Top 4 Bluetti Deals You Must Check Out This New Year

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2023 has just started and Bluetti is ready to begin its New Year sales with a bang. The sale starts on January 10 and will continue till January 25. This time, Bluetti begins their campaign ‘The Sun Shines Wherever You Go’ since the company focuses on the PV68 and PV420 solar panels

Top 4 Bluetti Deals You Must Check Out This New Year

Besides the solar panels mentioned above, Bluetti has a couple of portable and modular solar power stations on sale. And if you plan to upgrade to green energy this year, you shouldn’t miss out on the deals below.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. PV420 & PV68 Solar Panels

The first two products on our list are the PV420 and PV68 solar panels. These solar panels come into the picture if you want to charge compatible power stations through these solar panels. The PV420 can generate around 420W of power and is made from monocrystalline silicon. Both panels are coated with ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene), which helps up the conversion efficiency.

At the same time, the ETFE layer increases the life of the solar panels by adding to their durability. Also, the PV420 solar panel is splashproof.

The PV420 solar panel weighs around 30.8 lbs, and the kickstand at the back helps to prop it up. It pairs well with AC200P or AC200MAX power stations.

On the other hand, the PV68 can deliver around 68W of power from sunlight. Compared to the ones above, it’s lightweight and inexpensive. As you may have guessed, it pairs well with generators like the EB3A.

The PV420 solar panel is priced at $899 during this New Year’s sale, and you can save up to $200. Plus, you can buy the AC200P and the PV420 combo for $2298 and save $500. On the other hand, the PV68 solar panel is originally priced at $199. You can get it for $99. Moreover, the combo of the EB3A power station and PV68 solar panel is available for $299.

2. AC300 + B300 Modular Power Station

If you want to upgrade to a portable power station, the Bluetti AC300 and B300 modular power station bundle is a good place to start. It’s a modular power station, which means you can add compatible battery packs to increase the overall power output. For instance, the combination of the AC300 and the B300 battery packs has a cumulative power output of 6,000W. This power station combo brings many interesting features to the table. For instance, you get Wi-Fi support and remote control via a companion app.

Both the AC300 and B300 are driven by LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries. To those unaware, LiFePo4 cells are known for their long battery life and ability to work over a wide temperature range. The latter means that you can use these power stations even if the temperature fluctuates significantly in your area.

It’s a powerful power station and can power a 700W fridge for approximately 3.7 hours and a 500W washer for 5.2 hours.

The AC300 supports various charging tech. It supports solar recharging up to 2,400W via two separate MPPT controllers. It takes around 4 hours for a complete recharge via compatible solar panels.

The AC300 & B300 modular power station is available for a discount now. You can save $1,198 on an AC300 and two B300 battery combo. On the other hand, you can get the AC300 +B300 +2 PV420 at $5,099 and save $1,197.

3. AC200MAX Power Station

If a home battery backup system is more of your thing, you should look at the AC200MAX. Like the one above, it is also a modular battery system that you can pair with modular battery units. For example, you can drive up the power to 6,144Wh when you combine the AC200MAX with two modular B230 units. Plus, the inverter allows 2,200W of continuous power.

And there’s more to the story. You can increase the cumulative power to 8,192Wh by combining it with two B300 units. This massive power means you can run various appliances like small refrigerators, laptops, and smartphones for a long time. More importantly, you can monitor power consumption through the Bluetti companion app.

Several ports and outlets further accompany the AC200MAX power generator. Like the other power stations on this list, it supports a slurry of recharging techniques, including a combination of solar and AC charging. For instance, you can charge it with a 500W AC adapter or 900W solar panels. You can also charge it via a lead acid battery or your car’s adapter.

You can get a single unit of AC200MAX & B300 combo at $3,499 and save $599 this new year. Alternatively, you can buy the AC200MAX + 3 PV200 solar panels for $2,799 and save $597 on this New Year deal.

4. EP500 Solar Power Station

Last but not least, we have the EP500 solar power station. This is the one for you if you want a power station to act as the backup during storms and natural calamities. It boasts a massive power of 5,100Wh and a 2,000W inverter. It can easily power your household items, including high-power tools. Notably, the EP500 can easily integrate into your house’s power and act as a power backup.

The best part is combining two EP500 units to drive up the power even further. This comes into the picture if you need a power station while on your cross-country trip in your RV or when you are out in your cabin.

The EP500 has a bigger footprint when compared to some of its counterparts. But thankfully, the wheels facilitate easy moving. The Bluetti EP500 originally retails for around $4,999. On this New Year, you can buy it for $3,999 and save $1,000. Alternatively, you can pair the EP500 with 4 PV200 solar panels and buy the combo for $5,595 (originally $6,995).

Energy on the Go

These were some of the best Bluetti deals you must check out this New Year. The Bluetti New Year sale will start on January 10th and continue till January 25th. You can check out the other power stations and deals on their site.