Top 4 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapters for Windows 10 PC

At present, wireless connectivity has become indispensable. The connection doesn’t only has to be just present, it has to be fast, consistent, and dependable. So, if your Windows 10 PC or laptop doesn’t have a Bluetooth card (or it has got damaged), the most feasible option would be to get a Bluetooth 5.0 USB adapter.


Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology brings a slew of new features and advantages. It’s fast and has a wider range. If we talk numbers, the range is almost four times compared to the previous version. At the same time, it promises better audio quality, should you decide to connect your Bluetooth wireless earphones to your PC or laptop.

Read on to find our recommendations for the top Bluetooth 5.0 USB adapters for your Windows 10 laptop or PC. But before that,

1. Maxuni USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter

If you do not want to spend much on a Bluetooth adapter, the Maxuni USB adapter is a good pick. It’s a simple plug-and-play device, and you need to plug it into your PC’s USB port.

It can connect with any wireless device like wireless speakers and headphones. However, do not expect top-of-the-world audio quality from this device. The lag is minimum, and you should be able to watch videos without any issues.

It has a compact build, and you shouldn’t have any issues blocking the other ports of your laptop or PC. It’s priced great and works great for its price.

2. Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle

The Techkey Bluetooth Adapter is perhaps one of the most popular USB adapters out there. It’s slim and sleek and doesn’t eat much space. The best thing is that it supports several devices, be it Bluetooth speakers, Xbox One controllers or wireless keyboards. It works out of the box on Windows 10 machine, and all you need to do is plug it in.

Sound quality is decent and clear, with minimum latency, especially with speakers, headphones, and keyboards. However, it doesn’t play nice with gaming controllers and quite a few users have complained of high latency and connection issues.

Aside from that, the range is good, and so is the signal range, and several users on Amazon back these claims.

Though it’s a plug-and-play device, you can install the drivers manually, if you have a system running an older version of Windows.

3. ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter

Up next, we have the wireless USB adapter from Asus. It supports a variety of devices like speakers, keyboard, wireless mouse (see top wire­less mice with USB‑C), among others. It works as advertised and has a decent range. Plus, the installation process is simple.

Many users have praised the functional range of this USB adapter. That means you can walk around a medium-sized house without experiencing any drop in connection, provided you have an open plan. However, some users have reported driver issues.

Nevertheless, the connection is fast, and pairs quickly when the PC is restarted.

So far, it has received many user reviews, with people praising it for its easy installation process and value-for-money proposition.

4. Avantree DG60

If you are looking for an advanced Bluetooth adapter, you can’t go wrong with the Avantree DG60. It’s slightly expensive, and the best part is that it can connect up to 100 devices simultaneously. Crazy, right? And well, you can also take advantage of the aptX HD Bluetooth codec, should you own a pair of compatible earphones or headphones.

The range is great and so is the consistency of the connection. Though it tends to play well with speakers and earphones, some users have reported latency in the audio when it’s connected to gaming devices.

That said, this Bluetooth 5.0 adapter has a slightly longer design and isn’t small and compact, like the other options. It also comes with a swiveling antenna

However, do note that you will not be able to enjoy the durability that comes with the other products on this list. Since the antenna sticks out, you have to be careful about how you place the adapter, especially if you work in a high-traffic area.

Go Wireless

Most of these adapters are easy to use and works out of the box. Well, Avantree’s dongle is the only exception on this list. Thankfully, you needn’t need to worry about the adapters crowding your USB ports, thanks to their petite designs. You can then enjoy connecting your Bluetooth gadgets seamlessly by sacrificing one USB port.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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