Top 5 Common 4G LTE Problems and Their Solutions

It’s quite frustrating when your prized phone doesn’t show any network signal and flails with mobile internet. Let’s accept that everyone’s first thought is to call up the mobile operator’s support and yell. That’s not going to fix things smoothly.

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Every other smartphone owner’s woe is 4G LTE network-related hiccups. Some grumble about people telling their phone is out of coverage area or not able to download the latest PUBG update. There could be several reasons behind that. When it comes to 4G LTE network, six most commonly experienced problems keep recurring often. So let’s take a quick look at them and also employ the relevant solutions.

1. No Connection in 4G Mode

Do you recollect the times when your office folks or spouse inquired why your phone was unreachable? Sure, you might think that your phone is always available since it stays in the 4G mode. However, that’s not helpful. That issue is more common among Android smartphone users.

Many people want to use faster 4G speeds and often set their phone to use 4G LTE networks only. That’s because they have set strict rules for the phone to use 4G networks only. In such cases, people often complain that their phone fails to catch signal, or shows no bars, and even blame poor network connectivity.

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Worse is when your phone has just 4G LTE only SIM, and the performance isn’t that pleasant either.

Soon you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting that. Airtel is implementing a unique strategy to deploy its new 4G L900 in a phased manner. That means your phone will continue to work in 4G LTE mode outside as well as indoors. This initiative has already commenced in Kolkata where the company is installing its 4G VoLTE and 4G L900 networks.

Right now, the only way to ensure that your phone gets complete network connectivity is to change the settings to work on 4G LTE mode.

2. VoLTE Not Connecting

The VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) promises to bring crystal clear quality for voice calls. If you have upgraded to the 4G SIM, then it should be enough to enjoy the VoLTE services. However, you still need to meet two conditions. First is that your phone supports VoLTE, which is an essential requirement. Secondly, VoLTE services should be explicitly available in your area. You can always contact your mobile service provider for clarity on that.

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All modern phones come with a specific setting for switching on VoLTE along with 4G. You need to enable that option from your phone’s settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use VoLTE feature even if it is available in that location.

3. Weaker Signal on Smartphones

Let’s say you are using an old one and saving up for a new one. And you might be frustrated to a few bars 4G is available in your locality. Usually, there are two reasons for this issue.

First, you need to check whether your phone supports the LTE bands for India. Secondly, you should procure a new 4G SIM from your mobile service provider and use that instead of an old SIM. After that, it’s just a matter of switching on the 4G LTE option from the phone’s settings.

4. Connection Drop

If you are experiencing frequent call drops, then you should engage in some necessary checks to be on the safe side. Make sure you have configured the network settings on the handset correctly. That means you haven’t chosen 4G LTE only option. That can often cause the call to drop if the coverage is weaker or you are roaming in the network’s blind spot (where no network coverage occurs).

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Selecting a proper option will provide you with a seamless calling and mobile browsing experience. However, if you are traveling in a car, bus, or train, then you might face a call drop issue. That’s because you are in a moving vehicle, the network takes a few seconds to figure out your location. Only after that, it can assign the nearest cell tower to provide necessary service your phone.

Quite often, incorrect network configuration can result in random call drops. All iPhone users can use the “Reset Network Settings” option from the Settings app to reconfigure all network-related details.

5. No Network on Second SIM

With Dual SIM phones getting immensely popular, people often depend on their primary SIM for calling or data. That requirement varies from person to person. Many people are shocked to learn that their newly purchased phone doesn’t support 4G VoLTE in the secondary SIM slot. That’s a common issue on Dual SIM phones that do not have Dual VoLTE Dual-Standby functionality.

In simpler words, if the 4G VoLTE connectivity on SIM 1 is not strong enough, you can switch to the secondary SIM. However, if the secondary SIM doesn’t support 4G VoLTE, then you are out of luck.

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That’s why it is essential to know which handsets does your operator support by default to provide 4G VoLTE services. Also, it’s better to avoid using a SIM that supports 4G LTE only networks. Otherwise, your second SIM might show no network or will keep searching for one to drain the phone’s battery.

Thankfully, Airtel provides widest 4G coverage and offers VoLTE services in several regions along with the smooth roll out of 4G L900 for better coverage indoors as well. So using an Airtel 4G SIM, you can count on it to provide you faster VoLTE services.

6. 4G Network but No Internet

A lot of people often forget to flick the Roaming mode option on their phones. And they keep wondering why isn’t their mobile data working even when they can see the 4G symbol. Well, if you ever face such a situation, consider checking whether you have enabled the Roaming mode or not.

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If the mobile data still doesn’t work after turning it on, then you should try the oldest trick that most support executives suggest. Switch off the phone, take the SIM(s) out for a few seconds, re-insert them, and switch on the phone. That should fix all possible glitches with the mobile data connectivity.

If you still can’t access the internet even after doing that, there is no need to feel bad. You can call the customer care support of your telecom operator and request the APN (Access Point Name) settings. Most likely, you will have to send a short code via SMS to a specific number to request the APN settings.

Attention to the Details

You can solve the majority of the 4G LTE network-related issues by following the basics — restart phone, update phone software, and check the network settings. That said, people love to tinker around with their phones, especially the Android smartphone owners.

Thankfully, most smartphone makers work with mobile operators to test out their new models before launching them in the market. In a year or two, the 4G LTE network will be available at every nook and cranny of the major regions across the country. Every smartphone owner desires a seamless calling and mobile browsing at high speeds.