Top 6 Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21

When it comes to keeping your new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone in pristine condition, a case or cover is one of the best solutions. However, a conventional case will come at the cost of hiding that gorgeous color of your Galaxy S21, especially if you have one of the colored variants. Worry not, for there are enough quality clear and transparent cases out there.

Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21

Apart from letting you flaunt the back of your phone, these cases do their best to keep your phone free from scratches and scuff marks. Add features like cushioning at the corners and a slim build, and you’ve got an almost perfect recipe on your hands.

Now that’s settled, let’s have a look at some of our recommendations for the best clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21. But first,

1. Ringke Fusion Transparent TPU Case

The Ringke Fusion is one of the most simple clear cases out there. There are no fancy features like a colored bumper or the likes. Instead, it’s a pretty straightforward case that wraps beautifully around the phone. It’s neither too thin nor too bulky and maintains the original profile of the phone.

The highlight of this case is the matte effect, which prevents the case from sticking to the phone and giving it a watery look. At the same time, it sports a lanyard hole at the bottom. Using this, you can attach a lanyard should you look to hang the Galaxy S21 around your neck during hikes and treks.

There are a few cases in the Ringke Fusion series with quirky prints that you can explore if you want to give a unique look to your phone.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Another clear case that lets you flaunt the beautiful colors of the Galaxy S21 is the one by Spigen. Like the one above, it’s also an affordable clear case that keeps things simple. Since it’s a hard-shell case, you can keep stickers and other flat mementos inside the case to lend your personal touch to the phone.

Apart from protecting the phone’s surface from marks and scratches, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid also protects the corners from damages during falls and drops.

It comes with the usual bells and whistles like raised lips around the display and the camera module to shield the surface from scuff marks and micro scratches.

3. ESR Metal Kickstand Clear Case

Do you watch a lot of TV Shows on Netflix or videos on YouTube? If yes, you must check out the ESR Metal Kickstand. It packs a neat kickstand at the bottom, which lets you prop the phone both horizontally and vertically. The good thing is that the kickstand is adjustable to 60-degrees.

If you buy this case, you can prop your phone horizontally as well as vertically. This will ensure an even weight distribution for disturbance-free binge sessions.

Like the one above, it also sports a hard-shell back. The camera module stays protected thanks to the reinforcement at the corners and the raised lips around the camera cutout.

However, do note that your phone won’t sit flush on a flat surface, thanks to the kickstand’s slight bulge at the back.

4. Ringke Fusion-X Heavy Duty Shell

Are clear cases boring? If yes, you can’t go wrong with the Ringke Fusion-X case. First things first, this one doesn’t cost a lot. Secondly, it sports a trendy design at the back with motivational captions arranged in a funky design.

And it’s not just style that defines the Ringke Fusion-X case. The bumpers are made from TPU and are designed to bear the impact of accidental falls or bumps against door frames. In fact, Ringke promises military-grade drop protection.

The Fusion-X is affordable and brings both worlds’ best—a clear back merged with funky graphics. If you are someone who likes to flaunt the make of your phone with style, this one is certainly worth a pick.

5. Speck Presidio Perfect Clear Ombre

Another clear case with a twist is the Speck Presidio Perfect case. This one sports a gradient look, and the clear case changes color to a lighter shade of pink. And well, this unique touch looks great on the Galaxy S21, especially on the Phantom White and Phantom Violet variant.

The Speck Presidio Perfect is a premium case and bundles a good set of features. For one, the company claims 13-foot drop protection. Plus, it comes with the usual bells and whistles like corner reinforcements, anti-yellow build, and raised lips around the display.

The case is grippy enough to let you hold without slipping, especially when sweating.

Speaking of grip, Speck also offers a highly-grippy case named Presidio2 Grip. It’s not transparent but ensures a solid grip, thanks to the textures around the sides.

6. Otterbox Symmetry Series

Last but not least, we have the OtterBox Symmetry Series. Like the ones above, this one also lets the original color of your Samsung Galaxy S21 shine in all its might. This one has a slim build and maintains the original looks of the phone. At the same time, it’s designed to cushion the impact of drops and falls.

The buttons are covered, meaning dust and lint won’t find their way inside.

The best part is that it combines surface protection and drop protection. However, it doesn’t trade away the slim factor. For the protection it offers, this is a super slim case, and the odds are that you won’t feel the added heft.

Clear Is the New Black

Phones today are available in a range of gorgeous colors, and it would be a real shame to hide all of that in a case, never to see the light of the day. Okay, I might have exaggerated but you get my drift.

In times like these, it’s the clear case that will come to your rescue and let you show off the color of your phone in all its glory. However, do note that clear cases are not as robust as armored cases.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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