Top 7 Fea­tures of PDFele­ment That Make It a Great PDF Editor

PDFs are one of the friendliest formats to work with, especially for small business owners or startups. You can sign a document digitally or easily collect form responses if you have an ongoing survey. While plenty of PDF editors are available online, they are not the safest hub to upload sensitive information regarding your organization. That’s when offline PDF editors like Wondershare’s PDFelement come to the picture. It carries features like team collaboration to tweak existing PDFs and process PDF files in batches to save.

Apart from that, it comes with a slew of features that make it a cool PDF editor for startups and small businesses. The UI is intuitive and friendly enough to figure out the options and features easily. Besides that, you’ll find plenty of features to collaborate with your colleagues.

So, let’s explore some of the features of the PDFelement that make it a great PDF editor for the business.


You can use PDFelement to edit and tweak existing documents with ease. It also works with scanned documents. Using this Wondershare tool, you can add watermarks, links, additional pages, and background images to PDFs.

That said, PDFelement also allows you to play around with the location and position of text boxes. And like a true PDF editor, it lets you annotate or highlight text. If you send an official document via email, you can highlight the important part to draw attention.

The Edit option is easily accessible.


When running a business, you’d want to make sure that the document is correct and secure. This is true if you deal with long and detailed files such as legal documents, contracts, or expenses.

The Compare PDF option in PDFelement helps you compare PDF files in far less time, thereby letting you focus on more important tasks at hand. The tool marks every change, be it a simple text addition or change of position of text boxes and image boxes. All the changes are displayed neatly on the left panel, from where you can choose to keep the changes or remove them.

This makes it easy to pick out the information that may have changed since you sent them off to your business contacts. For the record, PDFelement marks the differences in red, while insertions are marked in blue/violet.


PDFelement brings a slew of productivity-focused batch processes under its roof. These batch processes save both time and energy. So you don’t have to apply watermarks to individual files or extracting information from multiple files. More importantly, you can convert multiple files to other formats in one go.

For now, Wondershare’s PDFelement lets you convert, create and optimize files (among others) in one go. The processes are simple and quick, with all the options neatly laid out at the front. One needs to select the right option, and the tool will guide you through the next steps.

As noted earlier, these processes help save time and simplify the long and tedious process of document editing and conversion.


It also includes a clever set of features like Comment, File Sharing, and Signature that helps facilitate team collaborations. This is especially useful if the files in your organization go through several approvals in different departments.

Adding a comment is simple. For one, the tool gives the user several options like Highlight, Underline, and Link. Or, you can mark an area with a shape to annotate it. Then, once done, you can add a comment in detail for further processing.

Stamps is another helpful feature, especially when a file has to be approved, rejected, or marked as complete. You can even add your organization’s customized stamps.

Other than that, PDFelement supports file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and WonderShare Cloud for sharing. So if your organization keeps all its files and documents on the cloud for easy access, this feature will save you time from uploading the files separately.


Another helpful feature for small business users is the option to add digital signatures. This option makes it possible to sign all the needed PDF files with a digital signature for authentication purposes. And even if it’s not a PDF file, you can easily convert it, add your signature and send it across. Of course, you’ll need to have a digital ID file with you.

At the same time, this Wondershare tool ensures easy application of file passwords. As you may have already guessed, a password-protected file ensures that information does not end up in the wrong hands. In addition, after you protect the file with a password, you can easily share it over email or one of the cloud-sharing services.

PDFelement also lets you redact portions of text and paragraphs that hold sensitive information.


A survey or a data collection form is one of the best ways to collect feedback about a particular entity, a simple website, or a commercial product. However, while it’s an easy job to create and send a fillable PDF form across to your audience, the data collection can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, PDFelement not only lets you create & edit such forms, but it also lets you collect form data for further analysis.

As for the former, it lets you create fillable PDFs that are easy to fill. Once you have collected the responses, this tool lets you collect responses in bulk.

For now, you can either collect data from dedicated form fields or marked areas in the PDF file. Once done, all the responses are saved into CSV files for further analysis. For those unaware, you can use Excel to open the CSV files.


No amount of helpful features can save the day if the tool has a complicated UI. Thankfully, PDFelement is sorted on this front. It bundles a clean and clutterless UI. In addition, the options are cleverly placed at the top and are easy to locate.

The intuitive UI also means you will probably spend less time in Knowledge Transfer sessions for the tool.


Perhaps the best thing about PDFelement is that the tool can be distributed easily within your organization. It can be deployed to servers from where end users can download it and then install it on their systems. For now, Wondershare PDFelement can be deployed as an MSI through GPO, Windows Terminal Server, Windows SCCM, and Citrix. This gives the business owner finer control over how the PDF tool can be accessed.

Since PDFelement is suitable for business users, it offers a cool deal in Team Licensing. It costs just around $109, and a single license can be used by over 20 users, thereby letting you save on individual licensing fees.

The good thing is that it is supported on Windows and macOS.

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