Top 11 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

In the world of Android apps, it’s tough to stand apart. A lot of new and functional ones often disappear in the huge crowd of similar apps. On top of that, Google Play Store sports a bevy of trusted and top selling/downloaded apps. So, how do you discover new ones? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in to write about the best new apps.

Top Fresh New Android Apps May 2019

We compile a list of new and unique Android apps every month to save you from the pain of searching on the Play Store. This month’s roster is quite impressive. From a Gmail-like email app to a cool new password manager, there are many new Android apps in this digest.

Let’s take a look.

1. Spark Email

If you are thinking of changing over from the default email app, you should give Spark a chance. This email app is considered one of the best email apps for iOS, and it made a debut on Android in March this year.

Apart from supporting many gestures, Spark for Android brings home several features like Smart Inbox, Scheduling, and Snoozing notifications and a host of other customization options. Check our guide on the best Spark Mail settings to use it like a pro.

Best Spark Mail Settings And Tricks For Android 3
Best Spark Mail Settings And Tricks For Android 20

What’s more, you can also add multiple signatures to an email account and switch between them while composing the email. The best part is that the setup process is simple. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen, and you’ll have the emails in front of you in no time.

Best Spark Mail Settings And Tricks For Android 14

Still in doubt? Read the following comparison to know better.

2. Omnia Music Player

Online music streaming apps have a massive library and several exciting features, but I can’t get over my love for offline music players. If you are someone like me, you will love the new Omnia Music Player.

This offline music player not only has a simple and clutter-free interface but also bundles many nifty features. Apart supporting a variety of lossless and hi-res audio file formats, the app brings useful features like gapless play, gestures, and album arts. The app also provides a 10-band equalizer and Google Voice command support.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 7
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 8

Plus, you can always open the mini player by simply pulling it up. And yeah, the mini player also supports the album art.

The only issue which I found is Omnia Music Player adds all audio tracks by default. For example, if you have snippets of WhatsApp recordings, the default scan will pick everything up. Thankfully you can choose which folders should the app scan for music files. There’s no ‘Ignore Short Tracks’ feature like you’d find on apps like Poweramp and Stellio Player.

3. Skit

Skit is best for those seeking a replacement for a half-baked default App Manager. It lets you see and manage your installed apps. Also, you can extract and share any system application with your buddies.

The app’s UI offers two tabs – User and System. As you may have guessed, the User tab contains all the user installed apps while the latter includes the system apps.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 11
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 12

To share an APK or a system file, all you need to do is go to System, select the app and tap on the little blue icon at the bottom-right corner. Next, choose Share and select an app. That’s it.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 14
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 15

Other then that, Skit is an excellent app manager. Not only are all the apps listed but you can also see all the app-related details under a single roof. So whether it’s the app permissions or the app certifications, you need to tap on the right icon to see them all.

4. Easy DND

Most phones now come with a dedicated DND (Do Not Disturb) button. You can even choose to customize it as per your usage. But most times whenever you need it, you have to dive deep on your phone’s settings.

StrangerWeather, the makers behind Easy DND, attempts to change it by placing the DND settings in an easily accessible format.

The interface offers huge tiles that let you switch between the various modes – DND On, DND Off, and Priority Mode. All you have to do is tap on a tile, and the matter will be taken care off.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 18
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 19

Also, you can customize the priority settings as per your preference. Once the priority mode is active, you can add the modes like Messages, Media Sounds, and Touch Sounds.

5. Scribbl

Scribbl is gold for all the Instagram users out there. This little app lets you draw cool animation on top of your images to make your Instagram Stories stand out from the rest. So whether it’s your cat’s whiskers or glowing horns on your BFF’s head, you can do a lot with Scribbl.

Scribbl bundles different animation styles. You can always change the color and transparency of the animations. Once done, you can view your new creation via the Play tab at the bottom. Plus, the app lets you export images in 1080p resolution.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 24
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 26

Though the app is free, you can unlock a couple of more animations by buying the pro version.

6. Rise

If you follow our monthly digest regularly, you must know by now that we include at least one health and fitness related app. For this month, we have decided to go with Rise.

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Rise is a sleep management app that includes four techniques to help you sleep better. These techniques include Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Plus, there’s also a Sleep Dairy which lets you record your progress.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 30
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 31

If you find the app is effective, then you can upgrade to the pro version which unlocks around 120 sleep routines and access to your sleep patterns.

7. Download Navi

Download Navi is the newest download manager for Android phones. It lists down all the downloads on the home screen and has dedicated sections for images, videos, and the likes. So, all you need to do is tap on one to get to your downloads instantly.

Best New Android Apps For May 2019 20
Best New Android Apps For May 2019 21

Furthermore, you can pause and resume the downloads the way you want. Plus, there are hordes of settings like Unmetered connections, Roaming controls, etc.

To use this app, you’d need to copy the download link on your clipboard, open the app and hit the Add button, and pretty much everything after that is automatically taken care off.

8. Pixtica

Pixtica is for those who want to have a little fun with the humble phone camera. It features both filters and manual controls. So whether it’s a color-poping Instagram post or a simple photo, Pixita makes it all possible.

Best New Android Apps For May 2019 22
Best New Android Apps For May 2019 23

Another cool feature of Pixtica is its GIF Recorder. With it, you can make cool and unique GIFs since they support filters.

9. Battery Notch

Want to put the notch on your phone to good use? If yes, say hello to Battery Notch.

Battery Notch

As suggestive of its name, this one lets you use the notch as a battery indicator. So, if your phone’s status bar is running out of space, XDA senior member Croccio’s Battery Notch is the app you can install.

Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 5
Best Fresh New Android Apps For May 2019 3

You need to choose the shape of the notch since the app can’t do it on its own. If it doesn’t sit well, you can also adjust its height and width.

Also, you can hide the system battery indicator from the status bar. However, for that, you’d have to execute the following ADB command.

adb shell pm grant it.croccio.batterynotch android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

10. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is one of the newest apps that lets you create professional-looking presentations right from your phone. The app has bundled a bevy of templates, and it’s quite simple and easy to use.

Screenshot 2019 04 29 17 03 05 295 Com Zoho Show App

You’ll find the usual formatting options like alignment, font selection, among others. You can also collaborate with your team members on Zoho Show slides.

Best New Android Apps For May 2019 24
Best New Android Apps For May 2019 25

You can use also cast your presentation from your mobile if you have a supporting device on the network. Presentations made on Zoho Show can easily be synced to your laptop if you have a Zoho account.

Best New Android Apps For May 2019 18

As far as the export options are concerned, you can export your presentations as PDFs.

11. Firefox Lockbox

Last but not least, we have Firefox Lockbox, a password manager that Mozilla claims stores all your passwords in a digital lockbox. If you are someone whose browser of choice is Firefox (and you haven’t invested on any password managers yet), this is the app you should definitely try.

Firefox Lockbox Fi

Quite obviously, you’ll need to sign in using your Firefox account. Once done, passwords will be synced between the phone and the browser.

So be it a simple web page sign in or an app login, Firefox Lockbox seamlessly fills in the usernames and passwords automatically (provided the information is already stored and synced).

The Perfect App?

What do you look for when you try out new apps? We check that the advertised features should work flawlessly, and the app should also bundle a few extra features. And of course, no obstructive ads to spoil the workflow.

What are your requirements?

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