Top 7 Best Apps for Instagram Stories in 2020

The Instagrammer in you must know that if you rely on the built-in tools for Instagram Stories, you’ll end up with plain and simple stories. Since Instagram stories last only for 24 hours, you have to make sure that they stand out and make an impression on your follower’s mind.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 1

So, if you want to add some real creative twist to your Instagram Stories, it’s best to rely on some third-party apps. In this post, we have compiled some of the best apps that you can use in 2020 to boost your Instagram Stories. Excited?

Let’s get going!

1. Hashtag Expert for IG – Find the Right Hashtags

If you are someone with a public Instagram account, you must know the importance of hashtags. They are more important than the visual element of your image, as the right hashtag can help you in profile discovery. And since you can add up to 10 Hashtags per story, it’s essential that you know which hashtags are trending and related to the story you are trying to tell.

iOS users can try out the Hashtag Expert for IG. This one lets you find the relevant hashtags. All you need to do is enter a related search term, and the app will do the rest of the job to give you all the related and trending hashtags.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 3
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 2

All you need to do is copy a few, and paste them on your stories.

Android users can check out the Hashme Hashtag Generator app. this one lets you have a peek at the trending hashtags for a particular topic. Unlike a few apps which copies the entire hashtag list, this one lets you tap on specific hashtags to copy them to your clipboard.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 15
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 16

Also, if you are looking for automatic hashtags suggestions based on the picture, you can try out the AutoHash app.

Pro Tip

2. Typography Master – Be the Master of Fonts

I am now bored with the built-in fonts of Instagram Stories. The four fonts barely cut it, especially if you are someone who posts stories regularly.

Thankfully, there are apps like Canva, Adobe Spark Post, and Typography Master that open doors to a whole different world of fonts. The best part is that you can upload the photo and see which font looks best with that image.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 18
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 20
Spark Post

While it’s very simple to use Typography Master, the other two can prove to be a tad complicated for first-time users. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here is the complete guide on using the Android app for Canva (see guide) and Adobe Spark Post (see guide).

Other than fonts, Canva and Spark Post contains a ton of ready-to-use templates for Instagram Stories.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 17
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 19
Spark Post

You just have to pick one from the list of available templates, do the necessary tweaks and Voila! The story is ready to download and shared.

3. Enlight Pixaloop: Make Cool Cinemagraphs

Who doesn’t love a good cinemagraph? These short-loop videos are better than GIFs in so many ways. First, you don’t have to worry about the videos starting or ending with a jolt. Cinemagraphs blend the start and the endpoint so seamlessly that it’s a joy to watch them for the stipulated 15 seconds.

Secondly, they are far better in quality. Cinemagraphs are not grainy and has all the colors that are present in the original photo.

One of the best apps for cinemagraph is the recently launched Enlight Pixaloop, which simplifies the process by many folds. On top of it, the export quality is great for Instagram. Also, Pixalop doesn’t stamp any watermark to your image.

Check out the post below on how to create the perfect cinemagraph.

4. Scribbl – Craft Cool GIFs

Sure, Instagram lets you access millions of GIFs. But I am pretty sure you won’t find a GIF of your cat with glowing ears. For that, my friend, you’ll have to rely on a third-party app like Scribbl.

Scribbl lets you draw cool animation on top of photos and you can easily post them as stories.

Scribble 1
Scribble 2

Using the app is pretty easy. After resizing the image to the correct size, choose one animation style from the menu. Once done, just export it. Simple, see.

Unfortunately, Scribble is not available for iOS.

5. StoryLight Highlight: Get Creative Covers for Highlights

Looking for covers for your Instagram Highlights (see Story Highlights tips & tricks)? If yes, you might want to check out the StoryLight Highlight Cover app. This one has a bunch of cool covers in various backgrounds and boy, are they adorable. The best thing is that all the covers are neatly categorized.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 13
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 14

It contains a mix of both free and paid icons, though, there is an ample number of free covers. Once you’ve chosen an icon, you can also change the background as per your preference.

What I loved about this app is the diverse range of background available – from funky colorful backgrounds to solid color tones, you can find everything here.

Another app which you can check out is the Highlight Cover Maker. With over 4.4 ratings, this one also includes a bunch of attractive icons for your Instagram Highlight.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 10
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 11

Similar to the above app, here you can choose backgrounds.

6. Insta Story – Cool Templates

Because simply posting a single picture doesn’t tell the whole story. Of course, you can post multiple photos in one go, but it ain’t fun. And the same thing can be said about stories with captions. At most times, adding a caption only adds to the clutter. So, if you are looking for a way out, you should say Hi to Instagram Templates.

Insta Story and StoryArt are two of the apps that I use frequently. They offer plenty of clean templates in various formats. Plus, using these templates is as easy as pie.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 21
Insta Story
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 22
Insta Story

You simply have to pick a template. Add your photo and change the quote. As simple as that.

Both Insta Story and StoryArt lets you experiment with different font and colors. So, it’s up to you and your creativity how you make the most of these templates.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 5
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 25

Both apps come with free and paid templates. To use some premium templates, you’ll have to shell out a few extra bucks.

7. InShot – Tweak Your Videos

You can’t go wrong with a short video on your Instagram Story, provided the video is well-edited and has an apt song. For short videos, InShot is one of the best apps for the job. From trimming your videos to joining multiple clips, it lets you do plenty.

And that’s not the end of the story. You can also increase or decrease the pace of the story or add a peppy audio track to finish things off.

Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 23
Top 7 Best Apps For Instagram Stories In 2019 24

What I love about InShot is that the app is so much easy to use. Plus, the interface is clean and clutter-free. Though the free version of InShot adds a watermark to your videos, you can choose to watch a short video to get rid of it.

Do More with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with your audience. Plus, with all the new stickers and chat options, the hype is not going to die anytime soon. So, it only makes sense they we make the most out of the feature and the platform.

Here’s a quick tour of the best apps for Instagram stories from our Guiding Tech (English) YouTube Channel:

So, which app did you like the most? If you ask me, the little covers for Highlights has me smitten. What about you?

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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