8 Best BLUETTI Black Friday Deals + New Power Station Unveiled

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It’s that time of the year when the market is replete with exciting Black Friday deals, and BLUETTI isn’t far behind. BLUETTI — the company behind portable power stations and off-grid living solutions — has an exciting list of products on discount this year. With these discounts, you can save money and welcome a new-age product to your home.

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And not only that. BLUETTI also has a new arrival — AC200L. The AC200L unveiled a new product — The BLUETTI AC200L power generator not only packs power but also comes with an exciting early bird offer.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best BLUETTI Black Friday deals in 2023.

1. Bluetti AC300+B300 Home Battery Backup


The BLUETTI AC300 is a reliable power backup solution that boasts of switching over in 20 milliseconds in a power failure. It’s a powerful device that can handle essential home appliances like refrigerators, ACs, coffee machines, and heaters.

If we talk numbers, the AC300 has a capacity of 3,072Wh. However, you can always scale up the power by connecting it with modular battery packs. The AC300 pairs well with the B300 battery packs. With it, you can scale up the power to 12,288Wh by connecting it to four battery packs. As such, it can easily see you through power outages and emergencies.

Last but not the least, it’s a versatile power generator with 16 outlets. Moreover, it supports several input connections, including solar panels for 2,400W charging.

During the BLUETTI Black Friday deals, you can grab the AC300 for $2799. It comes with a free 120V home integration kit worth $619.

2. AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup


Another reliable and powerful home battery backup system at a discount is the BLUETTI AC500. This one has a capacity of 5000W, so it can power most of your essential and non-essential appliances when the power goes out. For the record, it can power home theater systems, coffee machines, and even electric blankets. Like its counterpart above, it’s a modular system, and you can scale to the power by pairing it with a B300S battery pack.

If we talk numbers, a basic AC500+B300S combination can run an 800W refrigerator for 3 hours. Like the one above, it kicks in early when the power goes out. Moreover, it’s a versatile system and can run in extreme weather conditions. Like the one above, it supports up to 3,000W solar charging capability. All these features make it one of the perfect home backup solutions. And guess what? You can also make it a power source for your remote cabin.

The basic AC500 & B300S has a Black Friday deal price of $4799 and has a free PV380W solar panel worth $799.

3. AC200L Power Generator


The AC200L is one of BLUETTI’s new power generators. This one boasts a Powerlifting Mode that can boost the power from 2,400W to 3,600W. Another highlight is its quick recharge time. Using the 2,400W Turbo Charge mode, the AC200L can charge in 90 minutes. On the other hand, it can recharge in two hours using a 1,200W solar charger. Cool, right?

And that’s not all. It’s a modern machine with remote connectivity, and supports Bluetooth and WiFi connection. As such, you can check the real-time usage or the battery levels or enable ECO mode through the BLUETTI app.

Like its counterparts, it’s a modular power generator that can pair with the 3,072Wh B300 battery packs. So, if you want to boost the power output, you can pair the AC200L with a single B300 battery to drive up the power to 5,120Wh.

The BLUETTI AC200L is available at an early-bird price between November 17 and November 30 for $1499. And for $1500 more, you can get the B300 expansion battery.

Guiding Tech readers can also avail an additional $100 off using the code GT100 during checkout.

4. AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

AC200MAX 1

Another BLUETTI Black Friday deal is on the flagship AC200MAX power station. This one boasts a whopping 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W of output. Plus, it supports up to seven charging methods, including solar, AC, and car. Lately, it’s an expandable power station, and you can drive up the power output to 8,192Wh by connecting it with the B230 or B300 expansion battery units.

All these factors make it apt for off-grid living. It supports up to 900W solar charging. As such, you can hook it up with compatible solar panels during your outdoor adventures.

The AC200MAX bundles 16 outlets and can power various appliances and devices, including water pumps, fridges, and CPAP machines. The AC200MAX can run a 40W CPAP machine for over 80 hours.

This BLUETTI AC200MAX is available at a $300 discount and you can get it for $1299 (original price $1599).

5. AC180 Solar Portable Power Station


Let’s face it – charging a handful of gadgets can be a nightmare. That’s where the UGREEN Nexode 200W GaN charger comes into the picture. The device has six ports, including four USB Type-C connectors and two USB Type-A ports.

Another BLUETTI portable power station for grabs during this Black Friday sale is the AC180. It’s a compact, lightweight power station that is designed for off-grid living. It has a maximum power output of 1,800W and goes up to 2,700W during Power Lifting mode. It also doubles up as a UPS when needed, especially during power failures and emergencies.

Like most BLUETTI products, this one supports many charging techniques, including AC, Car, and Solar charging. The latter makes it a good alternative to traditional power generators that run on gas. Plus, it has 11 outlets, making it convenient to power essential appliances. It also supports smart controls and monitoring using the BLUETTI App.

If a companion app is not your thing, you can also check out BLUETTI AC180P. Both generators have similar characteristics, except that the AC180P has a capacity of 1,440Wh.

The AC180 is available for $649 and you can save up to $350 (originally priced at $999). Alternatively, you can pair the AC180P ($1099) with a PV200 solar panel and get the combination for $1298, saving $500.

6. AC70 Portable Power Station


If you are looking for a compact and portable power station to take with you during your adventures, you can’t go wrong with the AC70. It weighs around 10.3kg. More importantly, it offers up to 1,000W of power and can run appliances like refrigerators and blenders. In Powerlifting mode, you can drive up the output for heavy devices like power tools and hairdryers.

It comes with a 768Wh LFP battery. And LFP batteries are known for their long life cycles. In this case, the AC70 can run a 40W CPAP machine for 12 hours and a 120W car fridge for around 4.7 hours.

The BLUETTI AC70 also has fast charging support and can go to 80% battery in 45 minutes with an 850W AC input. Or, you can hook it up to a compatible solar charging (500W solar input), and it can fully charge in 2 hours.

The Bluetti AC70 was originally priced at $599. During this Black Friday sale, you can save up to $100.

7. AC2A + PV120 Power Station


Let’s face it – charging a handful of gadgets can be a nightmare. That’s where the UGREEN Nexode 200W GaN charger comes into the picture. The device sports six ports, including four USB Type-C connectors and two USB Type-A ports.

If you love portability, the BLUETTI AC2A power station is the best pick for you. This one weighs just around 3.6 Kg, thus making it incredibly easy to carry. However, don’t let its small form factor deceive you, for it can deliver up to 300W of AC power and up to 600W surge through its 204Wh battery.

That’s not all, the AC2A also comes with six ports, including a 100W USB-C port for easy laptop charging. Furthermore, it also supports fast charging and can fully charge in 1.4 hours through the 270W fast wall charger.

Its compact size makes this power generator ideal for camping and hiking adventures. Plus, the 200W solar input is the cherry on top.

You can get the AC2A + PV120 combo for $399, and save $149 on this BLUETTI Black Friday deal.

8. B230 & B300 Expansion Battery

B230 B300 Expansion Battery

BLUETTI also offers interesting deals on the B230 and B300 expansion batteries. As noted earlier, these expansion batteries help to drive up the power of the connected power generators. That’s not all. These devices are independent, and you can use them on their own.

For instance, the B230 expansion battery has a capacity of 2,048Wh and bundles a USB port, a 100W USB-C port, and a 12V/10A output. As such, you can power laptops, charge smartphones, or power your car’s fridge using it. And yes, it supports solar charging.

On the other hand, the BLUETTI B300 expansion battery has a capacity of 3,072Wh and supports a maximum of 700W of dual charging. As such, you can use a combination of car charging and solar charging to boost its battery levels.

The B230 Expansion Battery is available at a $100 discount and is available for $999 now. On the other hand, the B300 is available for $1599 and you can save up to $400 this Black Friday.

Grab these Black Friday Deals

These were some of the interesting BLUETTI Black Friday deals. So, if you are up for buying a noiseless and smokeless power generator, you can pick one that suits your lifestyle the most.

Aside from the ones above, BLUETTI also has a bunch of lifestyle gifts for purchases over specific thresholds. These deals start from November 17th and will continue through November 27th.