Top 11 HD Cap­tain Mar­vel Wall­pa­pers That You Must Get Today

Namrata Gogoi

The symbol teased in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War is a reality now. The much-awaited trailer of Captain Marvel has just hit the web and has got us excited for the movie. With more than 18 million views on YouTube (in under 18 hours), it's one of the most awaited superhero movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Top 11 Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 2

The Captain Marvel movie will hit the theatres in March 2019. And to make the wait worthwhile, we have compiled some of the best HD wallpapers of Captain Marvel.

Join the fun (and the excitement)!

Note: To download the wallpapers, click on the download links below each one to get them in their original resolution.

1. Superhuman Warrior

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 3

Captain Marvel is the first female-centered superhero film from the house of Marvel Studios and is expected to offer glimpses on the origin story of Carol Danvers played by Brie Larson. And it also stars Jude Law along with Samuel L. Jackson retaining his role as a younger Nick Fury. It is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

2. A Story in Crayon

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 9

Let a superhuman surge towards the sky with all her might, throw in a splash of color and out comes this wallpaper. A stunning display of grit and determination, and perfectly sums up her anger as she flies to protect the earth again.

3. The Prisma Effect!

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 5

Speaking of Prisma, did you know that the funky photo filter app was downloaded more than 10 million times? They crossed this number in just over a week after being launched in 2016.

4. Of Tales Written in Stars

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 7

It's believed that Captain Marvel, a human-Kree hybrid, gained her superhuman powers in outer space. Hence, a wallpaper with the eponymous superhero staring up at the sky is a perfect way to take a quick look at an important event in her life.

5. The Unstoppable

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 8

Sometimes, a cacophony of colors is just the thing you want to see when you switch on your computer. I regularly switch between a dark background and a colorful one. What about you?

6. Tales in Parchment

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 2

Do you like to keep your desktop simple? If yes, this is the perfect wallpaper to grace your desktop. If I am not wrong, this wallpaper will take you on a ride back in time with its crayon and embossed effects.

7. The New Avenger

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 6

The movie is set in the 90s meaning that you won't see modern technology and gadgets such as iPhones, laptops, and more. Instead, you will see pagers and other significant gear from that decade. A nostalgia trip for many of us.

8. The Logo

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 1

Neon wallpapers are the latest craze in town, and it is fun to see Captain Marvel's symbol painted in some of those shades. These wallpapers in darker backgrounds are not only easy on eyes but also helps save battery.

9. Strength. Ability. Durability.

Top 11 Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers

Did you know that Captain Marvel made her debut in the comic world as early as the 1960s?

Her superpower is her insane strength. In fact, Carol Danvers is so powerful that she can fight not one, but two sharks at once. And did we tell you about the time she carried an entire train on her back? You should probably start digging her old comic issues.

10. The Only Hope

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 1

Again, who doesn't love dark wallpapers?

11. Fury Minus the Eyepatch

Best Captain Marvel Wallpapers 10

Last but not the least, how can we miss the one who sent the SOS at the end of the Infinity War movie? Samuel L. Jackson returns as a young Nick Fury. And guess what? This is the first Avengers movie where he's seen without his trademark eyepatch.

Higher. Further. Faster.

After DC's Wonder Woman, it was high time that the Marvel Cinematic Universe came up with its own female superhero action movie.

So, how (and where) would Captain Marvel fit into the Infinity Wars sequel? More importantly, would she be the one who reverses everything that Thanos has done (and hopefully reduce him to dust)? Does she have a seventh stone secretly stashed away?

Well, only time will tell. Unless you've read the comics. In that case, resist the temptation to share spoilers.

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