Top 8 Best Sites to Make Cool Infographics

Many say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Honestly, it’s worth that only if you present everything beautifully. With the attention span of the average human declining rapidly, it’s now more important than ever that you put your thoughts across clearly and concisely. And that’s when Infographics come into the picture.

Top 8 Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics

Infographics not only help you digest information sooner but also makes sure that the picture and the information stay on the mind for a long time. After all, it’s easier to remember a tastefully done infographic rather than an easy with a thousand words.

However, creating a beautifully and visually appealing infographic isn’t an easy task. Your average MS Word program or Paint 3D can only churn out images that look basic at best. Or, if you were to invest in offline tools like Photoshop, it can take hours to churn out a photo, especially if you a beginner.

And that’s the reason, online tools for infographics are so much easy to use. They have all the essential templates and tool necessary to churn out visually-rich images in minutes.

Hence in this post today, we have compiled a list of the best sites to make and create infographics. So, whether it’s a timeline-based chart or a map showing all the locations where your company is based, the following tools check all the right boxes.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Visme

The first tool on the list is Visme. With its interesting collection of templates, this tool makes creating even the most boring infographics an exciting affair. The highlight of this tool is its array of templates and icons. From phone icons to buttons, you can find every icon under its roof.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 1

Using this tool is very simple, even if you are a beginner. On top of it, Visme has an instructional video that will walk you through the steps to create an infographic.

What I loved about this tool is its diverse collection of icons, fonts, figures, and graphics. If it’s a simple graphic that you want to add, you can search for it under Basics. Or, if you want something unique for your project, you can scroll through the rows of icons and shapes accessible through the Graphics and Data tabs.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 2
Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 3

Moreover, you can resize your infographics, or create one from scratch. More importantly, there’s an Autosave switch, which makes sure that you do not lose your creative projects.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 4

Visme is a freemium tool. The basic plan lets you create up to 5 projects and gives you access to 100MB of storage. Naturally, the templates, shapes, and icons are also limited. The standard paid version starts from $19/month while the Complete package costs $39/month.

2. Canva

If you liked Visme, I’m sure you will love Canva. Similar to Visme, this tool comes with loads of free assets. From attractive backgrounds to cool icons and shapes, you get to explore a lot of options. Not to mention that the templates are equally great and are easy to customize.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 5

All you need to do is type infographic in the search bar, and all the related templates will show up immediately. Choose one that you like and start your customization. That’s it. Or, if you wish to create everything from scratch, Canva lets you do that also.

All the assets are categorized neatly to make everything a cakewalk, even if you are entirely new to the platform.

Canva 1
Canva 2

Some of the icons, pictures, or shapes are free, while others are paid. The best part is that they cost as low as $1 for a one-time use license.

Unlike a few years ago, Canva has a well-stocked library of assets. Right from Illustrations to charts and icons related to Social Media, you can find everything here.

Canva 3

Like Visme, Canva is also a freemium tool. You can go for a trial for 30 days, after which you can upgrade to Canva Pro if you are satisfied with the service.

The only limitation in the free version is that you can’t resize the templates as per your wish. For now, that’s a feature that is limited to Pro users. Secondly, you can’t export images with transparent backgrounds, neither can you create animated graphics.

3. PiktoChart

If you someone like me who’s a tad bored with Canva, you might want to start using PiktoChart. Quite naturally, it has a diverse range of tools and elements. But what makes PiktoChart stand out starkly from the rest are its clean and informative templates. They are free from clutter, which makes the information easy to spot.

Pikto Chart

Plus, it has a block-based approach which I loved. It comes in handy if you need to change the background of only a section of your image. The good thing about PicktoChart is that once you land a template that you like, it’s smooth sailing after that. Furthermore, you can also choose to download the infographic as spare blocks.

Pikto Chart Gallery

Speaking of icons and shapes, this one has a wide range of them. All you need to search for them manually or use the drop-down, click on it, and the said item will appear on the image.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 14
Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 15

PiktoChart lets you download the Normal and Medium resolution of the image in a PNG format. If you are looking for printing your images, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid plan, which starts at $24.17/per month.

4. Snappa

Snappa is another tool that lets you create impressive infographics in a matter of a few minutes. Though its interface isn’t as intriguing as the ones discussed above, you can rest reassured that you’ll find almost every icon and shape imaginable under its roof.

The customization options are immense, and the odds are that you won’t be disappointed with it. What’s great about Snappa is that unlike Canva, you can resize the template even when you’re actively working on it.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 7

Snappa gives you plenty of options for templates, depending on your theme. Plus, using it isn’t rocket science. You just have to know your way around the different tabs and buttons. To add to it, you can also download high-res images of your infographic.

The only issue which you might have is that loading the assets might take a little time if you compare it the likes of Canva and Visme. But if you can live with it, Snappa is a great tool for beginners.

As long as you remember that the search box under the Graphics tab is a treasure hub, I bet Snappa won’t disappoint you.

Snappa 1
Snappa 2

Apart from infographics, it also lets you create cool Facebook and Twitter Cover, YouTube Thumbnails and Instagram Stories & Posts. The basic version of Snappa is free for one user and lets you access up to 5000 different templates along with cool graphics and HD photos.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 8

Naturally, upgrading to the paid versions will open your doors to more templates and fonts.

5. Infogram

The name says it all. Infogram is the infographic maker. The main highlight of this tool is its chart maker, which lets you enter and edit the data for the chart. So yes, if you find the Google Sheets charts a tad complicated to use, Infogram promises to make it easy for you.


Once you choose a chart, all you need to do is double click on a legend or data field, and the spreadsheet will appear instantly on the right. And if that’s not enough, you can even upload your own file.

Apart from that, Infogram lets you play around with other elements such as shapes, animations, and maps. The operating it is as simple as drag and drop. Just select the asset you want and drag it to the location of your choice.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 11

The only problem which you might have with the free version of Infogram is that you can’t download the images to your PC. Instead, you can share them directly on social media. Or, you can choose to embed them directly on your blog or website. In addition to that, Infogram also stamps a watermark at the bottom-right corner on images created in the free version.

Infogram Pricing

Infogram has a five-tier price plan. The details of which are below.

6. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another cool tool for making infographics, designing posters, and Instagram posts as well. Like most of the tools here, you’ll need to login to the tool. The UI emits an old-school vibe. However, the built-in tool set is quite capable of almost anything.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 18

Needless to say, there are many templates which you can play around. From simple timelines to cool fact sheets, you’ll find everything in this one. The best part of Spark is that should you feel the need to change the base image, Spark will automatically display all the images related to your template’s core theme.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark lets you download PNG, JPG, and PDF formats of your image. What I love about Adobe Spark is that the free version doesn’t have many limitations. The usage of icons, images, and text styles are almost limitless. The only catch is that it stamps a watermark on your images.

Upgrading to the Pro plan opens your window to watermark-less images. Plus, you can also add your brand’s logo along or, you can invite your colleagues to collaborate on your projects.

7. Venngage

Venngage is another cool app that lets you design cool infographics and poster. What I loved about it is its neat segregation of template themes. Here, you don’t have to scroll through pages of templates to find the one that you like.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 17

You need to choose a category from the list on the left panel, and the related media items will show up on the main panel.

Venngage 2

Hereafter, you pick the one you like and go about adding your personal touches. Though there is a slew of icons and images, some are marked premium. Thankfully, a majority of them are free.

Venngage 6

The UI is clean and neatly organized. Here too, the same rules apply — all of them are categorized. The only downside to it is that you can’t download your creations in the free plan. Venngage only lets you publish your creations.

Top Best Sites To Make Cool Infographics 20

Venngage’s paid plans begin from $19/month for individual use.


Another tool that lets you create good visually appealing images and diagrams is This tool is made for you if you do not wish to invest much time in the process of creating complicated infographics. Or, if you are someone who can afford to do little customizations to the ready-to-use templates.


I am saying this because, as much as the templates are visually appealing, I found icon & shape search to be a bit limiting. It doesn’t have an intuitive search. Instead, you have to make around your way through drop-down hunting for the icons and the likes.


Plus, a huge chunk of them, are locked behind the paid subscription plan.

Create Great Graphics

With Instagram Stories and Posts becoming the medium of communication for most of us, it’s important that we make the most use of these tools to create visually appealing images. All you have to keep in mind is your central theme and a catchy background and at the same time, stay away from too much clutter. And the rest of the assembly will be done by the tool.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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