Top 7 Best Earphones for PUBG Mobile Under Rs 2,000

Talk about mobile gaming, and PUBG is bound to come up. One of the most popular games today, this battle royale game has got over one hundred million downloads from the Play Store. Enthusiasts don’t settle for the phone’s processor solely and seek a well-rounded phone. Also, a faulty pair of earphone (one a laggy earbud) can wreak havoc on your gameplay.

Best Earphones For Pubg Mobile Under Rs 2000 1

Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the best earphones for PUBG players who would love some PUBG wallpapers on their phones.

Here are the key factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the best earphones for PUBG mobile gaming:

  • Mic quality
  • Audio quality
  • Fit

While the first two are self-explanatory, most people often overlook the third point. A pair of ill-fitting earphones are uncomfortable and could distract you from mission-critical updates and exchanges between your teammates.

Now that we have established the baseline let’s begin.

1. boAt BassHeads162

boAt earphones are popular among bass lovers. Their audio quality is at par with the asking price which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. These in-ear earphones equip 10mm drivers which deliver a pleasant sound output. Plus, the wires are braided to prevent tangling.

When it comes to the looks, it’s wise not to expect premium quality from these earphones. At the same time, they are not those cheap plastic-looking ones that are bundled with phones.

As for the audio quality, many users have reported that the BassHeads 162 produces clear audio along with good bass. The only thing you have to keep in mind the durability.

These earphones won’t last long. If you are looking for something temporary, this is a pair of good earphones to invest in. But if not, skip on to the next one.

2. Mi In-Ear Headphones

The next earphones on our list are the Mi earphones from Xiaomi. These second-generation pair a step above the boAt BassHeads primarily because it offers more control. For starters, the inline remote packs three buttons for calls, music track navigation, and volume adjustment. Secondly, you get three fits of the ear tips for a superior fit adjustments. And trust me, this minor detail means a lot.

The Mi in-ear earphones boast excellent sound quality. It produces a clear sound, making gaming (or listening to songs) a charming affair. Also, it blocks outside noise. However, do note that these earphones do not have strong bass.

When it comes to the build, you get what you are paying for. The Mi earphones come with a Kevlar coating on their wires. On top of it, the braided wires prevent the cables from getting tangled.

3. House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041

Ever imagined how a pair of wooden earphones would sound? If you are up for it, you can give the House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041 a shot. These earphones have wooden earplugs and coupled with good sound quality. Dropping the usual bells and whistles like heavy bass and noise isolation, this pair will provide quality sound for its price.

The same features have been lauded by many users. You get two fittings of the ear tips for a better fit.

The mic’s quality is decent for the price.

4. Tantra Trumpet T-900

With translucent blue earbuds, the Tantra Trumpet T-900 packs a unique look. Unlike most earphones, they fit over the ears, thus promising comfort. Plus, these are sweat-resistant earphones meaning you can use them while playing PUBG or jogging. Another remarkable feature is its cable, which not only looks sturdy but it’s also built to last. And as you may have already guessed, they do not tangle easily.

Overall, the Trumpet T-900 manages to offer good sound quality for its price. You’ll be able to hear the vocals clearly, whether it’s song vocals or communication with your PUBG teammates. The noise cancellation is decent, provided that you find a proper fit of the earbuds.

However, there are issues of the bass getting a bit out of control and the sound distorting in high volumes. So, if you do not have the habit of cranking up the volume to the highest levels, these might be the ones for you.

5. Sony MDR-EX255AP

With 12mm neodymium drivers, the Sony MDR-EX255AP in-ear earphones bring brilliant acoustics for a reasonable price. Packing braided wires and shiny earbuds, these are one of the best earphones in this price range.

When it comes to sound quality, the name speaks for itself. Favoring the heavy bass lovers, these are enough for the PUBG lovers to enjoy the explosions and kills in the battlefield.

On a serious note, users have spoken very fondly about the MDR-EX255AP for its level of noise-cancellation, crystal clear sound, and heavy bass.

6. Sennheiser CX 275 S

Sennheiser is a well-known name in the audio and accessories market. Though most of their product usually cost more than their competition, the CX 275s are an exception. The pair boasts of a fairly no-nonsense design with small ear tips and a slightly stylish remote. As you might have already deduced, the CX 275 S falls in the bass-heavy department.

Apart from that, the company ships three sets of ear tips and are likely to fit well mostly. The only issue which you might have are the lack of dedicated volume controls.

On the bright side, these earphones come with a two-year warranty, which you may claim if one of the earbuds fail or in cases of some other damage.

7. 1More Piston Classic

Last but not least, we have the Piston Classic, the stylish and trendy earphones from 1More. They sport an aluminum body coupled with Kevlar coated wires for durability. It also packs an inline remote with three buttons. While two of them are for tweaking the volume, the third one is a multi-functional button for voice activation.

These are not bass-heavy earphones, but for the price, the sound signature is quite music-oriented. You will get the slight punch of the bass, but not necessarily the thump. Apart from that, noise isolation is great enough for a distraction-free PUBG gaming session.

A handful of users have reported issues with the wire. So if you buy this product, you might want to a bit careful with the way you handle them.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

These were some of the good earphones that you can buy for under Rs 2000 for playing PUBG.

Apart from that, you can also go with the RHA MA-390 Universal earphones. Priced at around Rs 2,300, these are known for their high audio performance. So yeah, if you can stretch your budget, you may give these earphones a shot.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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