Top 5 Bluetti Deals for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is around the corner, and if you plan to upgrade your home’s power generator or solar panels, now’s the perfect time. Bluetti is ready with its deals for Valentine’s Day with a cool range of power stations. Apart from power solutions for your home, the company also has amazing deals on its range of portable power generators and solar panels.

Top 5 Bluetti Deals for Valentine's Day

One of the major strengths of these Bluetti power generators is their portability. They can be easily carried and stowed. And if you love to camp during the summer or drive around the country in your RV, these appliances are the perfect fit. From powering your coffee maker to charging your laptop, they can take care of a lot.

So if you want to buy a new solar generator or portable power generator, check out these cool Bluetti deals for Valentine’s day.

1. Bluetti AC500 + B300S System

The first Bluetti deal on our list is the combo of the AC500 and the B300S. The former is a power station, whereas the latter is a modular battery pack. The AC500 is one of the newly launched power stations and boasts a power of 5,000W. And as you may have guessed, it’s 100% modular. The latter means it can combine with battery packs to increase the overall power output.

If we talk numbers, the power capacity can climb up to 18,432Wh (from 3,072Wh) by combining it with the B300S battery pack. The LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate) battery cells power the AC500 and are known for their long life cycles, adaptability to temperature changes, and durability.

The combined power makes it great for running power-heavy devices such as ovens, TVs, mini-fridge, etc. Further, the Bluetti AC500 can double as a 5,000W inverter and be the power backup during power cuts.

Charging the Bluetti AC500 & B300S combo doesn’t take long, Bluetti claims that the AC500 can go from 0% to 80% in an hour.

The Bluetti AC500 + 2 x B300S is available for around $7,098, and you can save $500 with this purchase.

Another versatile power station is the AC300 and  B300 modular power station. Like the one above, LiFePo4 battery cells drive this combo. It’s a powerful power station and can run washers and fridges with ease.

The Bluetti Ac500 & B300S power station is available at a discount, and you can save up to $699.

2. Bluetti AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

Another versatile power monster is the Bluetti AC200 Max. The highlight of this device is its power capacity of 2,048Wh. Naturally, you can use it to drive your essential home appliances and gadgets like laptops, fans, etc. It’s also a modular battery system and pairs well with the B230 battery packs to amplify the power output.

It runs on LiFePO4 battery cells. These cells can provide over 3,500 battery life cycles. At the same time, the AC200MAX also comes with a 2,200W PSW inverter.

As noted earlier, you can drive up the power by combining it with B230 or B300 expansion batteries. Connecting AC200MAX to two B300 battery packs will yield around 6,144Wh of power. With this power, you can run microwave ovens, smartphones, and mini-fridges whenever required.

This versatile power station packs 16 outlets and supports charging via AC power, car, and solar panels.

The Bluetti AC200MAX originally retails at $1,999. However, you can buy it for $1,599 and save $400 on this purchase.

3. Bluetti EP500 & EP500Pro Solar Power Stations

If you are looking for a singular power backup solution, you can go right with the EP500 and EP500Pro. The Bluetti EP500 has a power of 2,000W, while the EP500 has 3,000W power. These power stations are compact; you can take them out onto your patio or backyard to power up outdoor lights and appliances. That’s not all. The 2,000W pure sine wave inverter is the backup plan during power cuts.

The inverter ensures that all your household appliances continue running seamlessly, even during power cuts. The Bluetti EP500 and Bluetti EP500Pro are much bigger than other portable power solutions. On the upside, the wheels at the bottom facilitate easy movements. You can even combine two units with driving up the power supply.

With this deal, you can save up to $900 when you purchase the EP500Pro. It’s originally priced at $4899.

4. Bluetti Portable Power Stations

  • Devices in this lineup: EB3A, EB55 & EB70S

Bluetti also has a range of smaller and more portable solar generators, such as the EB3A, EB55, and the EB70s, on its Valentine’s day deals. These generators are very handy if you often go on long road trips or camping. They are powerful enough to charge your smartphones, camera, portable coffee maker, and even a mini fridge. This is aside from simple appliances like string lights and light bulbs.

These solar generators also support various ways of recharging, including AC power, solar, car, and AC & solar recharging. Plus, the nine outlets mean you can connect several devices.

5. Bluetti Solar Panel Collection

  • Devices in this lineup: PV68, PV120, PV200, PV350 & PV420

The final items on Bluetti’s Valentine’s Day deals are the solar panel lineups. These panels are made from monocrystalline solar cells and are coated with ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene). Both these features help to ensure high efficiency and better light transmittance, among others.

The Bluetti PV420 is one of the newest solar panels from Bluetti and can generate around 420W of power. While it’s not typically lightweight, these panels come with a kickstand to prop them up. They pair well with power generators like the AC200P or AC200MAX power stations.

On this Valentine’s day sale, you can grab the Bluetti PV420 for $899 and save $200.

Energy on the Go

These were some of the best Valentine’s day deals from Bluetti. If you plan to upgrade your power generator, these are some of the best options. The best part is that some of these devices also recharge via solar panels, making it easy to shift to green energy.