Top 7 Free and New Android Apps for Sep­tem­ber 2019

Namrata Gogoi

The month of September is here, and we are back with another list of new Android apps that were released in the last couple of months. Similar to our older editions, this time too, our apps are spread across various categories. From a nifty clipboard manager to a time-saving app launcher and a user-friendly expense manager, we have them all.

Top Free And New Android Apps For September 2019

Needless to say, these apps will not only help you be productive but will also enhance your overall phone experience.

So, if you want to overhaul your smartphone experience, here are a bunch of free and new Android apps that you should certainly give a shot.

Let's begin.

1. Launchboard

Do you hate the concept of searching for apps on the app drawer? Apart from being a boring job, it's also is a huge time guzzler.

Well, the makers of Launchboard seem to have addressed this issue with their app. This cool app has a small keyboard as a widget. So, all you need to do is type the first letter of the app, and all the apps starting with it will pop up immediately. Cool, right?

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 2
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 3

And that's not the end of the story. Launchboard works on top of your current launcher which means you do not have to sacrifice the launcher features as well.

Just add it as a widget to your home screen and you can bid goodbye to all the app shortcuts.

2. Flip DND

Flip DND is a nifty little app, which I believe almost everyone should have these days, especially if you're bugged by unnecessary notifications. This app switches your phone to the DND mode when you keep it face down and it switches back to the normal mode when you keep it face up. Cool, I'd say.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 18
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 19

It's a simple app and apart from the option for Priority notifications, it doesn't have any special settings of its own. Instead, it follows the default DND settings of your phone.

So the next time you need to focus on your work, simply keep it faced down.

3. Clipboard Manager

Have you ever copied a text snippet only to have it overwritten because you forgot to paste it? If your keyboard also doesn't support clipboard features, you'll find yourself in this situation more often than you'd like.

The aptly named Clipboard Manager app attempts to change that with its simple yet powerful app. It stores everything in its archive whenever you copy any text. And whenever you need the text again, just copy it from the app. To add to it, there's a sticky notification meaning you can access it with just a flick of your finger.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 4
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 5

Plus, there's a slew of customization options that you can tweak as per your preference. For instance, you can set the auto-clean period to a month, or you can choose where to back up your old notes, among others.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 7
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 6
Did You Know: Android 10 will come with a built-in clipboard manager.

4. Expenses: Simple Tracker

Expenses are an inevitable part of our daily lives, and it's always a wise idea to keep a track of them, howsoever big or small they are. After all, you wouldn't want to spend your weekends gazing at complicated bank statements, right?

The aptly named app Expenses lets you write down your transactions with just a tap of a button. Simply select the currency, and add in your entry. Apart from that, you can also add a tag to your common expenses.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 8
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 9

And that's not the end of the story. You can also import and export data to Excel files if you want to view the data set in a larger screen. Plus, you can add multiple currencies to the table. This feature comes in handy especially if you are traveling overseas.

More importantly, you can also filter your expenses. For now, the app offers four filters - Today, This week, This month and All time. Just tap on one, and all your transactions will be lined up before you.

5. Shortcut Creator

Do you love to have customized shortcuts on your phone's home screen? If yes, you'll fall in love with Shortcut Creator. As suggestive of its name, it lets you create shortcuts of your frequently used files, settings, and contacts so that you can access them right when you unlock the screen.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 11

Though the app's interface looks a bit dated, using it is simple and straightforward. Slide out the left menu and you'll see all the tasks and apps that qualify for shortcuts. From Developer options to PDF files and images, there's plenty to choose from.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 12
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 14

All you need to do is select one, select an icon and add it to the home screen. Simple, see.

6. Lucidpix 3D Photo Generator

Lucidpix 3D Photo Generator is for all the Instagram lovers out there. It adds a cool 3D parallax effect to your selfies and photos and gives them a distinctive look. What's more, there's a slew of stickers and frames to enhance them further.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 15

Using the app is simple and straightforward. Just click a selfie, add a frame and save it. That's it.

And the best part of this app is that you can share directly to Facebook or Instagram.

Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 16
Free And New Android Apps For September 2019 17

While Lucidpix's frames are great for Instagram (or Facebook) Stories, the only downside is that it adds a watermark to all the images.

7. Crisper

Last but not least, we have a cool wallpaper app for you. Going by the name of Crisper, this new app brings high-resolution illustrations and images to your phone. The crux of this app is the clean and mostly-white look, which brings a sense of calm.

Wallpaper Apps For Samsung Note 10 Plus 3
Wallpaper Apps For Samsung Note 10 Plus 4

Apart from illustrations and images, you can also browse through some curated collections.

Note: Crisper is in early access, for now, so you might see some glitches.

Boost Your Android Experience

So, which of these apps will you get first? If you ask me, the first app on your list should be the Launchboard app followed by Clipboard Manager. After all, time is money, right?

Next up: Missed last month’s edition of the best Android apps? Read all about the apps in the post below.

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