Top 9 Google Sheets Tips and Tricks to Use It like a Pro

I could hardly think of using a spreadsheet program other than Microsoft Excel. That was before Google decided to release Sheets as part of its office suite of web apps. Google Sheets has helped me be independent of the platform and computer. Since I’ve spent a decent time using it, I have compiled some of the best and most used Google Sheets tips and tricks.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks

Though Excel is far more powerful, Google Sheets comes with a lot of features and packs plenty of punch. You need to know what to do and how to do it. That’s where we step in with bunch of useful ways to help you use Sheets like a pro.

Let’s begin.

1. How to Lock a Row in Google Sheets

Locking a row or column will grid-lock it. That means it (row or column) will stay at the top when you scroll down or sideways. In a Google Sheets document, select the row you want to freeze by clicking on the corresponding number or alphabet.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 1

Select Freeze under the View menu, and you will see a bunch of options.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 2

The No rows option will unfreeze the selected rows. Then, one row will freeze the selected row while two rows will also freeze the row below that. Up to current row (1) will freeze all rows till where your cursor is on the sheet. Below that are the same options but for columns instead.

2. How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Select the rows and columns that you want to merge in the sheet.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 3

Click on Format and select Merge cells to view all available options.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 4

You can merge horizontally or vertically. Merge all will do it both. When you select an option, you will see this pop-up.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 5

Depending on the option you selected, merging cells will preserve the top-leftmost value. Always.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 6

In our case, only A1 and A2 cells are preserved while the rest have been deleted. So keep that in mind before you merge any cells.

3. How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets

Data can be difficult to interpret, which is why we resort to graphs. Google Sheets comes with many different chart types. Before you pick one, make sure you have your data ready. Select all the cells you want to represent graphically and click on Charts under Insert.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 7

You should now see a bar chart by default with some options on the right. You can change the chart type from bar to pie or other, color, select cells, add title and legend, and even more here.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 8

I would suggest you use some dummy data and play around until you get the hang of it. Creating graphs and charts is not that difficult anyway.

4. How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets

You write a long string of text, and it is overflowing into the next cell, obstructing the value there, or it simply disappears into the cell wall. Select the cell and click on Text wrapping under Format. That’s where you choose the Wrap option.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 10

Selecting the Overflow option will let the text continue into the next cell while Clip will cut it short, as we saw in the above screenshot.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 11

5. How to Sum a Column in Google Sheets

Google Sheet can perform mathematical calculations easily. Addition is one formula that most people use often. Select the cells in the column or row you want to make a total of and select Sum option under the math icon.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 12

Noticed all the other formulas available there? Google Sheets can act as a pretty good calculator.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 13

6. How to Add Columns and Rows in Google Sheets

When you are managing a lot of data on a single sheet, moving them around just to add a single row or column is not a good idea. Fortunately, there is an easy way. Just select the row or column where you need a new empty row/column, and select Insert 1 above or below option.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 14

You should see the empty row now. The index number/alphabet will change across the sheet automatically.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 15

You can use the same method to add columns too.

7. How to Lock Cells in Google Sheets

Locking a cell will prevent accidental changes to the same. Don’t mistake it for a security measure. People can still take a screenshot, printout, or even copy-paste the contents of the cell.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 16

Select the cells you want to lock and select Protected sheets and ranges under Data.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 17

You can not only lock cells here but also the entire sheet. Enter a description that will make it easier to recognize locked cells in the future in case you have more than one set. Select Set permissions when done. You can now select who all have permission to access the locked cells.

8. How to Create a Drop-Down in Google Sheets

Drop-down lists save a lot of space, making it easier to select values and fill forms or play around with variables. Select the cell where you would like to create a drop-down and click on Data validation under Data.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 18

You can now choose the criteria for the cell in question. For example, you can create a list of dates, numbers, names, tick box, or items. You can then choose a range and determine what happens when invalid data is input.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 19

I have selected a number ranging from 10 to 100. So when I input 5 in that particular cell, Google Sheets shows a red mark to denote an error.

Google Sheets Tips And Tricks 20

Creating a list with multiple optional values will insert a downward arrow to signify the drop-down list.

9. How to Label Legend in Google Sheets

You can easily add text and format legends in Google Sheets. The process is simple and easy to make your data easily identifiable, especially if you are sharing the sheet with several other folks.

Spread It Well

Google Sheets is powerful, versatile, and free for life with no strings attached. The fact that it’s available on all platforms and works right out of a browser makes it even more popular. Do share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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