user can update your profile pic, respond to new messages and friend requests, and download Facebook account data. There is also an option to delete your account permanently. You will find the option under Manage account in General settings.

6. Download Your Life

So many people share their life updates on Facebook. You have no idea what you did a few years ago — thanks to Facebook’s On This Day feature. Also, Facebook allows you to download everything you have ever shared on Facebook. Posts, images, videos, links, chats, and everything else.

Hidden Facebook Features 5

Go to Settings, and under Your Facebook Information, you will see Download your information. Once in, you can select the data you want to download and the format you want to download it in.

Hidden Facebook Features 6

I suggest you choose everything, keep the quality high, and choose format as HTML.

7. Who’s That

Want to find out who your secret crush is? That one guy/girl who likes all your photos and posts, no matter how stupid it is? It’s a simple trick. Just open Facebook, and in the search bar, type ‘photos liked by’ followed by a name. Nifty, eh?

Hidden Facebook Features 7

Ta-da! If you are in a relationship, you can replace names with words like wife, husband, girlfriend, and so on. You can also filter the results further by month or year. Happy hunting.

8. Control Ads

Facebook is infamous for abusing user data and selling it to advertisers. The moment you like or follow someone popular, you will notice your ads and recommended news or updates change.

Hidden Facebook Features 8

Click on the link below to manage your ads. That’s where you will see how neatly Facebook organizes all your interests and other activities. Click on Ad settings and allow or disallow ads completely based on criteria such as social actions.

Hidden Facebook Features 9

You can also control what information the advertisers have on you. I suggest you stop everything now and go through the options right now.

9. Block Mobile Tracking

Liked the ads preference settings we covered above? Worried about Facebook tracking you via your smartphone? Digital Advertising Alliance wants to give you more control over who tracks you and how.

Hidden Facebook Features 10

Click on the link below to begin the opt-out process. During the process, you will see options to opt-out of popular sites and services, including Facebook. Just select it and complete the steps. Make sure that you have disabled any ad blocker before beginning because it may interfere.

Face Problems, Don’t Facebook Them

I don’t know why people share their personal lives and problems on Facebook. Doing so won’t help you solve it. You need to control your life as well as your Facebook account. With these hidden features, you will be in better control of your account at least and have some fun at the same time.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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