Top 5 Clear Cases for Motorola Edge Plus

With the Motorola Edge Plus, the company has finally hopped into the flagship bandwagon. This $999 smartphone has pretty much everything, be it a flagship processor, wireless charging, or a three-camera setup. And well, the 6.7-inch OLED screen wrapping around the side edges is a class apart. But at the end of the day, the Edge Plus is a bulky phone. Hence it makes sense to fit a proper case or cover to stabilize the body and to shield it from dings and scratches.

Top 6 Clear Cases for Motorola Edge Plus

A clear case for the Motorola Edge Plus means that the design and the beauty of your phone will shine through in all its glory, whether it’s the Smokey Sangria or the Thunder Grey.

You might have also noticed that the camera module doesn’t sit flush with the body and lends a wobbly feel to the phone when kept on a flat surface. A phone case helps prevent just that.

So, if you are in the market for some quality clear and transparent case for your new Motorola Edge Plus, here are some of the best available options.

1. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Case

Over the past several years, OtterBox has established itself as a trusted maker of phone cases, especially for flagships, and the one for Motorola Edge Plus is no different. The case’s design preserves the slim look of the phone without compromising the protection. It comes with raised screen bumpers to safeguard the screen from scratches. At the same time, the bumpers allow you to use the edge functionalities seamlessly.

The top and the bottom bumpers are fortified to cushion the impact of accidental falls and bumps. These Otterbox clear cases are generally solid with precise cuts for the headphone port and the charging port.

If you happen to be in a mood for experiments, you can also check out the Stardust Glitter case. It doesn’t hurt to add a little sparkle, right?

However, if you are not a fan of clear cases, check out the Black Symmetry Series case also.

2. Osophter Transparent Case

Another slim and thin case for the Motorola Edge Plus is the Osophter Transparent Case. Made of TPU and Polycarbonate material, this one safeguards the screen and corners. Simultaneously, the raised lips at the edges keep the delicate surface of the camera lenses from getting scratches and dust.

It’s a flexible case, meaning it is easy to slip it on and off. So far, it has received some mixed reviews.

Top N Clear Cases for Motorola Edge Plus Osophter 2

Are you looking for something fancy? Check out the White Lace transparent cover by the same company.

3. Sktgslamy Clear Soft TPU Case

Sktgslamy cases are generally known for their good fit and great build quality. These cases walk the middle-ground and are neither too bulky nor too thin and lets you keep a proper hold on your phone. Plus, the TPU bumper shields the display from unwanted micro-scratches and abrasions.

The buttons are covered and the fit is perfect. The flexible TPU means you will be able to take it off easily when needed.

Top N Clear Cases for Motorola Edge Plus Sktgslamy2

Last but not least, the area around the camera is raised by around 1.2mm. That keeps the lens safe from dust and grime from getting inside the case. Also, it prevents the phone from wobbling when kept on a flat surface.

4. Pulen Full-Body Rugged Designed for Motorola Edge+

The clear case from Pulen has a slightly rigid TPU bumper around the edges for extra defense. Apart from absorbing the impact of drops and falls, it also provides a sturdy grip. It’s the need of the hour, especially with a tall phone like Motorola Edge Plus, I must say. If you are worried about the phone’s personality getting hidden, worry not, for the clear back lets it reflect seamlessly.

Just like other cases on this list, the Pulen case also bundles raised lips along the top, bottom, and near the camera module.

The buttons are covered and the good thing is that they give you tactile feedback for easy handling.

5. Sucnakp Premium Clear Back Panel

Last but not least, we have a pretty affordable case by Sucnakp. That is a simple, clear case that keeps your phone safe from dings and marks while letting you continue to admire the beautiful colors of your Edge Plus. It doesn’t take a lot of extra room and maintains the profile of your phone.

Like most products in this list, you can wirelessly charge your phone without taking off the cover.

The Sucnakp Premium Clear Back Panel is also available in black.

Clear Is the New Black

“Clear is the new black.”

Sure, clear cases offer a minimalist look and allow the attractive design of your phone to shine through. And compared to a couple of years ago, the new clear cases offer far better protection, thanks to air-cushions at the corners and the rigid bumpers at the side edges. Just last month, I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S20 from a great height, and the clear case cushioned the fall’s impact. Lucky day, indeed.

But at the end of the day, clear cases are not as robust as armored cases. So, if you want to switch to an armored case instead, you can wait for the cases from either Spigen or Supcase.

Next up: The Motorola Edge Plus can take around 1 hour 50 minutes to charge fully. Check the following article to find our recommendations for the best portable power banks.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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