Top 6 Bluetti Deals That You Shouldn’t Miss This Easter

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Easter is just around the corner, and Bluetti is ready with a range of cool Easter deals. The company is known for its portable power stations and solar panels. These power generators are smoke-free, silent, and portable.

If you are looking to invest in portable power generators this Easter, check some of the deals that Bluetti has in store. Let’s look at the best ones.

1. AC300 + B300 Combo Portable Power Station

The Bluetti AC300 and B300 combo are one of the coolest deals you can have this Easter. This compact generator gives you a cumulative power output of more than 6,000W. While the AC300 power station provides a maximum power output of 3,000W, the B300 expansion unit adds an extra 3072W. It’s worth noting that the B300 is an expansion unit, and the AC300 supports up to four such units.

Apart from the high power output, the Bluetti AC300 has a bunch of interesting features. For one, this power station integrates LiFePo4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate) cells. These LiFePo4 cells offer high efficiency, longer battery life, and can operate at various temperatures. Secondly, the AC300 also supports Wi-FI and is controllable (to some extent) from the companion app.

Lastly, the AC300 power generator packs quite a few outlets – six AC outlets, a 30A outlet, and a mix of USB-A and USB-C ports.

The AC300 & B300 Portable Power Stations start at $3,798. However, you can buy it for $3,499 during the Easter sale. Alternatively, you can also check out the AB300 and two B300 combos to get $400 off.

2. AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

If you plan to run several power-demanding devices, the Bluetti AC200MAX is the perfect solar generator. This compact generator has a combined output of 2,200W of power. Acting as a pure sine wave inverter, it provides backup during power cuts. Like the one above, you can pair other expansion batteries to drive up the power output.

The AC200MAX can power several electronics like laptops and microwaves. It can serve well if you are planning to take it on long road journeys. When needed, you can easily refuel it using the car’s 12V port or solar panels. Alternatively, you can also use the standard 500W power adapter to recharge it.

Interestingly, the AC200MAX has several ports and outputs. It comes with 16 outlets, two wireless charging pads, and a 100W USB-C port for powering laptops and compatible USB-C devices.

The AC200MAX is available for $1,899 and you can save $100 on it during the Easter sale.

3. AC200P Portable Power Station

Another power station for running beefier electronic devices is the AC200P power station. It has a 2,000 W battery to run regular electronics like printers, laptops, and smartphones. On top of that, you can set the output voltage to 100V or 110V, when required.

The AC200P brings an interesting mix of outlets to the table. You’ll find regular sockets and USB Power Delivery ports. Also, there’s a wireless charging pad at the top.

The Bluetti AC200P will cost you $1,499 (original price $1799) after a $300 discount during the Easter sale.

4. EP500 Solar Power Station

The Bluetti EP500 is a solar generator capable of integrating into the home’s power grid to provide seamless power. This solar power generator has a battery capacity of 5,100Wh. The 2,000W pure sine wave inverter is helpful if your area suffers from frequent power cuts.

The massive battery allows you to use power-demanding devices like refrigerators, microwave ovens, washers, etc. The LiFePo4 cells are used to ensure fewer battery replacements over the years.

Like its counterpart above, this Bluetti solar generator also comes with several ports – four 120V AC outlets, three 12V/10A DC outlets, two wireless charging pads, etc.

The Bluetti EP500 solar power generator has a price tag of $5,999, you can buy it for $4,999 during the Bluetti Easter sale.

5. EB55 & EB70 Power Stations

If you seek smaller units, the EB55 and EB70 power stations should fit your requirements perfectly. These are simple and compact power generators that are good enough to drive small appliances like laptops, coffee makers, and fans. You can also carry them on road trips.

Both the EB55 and the EB70 power have a power output of 700W. The number of outlets includes a mix of USB and AC outlets to run conventional home appliances and other electronics with ease.

The best part is that both the power stations support a range of recharging mechanisms. For now, you can recharge them through your car, a conventional AC adapter, or another generator. Alternatively, you can hook them to the Bluetti PV120/PV200 solar panels when out on the road. Also, these power stations are also powered by LiFePO4 batteries.

6. PV350 Solar Panel

Another worthy Bluetti Easter deal is the PV350 solar panels. These are 350W monocrystalline panels and promise a high conversion rate. These panels can prove to be a good add-on for solar power generators, especially if you want to keep things green.

These panels are foldable and portable with just around 30.61lbs. Also, these panels carry an IP65 water-resistant rating which makes them water-resistant to an extent. They are convenient to carry around for long RV trips and road trips.

The good thing is that the PV350 panels are compatible with several Bluetti generators like the AC200MAX, AC300, EP500, AC200P, etc.

Grab the Deals!

These were some of the best Bluetti power deals you can grab this Easter. Apart from the ones above. You can also check out the Bluetti Easter Sale page to check other cool deals.

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Last updated on 28 April, 2022

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