Top 6 Desk Organizers for a Clutter-Free Office Setup

It’s easy to make a mess on your office desk with a pencil, pen, sticky notes, highlighter, paper clips, and other stationery items. Before you end up with a cluttered workflow at the office, you should invest in a desk organizer to keep everything in place. While there are dozens of desk organizers on Amazon, we have hand-picked your top six options.

You no longer need to spend hours finding your stapler or favorite pen on the desk. Your desktop organizer neatly keeps all the stationery items in one place. Let’s start.

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1. Jupeli Desk Organizer

Not everyone prefers a desk organizer in a dull white or black color. Jupeli sweetens the look with vibrant color options such as blue and red. Besides keeping the tiny things together, it’s quite affordable too.

Jupeli desk organizer can be your ideal office assistant to use on the desk. Although the organizer is made of plastic, it looks and feels solid enough for long-time use. The office organizer has six compartments to keep pens, pencils, rulers, markers, clips, name cards, visiting cards, and more. Jupeli’s desk solution is affordable, simple, and does the job without taking too much space on your table. Do check the exact product dimensions before placing an order.

2. XOOHP Desk Organizer

Even though Jupeli has used high-quality plastics, it is prone to scratches and doesn’t carry solid weight. Meet XOOHP’s metal desk organizer with smooth edges to protect your desk.

XOOHP comes in only one-color option – Black. It has a total of seven compartments. Apart from the usual six storage spaces, you also get one sizeable sliding drawer to keep your essential documents separate. XOOHP is ideal for home, office, classroom, etc., and the black exterior color blends perfectly with other stuff in your room. Unlike some desk organizers, XOOHP’s solution comes fully assembled, ready to use out of the box. It’s also the perfect gift for your friends and family members. We hope to see more color options in the future.

3. Jerry & Maggie Desk Organizer

While Jupeli and XOOHP score high on practicality, they may look bland on your rather aesthetically pleasing home or office setup. Jerry & Maggie’s wooden solution might be an ideal purchase if the desk organizer aesthetics are high on your priority list.

Unlike Jupeli’s plastic or XOOHP’s metal materials, Jerry & Maggie’s desk organizer is made of premium natural wood. You can get one in black, white, white wood tone, or natural wood tone. The best part is Jerry & Maggie desk organizer has two main parts. You can adjust the position and distance between two parts and rotate them to best fit your needs. It can be your go-to organizer to keep office supplies, documents, books, and even a tiny plant. Some users may face inconvenience for settings it up for the first time.

4. My Space Organizers

My space organizer offers over nine compartments, including a drawer. There is enough space for office accessories, papers, scissors, clips, pencils, and sticky notes.

The company has used high-quality acrylic (Lucite) materials in construction. It also carries rubber grips at the bottom for slip protection. Unlike Jerry & Maggie’s wooden desk organizer, you don’t need to deal with any screws to complete the setup. The acrylic desk organizer is ready to use right after unboxing the package.

The desk organizer has several neat touches. For example, there is a dedicated space for your phone and a small section for paper clips, erasers, and sharpeners. There is only one disadvantage. The acrylic material might not survive an accidental fall. You should keep your little ones away from the desk.

5. Marbrasse Desktop Organizer

Marbrasse desk organizer is available in different styles. Based on your preference, you can get one with or without a drawer. Apart from a standard black color, Marbrasse also offers one in silver.

Don’t get fooled by the simple looks of the Marbrasse desk organizer. It is highly functional, with seven storage compartments (four sliding trays + two hanging pencil holders + one sliding drawer). The mesh desk file organizer is lightweight, durable metal mesh and a solid steel frame with long-lasting strength.

6. Yamazaki Desk Organizer

Yamazaki is the best-looking desk organizer on the list. It is made of metal, and a wooden touch adds a much-needed elegance to your desk. Apart from your usual office supplies, you can also place your keys, coins, and watch.

Yamazaki delivers a unique and functional design to your desk. The desk organizer is ideal for pens, pencils, rulers, coins, keys, phones, glasses, watches, and small jewelry. Although Yamazaki scores high on aesthetics, two storage spaces might be too small for some. So it’ll suit best if you have limited trinkets and stuff on your desk.

It’s Time to Organize Your Desk

Your ideal work from home and office setup deserves an organizer to keep stationeries and other items in check. Which desk organizer are you planning to get from the list? Share your pick in the comments section below.

Last updated on 02 August, 2022

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