Top 8 Free Android Games for March 2018

The gaming world has seen a plethora of changes in the recent past. However, what has remained unchanged is the passion for gaming. All you need to do is launch a game, and the competitive switch in our brains is automatically enabled. Such is the power of games.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018

Banking on the same love and passion that we have for games, we have assembled a list of the best Android games that you must try this month. The catch? Well, these games are new, fresh and free. Excited? Well, let’s jump right in.

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1. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Undoubtedly, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition ranks among the top legendary games that you must play this month. Brace yourself as you test your fighting and survival skill against players from all around the world.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 5

The controls are easy to master and is similar to the old game. As far as the graphics are concerned, it’ll take you down the path of nostalgia with its old-school graphics.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 6

Street Fighter is free on the Play Store, however, I felt it’s a tad hungry for money, when it comes to unlocking other characters after the initial fights.

2. HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia created quite a sensation when it launched on the App Store last year. The Google Play Store saw the Beta version release in the latter part of 2017, and now this game has been released for all.

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Hosted by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, this game has thousands of players competing in real time to win real money. Once the game starts, you’ll be given a set of 12 multiple-choice questions.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 New 1
Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 New 2

Interestingly, the topics may range anything under the radar. Your reflexes have to be super fast as you’re given just 10 seconds to answer a question. Answer it wrong and you’ll be shown the exit door.

A super-addictive game, this game is made even more exciting with its promise of real prize money.

3. Hit n’ Run

By now, you must have guessed what this game is all about. Hit n’ Run is all about dominating the roads. Here, you get to be a real-life baddie as you take on cops, damage trucks, and buses and run through Police stops … you get the drift.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 16
Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 15

It doesn’t come with any complicated controls. It has a simple one-thumb-control and all you need to do pull all the stunts that have been asked of you.

4. Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash

This is a game that will get you hooked pretty easily. With its amazing graphics and a great storyline, Star Shooters is a must-play. The thumb rule of this game is simple — Shoot your enemies or die. Nope, no second way out of this one.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 1

The game characters — both of the hero and the villains are crazily adorable. What’s more, as is the story of every other pirate game, you also get to keep a charming little pet.

5. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Listen up, Final Fantasy fans! There’s good news for you. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is finally available for Android (and iOS). As you may already know, this game follows the story of Prince Noctis and his friends — Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 11

The graphics are great and if you’ve played the console version before, you’d find similarities in this one as well. The storyline is simple — battle your enemies, while at the same time, carrying out on the little exploration missions.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 12

6. Red

If you love puzzle games, chances are that you’ll fall in love with Red. It’s made by the same developer who gave us Yellow last year. The game is simple, though a tad hard at times.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 7
Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 8

The goal is simple — make the screen go red by solving the puzzles. The most tricky thing about this game is that every single puzzle is different. Well, nothing like taking the brain for a little stroll, ain’t it?

7. Skid Storm

There’s nothing quite like a super cool racing game. It lets you enter a world where you get to try stuff which you wouldn’t normally do in real life. One such racing game is Skid Storm. As the name suggests, this game combines both speed and style while you race to win the first spot.


The game controls are neat. Just a pair of left and right buttons to control the drift. That said, Skid Storm has plenty of cars and tracks to choose from. Plus, as is the trend with all the games, you get to earn a couple of coins if you keep showing up to the game regularly.

8. HeliHopper

If you want a casual game just for killing time, HeliHopper is the perfect answer.

Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 10
Top 8 Free Android Games For March 2018 9

It’s a cute little game where you have to catapult a helicopter and land it in a helipad. Simple, fun and addictive, if you ask me.

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Let The Games Begin

So, these were some of the fun and exciting Android games that were released in the last couple of months. My favorite? It’s Star Shooters for sure. I just loved the little pirate and his shooting capabilities.

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