Top 5 Bluetti Deals You Shouldn’t Miss This Father’s Day

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Father’s day is around the corner. If your father loves fishing, long drives, and camping in the wild, Father’s Day is the perfect time to get him a cool portable solar generator from Bluetti. These solar generators provide clean and green energy, and help drive essential electronic items like fridges, laptops, fans, and coffee machines. More importantly, these solar generators are the perfect backup during long and sudden power cuts.

Top 5 Bluetti Deals You Shouldn’t Miss This Father’s Day

If you are planning to gift something meaningful to your dad this year, here are the best Bluetti deals that you shouldn’t miss this Father’s day. Plus, if you are already a Bluetti customer, you can sweeten the deals further with exclusive VIP discounts.

So, let’s check them out.

1. AC300 & B300 Modular Solar Power Station

The Bluetti AC300 and B300 modular power station bundle has a cumulative power putout of 6,000W, with the AC300 providing 3,000W of power and the modular B300 expansion battery providing the rest. This power station combo has a bunch of interesting features, including Wi-Fi support and control via a companion app.

The AC300 & B300 house the LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries. For those unaware, LiFePo4 batteries are known for their long battery life and high charging efficiency. These batteries can function over a wide temperature range.

The AC300 and the B300 power station are portable, and the compact form factor makes them easy to carry in cars and RVs. The combined power capacity supports heavy-duty power tools, thus making them perfect for outdoor use.

The AC300 bundles a mix of conventional and non-conventions outlets. It packs six AC outlets, a 30A outlet, and USB-A and USB-C ports.

More importantly, the AC300 power station and the B300 expansion battery support solar recharging up to 2,400W along with 6 other means. As for the former, it takes around 4 hours to recharge when connected to compatible solar panels.

The AC300 & B300 Module Power Station starts at $3,798. You can buy this combo for $3,599 during the Father’s Day sale.

2. EP500Pro Solar Power Station

Do you often hear complaints of power cuts? You may want to grab the deal on the EP500Pro solar power station. This flexible power station has a 5,100Wh battery and can also function as a UPS. The latter means that it can integrate into your house and provide the power when required.

Since it’s a flexible power station, you can move it around as per your requirement. For now, it delivers up to 3,000W and can drive high-power tools. At the same time, it pairs well with solar panels. In short, you can recharge this power generator without spending much on your electricity bill.

The Bluetti EP500Pro retails at $5,999, and you can save up to $1,000 this Father’s Day. And hey, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. EB55 and EB70S Portable Power Station

Another sweet deal is the one on the EB55 and EB70S portable power station. These two are smaller units. While the EB55 has an output of 700W, EB70S has an output of 800W. This power is good enough to drive coffee makers, fans, and mini-fridges. Plus, the wireless charging pad facilitates easy charging of compatible smartphones.

In short, if your dad loves traveling or camping, it makes for a good buy. The best part is that both generators are portable and can be carried with minimal fuss.

Like their counterparts above, the EB55 and EB70S solar generators run on the LiFePo4 battery cells. Plus, they support a bunch of recharging mechanisms. Apart from solar charging, you can refuel the cells via conventional AC charging, car charging, or another generator.

As for solar recharging, you can hook them to the Bluetti PV120/PV200 solar panels when out on the road.

The Bluetti EB55 is available for $399 on the VIP limited deal, while the EB70S is available on a limited Father’s Day deal offer at $449.

4. B300 Expansion Battery VIP Deal

If you are already a Bluetti customer, you can join the Bluetti VIP Loyalty program. With it, you can get additional discounts on select Bluetti products. One such is the B300 Expansion Battery.

The B300 expansion battery pairs well with portable power stations like the Bluetti AC300, AC200MAX, and the AC200P. It has a 3,072Wh capacity and adds sufficient power to the overall power output of the generator. On its own, it’s a versatile power source and bundles 100W USB-C, 12V/10A cigarette lighter, and 18W USB-A output ports.

The mixture of ports enables you to charge laptops and smartphones and household electronic items like mini-fridges, lights, and microwave ovens.

It’s also driven by the LiFePO4 battery cells. The battery is self-sufficient and supports a bunch of recharging techniques. For now, you can either refuel it using solar panels, AC charging, and car charging.

This Father’s day, you can buy the Bluetti B300 at $1,699 and save $300 with the VIP Offers. At the same time, you can save $200 on the AC300 portable power on Father’s Day this year.

5. PV200 Solar Panel VIP Deal

If you want to pair your solar power station with a solar panel, you can have a quick peek at the PV200 solar panels. These are 200W monocrystalline panels and promise a high conversion rate. The foldable feature makes them easy to stow when not in use. It comes to the picture when you take them during camping and drives.

That said, these panels pair well with several Bluetti generators like the EB55, AC200p, and AC200MAX, among others, and work to provide a clean (and green) source of energy.

Keep them in direct sunlight, and the rest of the job will be taken care of by the panels. They are water-resistant to an extent and have a best operating temperature of 77F (25C).

The PV200 solar panels have a VIP offer of $399 and you can save around $100 per solar panel pack on this deal.

Grab the Deals

These were some of the best Bluetti products you can grab for your dad on this Father’s Day. The sale starts on June 12th and will end on June 22nd. And if you are an existing customer, you can grab one of the lightning VIP deals and save a few bucks.

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Last updated on 30 June, 2022

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