Top 11 Cool Fortnite Wallpapers [HD and 4K] for PC

If you have to mentioncross-platform MMO (massively multiplayer online) games, two names currently eclipse the rest — PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. With ‘battle royale’ being the latest trend in the gaming world, the fever isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Top N Cool Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 2

While PUBG released first, Fortnite also enjoys the same level of engagement with over 200 million registered users. With such a strong base, it is obligatory to add some flavor of Fortnite to your desktop.

So if you’re a fan of this super engaging fight-to-survival game, here are some of the best Fortnite Battle Royale wallpapers for PC in both HD and 4K resolutions.


1. The Christmas Party

Top N Cool Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 3

One of the many weekly challenges of Fortnite was locating Christmas Trees across the island. Players had to locate such trees and dance around it. Strange are the ways of games, I’d say!

2. The Infinity Gauntlet Mode

Top N Cool Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 1

Epic Game’s Thanos event was received well by the Fortnite fans. Sadly, it was for a limited time only. But, if you want to capture that moment forever, all you need to do is tap on the button below.

[Spoiler alert] Recent rumor suggests that Thanos might not be the villain in Infinity War. Now, that’s some crazy fan theory.

3. Utter Chaos

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 1

Long gone are the times when game graphics were pixelated and had limited color palettes. Over the years, game graphics have evolved significantly to give us a bright, rich, and detailed gaming experience.

4. The Dark Voyager

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 2

Bright rainbow colors, a dark background, and the Dark Voyager charging ahead in full speed — what’s not to like about this image? The best thing about it is that the original image is available in 4K resolution for you to enjoy this character in all its glory.

Though the Dark Voyager’s suit is super cool, to say the least, the bright orange glow does make the image feel a bit odd.

5. Power the Thrusters, Jarvis!

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 3

Speaking of Jarvis (or J.A.R.V.I.S), did you know that the name is an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. Apart from helping Tony Stark (check Iron Man Wallpapers) in operating his suits, this super intelligent computer also runs the Stark Mansion and Stark Tower.

6. Sagas of Starlit Skies

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 4

Whether it is a simple video game or an advanced cross-platform one, it takes more than gameplay to dazzle us. At times, the rich and vibrant graphics are just too beautiful to ignore. For instance, take a look at the level of detail and color in the above image, it will surely impress many.

7. Buzz

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 5

Fortnite added airplanes in December 2018. The best thing about them is that you can send one hurling towards your enemies after you jump from it with a parachute.

8. Purple Problem

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 8

A dash of gaudy neon colors over darker backgrounds are usually eye-catching. Plus, if you are getting this image for your phone with AMOLED display, the colors will pop out and look even better. Also, the dark background will help to save precious battery juice.

9. The Brooding Master

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 9

Did you know that the Raven skin in Fortnite is inspired by Revenant from Paragon (a canceled game by Epic Games)? Revenant was a vicious bounty hunter who isolated targets before doing his job.

Both the character have the same glowing eyes, a partially hidden face and wear jet-black leather robes.

10. Aim for the Sky

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 12

Fortnite, like PUBG, plays by the same thumb-rule of the last man standing. You land with only a pickaxe and have to make your way up the ladder before anyone shoots you. How many attempts has it taken you to land your first win? Do share the count with us, will ya?

11. The Mighty Omega

Best Fortnite Wallpapers Hd And 4 K For Pc 10

Omega is one of the popular Fortnite skins. The highlight of this skin is its customizable accent light. Sadly, these stylish lights make Omega suits visible from miles away.

Are You Battle Ready?

Over the months, the makers have continued to introduce massive amounts of changes, to the point that if you take a break for a few months, you won’t recognize the game or the surroundings. Exciting and a tad scary at the same time.

So, which of these wallpapers will you get?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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