Top 5 Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

If you live in an area with excessive air pollution or if you have pets around, an air purifier is one of the best investments. These devices help to purify the air and trap allergens, dust, pet hair, and odor over time. However, for these devices to work their magic, you’ll need to ensure that the air purifier is suitable for your room.

Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of air purifiers suitable for large rooms. The area covered is mentioned against each air purifier to help you pick the best one for your needs.

Now that’s settled, let’s look at the best air purifiers for large rooms. But before that,

1. Airtok AP1002 HEPA Air Purifier

  • Capacity: Up to 1100 square feet | Filters: 2-stage filter system


The Airtok AP1002 is an affordable air purifier and bundles a simple design. It comes with 2-stage filtration and packs a carbon filter and an H13 HEPA filter. Both of these are responsible for clearing the air from pollutants, microscopic dust, allergens, and smoke & odors. The capacity is impressive, and a single device can cover a room of around 1,000 square feet.

The H13 HEPA filters are touted to purify the air better than the traditional HEPA filters. The best part is that it’s easy to setup. And the same can be said of running the air purifier. All the functions and buttons are at the top.

It bundles the conventional design wherein the device sucks in air from the front and releases the purified air from the top.

The low price tag means that the company has cut some corners. For instance, the purifier can be a little noisy at a higher speed. And while the filters are easy to remove, it’s a tad challenging to find the filters.

2. Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier

  • Capacity: Up to 400 square feet | Filters: 3-stage filter system

If your room measures around 400 square feet, you may want to check out the Levoit Core 400S. It covers a lot less area than the one above. However, it’s a powerful device and purifies the air from dust, floating lint, smoke, and microscopic dust. It comes with a 3-filter purification process and bundles a pre-filter, a carbon layer, and an H13 True HEPA filter.


And it’s the HEPA filter responsible for trapping microscopic particulates from the air. Unlike the one above, the Core 400S also bundles a LED screen that displays the amount of impurity in the air.

The core design of this air purifier is pretty much the same. It intakes air from the sides and sends out the purified air through the top. Apart from that, you will find the usual features on top like Fan speed, Sleep mode, and Lock mode.

Interestingly, the Core 400S is one of the affordable air purifiers for large rooms. It is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This is a huge plus since you can switch on the purifier through voice commands. Besides that, you can create schedules with the companion app or turn the display off.

The Core 400S is a popular air purifier for large rooms on Amazon and has seen more than 4,000 user reviews. Users love it for its easy-to-use nature, performance, and ability to clear the air of allergens. The built-in purifier lasts about a year before needing a replacement.

If you want the best deal for your money (and if the size of your room fits), then the Levoit Core 400S is a bang for the buck deal.

3. Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier

  • Capacity: Up to 465 square feet | Filters: 2-stage filter system

Another air purifier in the same price range and with similar capacity is the Honeywell HPA300. This one is suitable for rooms up to 465 sq feet. The highlight of this purifier is its high CADR rating of 300. The CADR rating is the measurement of how effectively it can clear pollutants from the air. Besides that, it is a simple device and has a 2-stage filtration process (carbon filter + HEPA filter).


The most interesting feature about this Honeywell purifier is its simple feature set and doesn’t have fan-based settings. There are no frills like Sleep Mode or Child Lock. Instead, the settings are based on real world scenarios like Germ, Allergen, etc. You can switch to the Germ setting during flu season, and Allergen during allergy season. Cool, we’d say.

It’s an effective air purifier and cleans the air of dog hair, pollutants, and allergens from the air. The process is quite simple. The walls are lined with a carbon filter which traps odors and large floating particles, whereas the True HEPA filter, rated at 99.97%, traps microscopic particles.

The filter life is also decent. The HEPA filter lasts for around a year and the carbon filter lasts for around two months before needing a replacement. And hey, replacing the filters is an easy process.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. For instance, there’s no support for smart assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Secondly, it’s a tad noisy.

4. Blueair 211+ Air Purifier

  • Capacity: Up to 600 square feet | Filters: 3-stage filter system

The Blueair 211+ is another air purifier suitable for rooms of about 600 square feet. It’s slightly more expensive than the ones above and delivers an effective performance. It’s a powerful air purifier and boasts of energy-saving design and a HEPASilent filtration process. The latter is responsible for less noise.


Surprisingly, the 211+ comes with a fabric pre-filter responsible for trapping larger particles. At the same time, the carbon filter keeps the air free from odor and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s worth noting that the pre-filter is washable.

At the same time, the HEPA filter is also effective. The folks at Live Science found it to absorb around 99.7% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns. And yes, it’s a silent air purifier.

Like its counterpart above, the Blueair 211+ is popular on Amazon. People with pets could see the difference the purifier made. At the same time, the customer service is active and responds well to people’s queries.

5. Turonic PH950 Hepa Air Purifier

  • Capacity: Up to 2500 square feet | Filters: 8-stage filter system

If you have a large office space or have an open-plan house, you can’t go wrong with the Turonic PH950 purifier. This one covers rooms up to 2500 square feet. Yep, you read that right! It packs fancy features like an 8-stage filtration process, Wi-Fi support, and a humidifier, all rolled into one.


The 8-stage filtration process includes an Ionizer, an anti-bacterial cotton filter, and a washable pre-fabric, apart from the usual HEPA and carbon filters. The ionizer is responsible for trapping particulate pollutants.

At the same time, the HEPA filter can theoretically trap 99.98% of microscopic particles, making it ideal for you if you suffer from allergies. It’s worth noting that the Turonic PH950 automatically adjusts to the air quality inside the room.

It’s not the sharpest-looking device out there. Yet, its user base has attracted rave reviews for its performance, helpful auto mode, and remote control. On the downside, the humidifier doesn’t handle large rooms well.

As Light as Air

These were some of the air purifiers suited for larger rooms. The idea is to find the one that fits your room’s dimensions well. More importantly, you’ll need to place it such that it catches every pollutant. If you are unsure of the expensive but high-capacity air purifiers, you can get a bundle of two affordable devices and place them strategically around the room.

Last updated on 06 June, 2022

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