Top 17 Firefox for iPad Keyboard Shortcuts to Surf Like a Pro

On the Apple iPad, Firefox is a phenomenal browser all around. It sports a terrific user interface, syncs data seamlessly among devices, and provides various useful features not present in other popular browsers (tracking protection, night mode, etc.). But most importantly, it’s from a well-established organization that values privacy.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts Featured

And if you use a keyboard with your iPad, you can optimize your productivity and browsing experience using shortcuts for Firefox. Thankfully, the browser supports quite a few to perform a host of common actions. So without any further ado, let’s check them out.


1. Open Tab

While browsing, we often end up opening multiple tabs. Instead of reaching out to tap the screen to open a new tab, just press Command+T to both do that as well as activate its address bar simultaneously.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 1

2. Initiate Search

If you want to search for something on the tab that you are currently on, just use the Command+L shortcut to activate the address bar and then enter your search query.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 2

3. Open New Private Tab

Firefox’s Private tabs are the real deal when it comes to browsing privately. They don’t record your browsing activity locally and even run anti-tracking scripts by default to stop websites from gaining a bead on you.

To switch to Private mode, press Shift+Command+P. Use the same shortcut to open new Private tabs.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 3

And don’t forget to press Command+T whenever you want to exit the Private mode.

4. Show Previous Tab

Opened a new tab and want to go back to the one that you were on previously? Press Control+Shift+Tab to go back along the tab bar.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 4

5. Show Next Tab

When it’s time to move forward along the tab bar, simply press Shift+Tab instead.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 5

6. Close Tab

Ended up opening a ton of tabs? Press Command+W to close the tab that you are currently on.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 6

Use that shortcut repeatedly to close multiple tabs quickly.

7. Find Within Page

Looking for something specific in a lengthy post? Cut the chase and get to where you want quickly using the Command+F shortcut. You can then type in a keyword to make Firefox highlight whatever it is that you are looking for.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 7

8. Reload Page

Sometimes, a page just glitches out and won’t load properly. Or perhaps the page lacks an auto-refresh feature and require that you update it manually.

Press Command+R shortcut to reload the page.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 8

9. Go Back

Accidentally tapped the wrong link or just want to get back to the page that you were on previously? Press Command+[ to go back once.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 9

Use the same shortcut multiple times to repeatedly go backward.

10. Go Forward

If you want to go forward again, press Command+] to do that.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 10

Once again, you can perform the keystroke repeatedly go forward multiple times.

11. Scroll Down

You must’ve figured out that using the Up and Down directional arrow keys is pretty useful when it comes to scrolling without touch gestures. But sometimes, certain pages take ages to scroll down.

Just press Command+Down Arrow to get to the bottom of any page in record speed.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 11

12. Scroll Up

If you are at the bottom of a lengthy page and just hate the thought of scrolling up, press Command+Up Arrow to instantly get to the top.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 12

13. Tab Switcher

Dealing with hundreds of tabs? Press Option+Command+Tab to open the tab switcher. Pretty convenient, right?

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 13

Remember to use the arrow keys to move within the tab switcher.

14. Check Shortcuts

Forgot your shortcuts? In case that happens, press and hold the Command button to bring up a nifty pop-up that includes the majority of shortcuts listed above.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 14

Also, remember to bring up the list whenever a Firefox update hits the iPad. Any new shortcuts are most likely to be listed there.

15. Bring Up the Dock

Firefox supports split-view, which is terrific when it comes to multi-tasking with other apps. Press Option+Command+D to bring up the dock, after which you can pull out the app that you want to use alongside the browser.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 15

16. Switch Apps

Have other open apps not present within the dock’s Recent list that you want to switch to? Just press and hold Command+Tab, and then press Tab repeatedly to move along the list of apps. Release to open the selected app.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 16

17. Exit Firefox

Got enough browsing done for the day? Press Esc key to exit Firefox.

Top Firefox Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts 17

Or if you change your mind, press Command+Tab immediately to bring it right back up.

Time to Surf Like a Pro

Admittedly, these Firefox shortcuts aren’t many, and nor are they as versatile as those on a desktop. But they sure beat using touch gestures all the time! Hopefully, Mozilla will keep adding more shortcuts, so once again, don’t forget to press that Command button whenever you install a Firefox update — you don’t want to miss out on anything new.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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