6 Best Clear and Transparent Cases for the Google Pixel 3a That You Can Buy

The Google Pixel 3a is a beautiful phone for the price. For $399, you get a matte (or glossy back), an OLED screen, fantastic Google Camera, and stellar performance. It’s natural that you would want to protect this asset of yours at all cost. And if I know you well, you wouldn’t want to cover up the classic combination of white finish at the back with a printed cover either.

Top Best Clear And Transparent Cases For The Google Pixel 3A That You Can Buy

In situations such as this, opting for a clear or transparent case is the only option.

Hence, if you are looking for clear cases for your new Google Pixel 3a, here are a few cases that you should consider buying.

1. Avidet Anti-Scratch Case

The first case on our list is the Avidet clear case. Priced at only $6.99, this one has managed to rake in pretty great reviews in a very short time. Naturally, this case is both strong and sturdy. That means it will not only protect your phone from everyday abrasions but will also let the look of your phone to shine through.

The fit of the case is snug, and the cuts are precise. Plus, though the power buttons and the volume rockers are covered, the buttons have a nice tactile feel to them.

Avidet Best 3A Cases Rev

The corners are reinforced, and the back is supposed to keep ugly fingerprint smudges and oil smudges at bay. The Avidet clear case for the Pixel 3a carries a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 and boasts of more than 77% positive reviews.

2. Ornarto Case for Pixel 3a

If you are looking for a case with reinforced corner protection, you can take a look at the Ornato case for the PIxel 3a. Aforementioned, this comes with cushioned corners, and more importantly, the manufacturer has assured that the case material will not yellow over time.

Apart from that, the Ornarto case has textures on the sides that help grip the phone better. Plus, the raised lips along the edges and the rear camera keeps the screen and the lens safe from accidental scratches.

Ornato Best Pixel 3A Clear Cases Rev

The cuts line up with the charging port, speakers and the fingerprint sensor perfectly. Interestingly, the reviews for this case speaks a lot about its quality. This cases has received 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, and bagged over 80% positive reviews.

The Ornarto clear case for the Pixel 3a costs $10.99.

3. Ouba Hybrid Shockproof Case

Unlike the ones above, the Ouba Hybrid case is not a flexible clear case. Instead, the back is consists of hardened polycarbonate material that ends up giving the phone a sharp look. The sides built using soft TPU makes the case more comfortable to hold. Another notable thing about it is that the case does not carry any logos and company name giving a clean, uninterrupted look.

Reviews have been excellent for this case so far, with many users praising the cuts and the fit.

Ouba Hybrid Shockproof Case Best Pixel 3A Clear Cases

Similar to the cases above, the Ouba case for the Pixel 3a also has raised edges that help keep the screen clean both from dust and dirty marks.

The Ouba Hybrid Shockproof Case is priced at $7.99.

4. ESR Essential Slim Silicone Case

Another solid clear case for the Pixel 3a is from the ESR Essential guys. Staying true to its name, this is an ultra-slim case, which means that it doesn’t add bulk to the overall look of the phone. Plus, the microdot pattern on the insides prevents the case from clinging to the phone, preventing your phone from getting the dreaded ‘wet look’ at the back.

The ESR Essential case has slightly extended corners to break the momentum of falls during accidental drops. The screen and the camera lens are protected from scratches, all thanks to the raised edges on the sides and the camera module.

Esr Best Pixel 3A Clear Cases Rev

Furthermore, the buttons are covered, which will help you in the long run since they ward off dust and other small particles from spoiling the look of the phone.

The ESR Essential case for the Pixel 3a costs $9.99 on Amazon.

5. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Up next, we have the Spigen Liquid Crystal case. The one for the Pixel 3a carries all the bells and whistles associated with clear cases. The lip running around the edges makes the rear camera sit flush against the case. At the same time, the case is slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the overall weight of the phone.

The only issue that some of the users on Amazon seems to have is the tight fit. Some users believe that the case is a little tight for the phone, thus skewing up the alignment of the cuts against the phone’s ports and the buttons. However, user Dan Yoon states that you will need some patience to align with the phone’s cuts precisely.

Spigen Best Pixel 3A Clear Cases Rev

And once you achieve that, the Spigen case not only helps protect your phone from regular wear and tear but also from dust. The Spigen Liquid Crystal for the Pixel 3a retails at $9.99.

6. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Protective Case

In the world of phone cases, Supcase is known both for their looks and string build. And the case for the Pixel 3a is no different. The UB Style Protective Case combines the best of both worlds. The back is made of hard PC material, while the sides consist of flexible TPU material. What sets this case apart from the rest is its quirky color combination. There’s the classic combination of a black bumper against a clear back and a bright blue bumper against a clear back.

If you want your phone to stand out, the blue case will surely do the job for you. As for the fit, the Supcase UB case for the Pixel 3a fits perfectly. The buttons are easily accessible, and so are the ports and other cutouts.

Supcase Best Pixel 3A Cases Rev

The crux of this case is its slim profile. It does all the right things (bumper protection, screen, and corer protection) without adding considerable bulk to your phone. Moreover, the sides have a rubbery feel, which in turn helps in gripping the phone better.

The Supcase UB for the Pixel 3a costs $19.99.

Let Your Phone Shine in All Its Glory

The good thing about all the above clear cases is that they do not hinder the functioning of the Active Edge. Plus, the clear back does its job of letting your phone shine through.

So, which one of these will you buy?

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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