Top 6 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Clear Cases

Although the iPhone 14 Pro series doesn’t have flashy colors like the iPhone 14 series, it still offers three color options. Among them, a new Deep Purple color has become the first preference among early adopters. If you have ordered iPhone 14 Pro or already got one, it’s time to get a transparent case to boast about your favorite color to the world.

Before we start, let us warn you about the infamous yellow effect on clear cases. Avoid giving into the tall claims from a manufacturer about the anti-yellow effect. Clear cases from reputed brands might resist the yellow effect better, but they will eventually show up after a few months. With that clarification, let’s check our top clear case recommendations for iPhone 14 Pro.

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1. Elago Clear Case

Elago’s clear case is the most affordable one on the list. After spending a huge amount on iPhone 14 Pro, if you are tight on the budget for accessories, get the Elago transparent case. The company uses a hybrid of polycarbonate and TPU to deliver perfect protection against drops, dust, dirt, and oil.

Unlike some unknown brands, Elago doesn’t outsource production to another company. It designs and creates every case in-house for precise fit and quality. The case also carries a raised lip around the camera module to protect three lenses. Elago clear case is compatible with wireless charging. If you aren’t a fan of the transparent style, you can get the case in Black option too. Elago promises military-grade drop protection but doesn’t advertise any certification for it.

2. Meshine Clear Case

While it’s not our favorite case style, some may prefer a glitter look on their iPhone 14 Pro. Meshine’s clear case delivers a shiny look to your iPhone 14 Pro to help it stand out.

Meshine offers an all-in-one solution to protect your iPhone 14 Pro. You can get a clear case in glitter style and a couple of screen protectors to keep the display secure from accidental drops. Meshine is compatible with MagSafe accessories like wallets, car mounts, and more. The case has crystal glitters, and might resist the yellow effect and fingerprints over time. Meshine offers a 3mm lip over the camera and a 0.5mm bezel over the main display. Even if you don’t like Meshine’s glitter look, the case can be the perfect gift for your friend or family.

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid series offers a lot of choices. You can get a crystal-clear case and glance over multiple color options like Green, Black, Blue, Sierra Blue, and Sand Beige. If you don’t want an entire transparent case, you can get one with a different color frame.

Like Elago’s case, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case is made of hybrid tech (materials) to deliver all-around protection to your iPhone 14 Pro. If you are worried about the ugly yellow effect, you can always get a different case in another color frame. Spigen offers pronounced buttons for easy access and raised protection around the camera and display.

4. Simtech Clear Case

Simtech’s clear case is yet another high-quality option for iPhone 14 Pro on the list. Unlike rival cases, Simtech has MIL-STD-810G certification to protect your iPhone 14 Pro from 10 FT.

Simtech’s case is made of premium DE Bayer materials and has safety certification from the RoHS and SGS. The company promises 100% light transmittance to deliver a crystal-clear look for your iPhone 14 Pro. The case has an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and oils. We also like the textured style for physical buttons to easily recognize them during everyday use.

5. TORRAS Clear Case

The clear case from TORRAS promises the highest level of protection to your iPhone 14 Pro. TORRAS advertises a cushioning silicone bumper and an upgraded anti-yellowing tech for a fresh look.

TORRAS uses an innovative ShockMAT Airbag to deliver comprehensive protection with the case. It carries airbags on four corners to offer shockproof protection. The case has a 1.5mm raised bezel around the camera and main display. TORRAS case has the anti-yellowing tech to prevent discoloration from daily wear and tear. TORRAS clear case should do better at resisting the yellow effect.

6. Apple Official Clear Case

The official clear case from Apple is also a worthy option. If you mostly stay in the Apple ecosystem of accessories, you can get an iPhone 14 Pro transparent case from the company.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro clear case is thin, light, and compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories. Throw the clear case with your iPhone 14 Pro purchase and show everyone the shiny sides and back color. The company has used polycarbonate and flexible materials to craft the transparent case. Since it’s the official offering from the company, you can expect an impeccable fit and finish for your iPhone 14 Pro.

Appreciate Your iPhone 14 Pro Exterior Color

If you want multiple color options, get a Spigen case. You can’t go wrong with Elago and TORRAS, either. Meshine’s glitter look might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The official iPhone 14 Pro clear case from Apple is average at best.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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