Top 4 Affordable Standing Desks Under $500

You must have heard that sitting for long hours is not a good practice from a health perspective. Apart from resulting in a weaker lower body, a sedentary lifestyle also leads to heart diseases and increases the risk of diabetes. At the same time, standing for a long period of time also has its side effects. Hence it’s important to switch between the two, and that’s where standing desks come to the picture. Standing desks allow you to switch between the sitting position and the standing position at your convenience.

Top 5 Affordable Standing Desks Under 500

For instance, if you have to read some office documents or get some drawings ready for the project, you can switch to the standing position. Similarly, if you are more comfortable typing while sitting, you can switch the desk’s position, and you will be sorted.

The key to a good standing desk is its smooth operation and its build. After all, you wouldn’t want a desk that wobbles each time you type.

So, if you are looking for a quality and affordable standing desk, here are some of our recommendations. Take a look. But before that,

1. Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk

  • Height Range: 50-inch
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

When it comes to desks and desk accessories, Fully has a wide variety of accessories like monitor arms and cable management accessories. Most of the accessory bundle a minimalist look and have a range of features and the Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk is no exception. It bundles a minimalist look with two supporting legs and a laminate top. This one has a solid build and can carry weights up to 350 lbs. So, whether it’s a dual monitor setup or a wide array of your desk equipment, you will be able to place them without any issues.

The smooth operation ensures that you wouldn’t have to remove your monitors or keyboards before lowering or raising the height. Speaking of the height, this one can go up to 50-inches and goes low enough for you to sit comfortably and work.

This table’s crux is the OLED display on the right side, which lets you adjust the height as per your preference. Yep, it doesn’t have physical buttons, and at times, the display can turn out to be a tad unresponsive.

And for the premium pricing, you can expect quality customer service. Quite a few people have applauded Fully’s customer service for their quick response time and assistance.

2. Seville Classics Standing Desk

  • Height Range: 25.6 to 51.4 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 264 lbs

Another table with a minimalistic style is the Seville Classics Standing Desk. It checks off all the right boxes. For one, the dark wooden tabletop gives off a premium vibe. Secondly, the motor is quiet, fast, and smooth. Several users have backed this as part of their reviews on Amazon. The legs are divided into three sections and there move quickly between different positions. Like its counterpart above, there is a display right on the desk that shows the current height of the desk.

The build is solid and it doesn’t wobble much at average heights. However, if you extend it to the maximum height, it tends to wobble just a bit.

This desk has plenty of customizable options. For one, the feet can be adjusted. So if you have uneven flooring, it will take care of that. Secondly, the desk lets you save four height settings.

It will save you time as you needn’t do the redundant things over and over again.

3. Vivo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Workstation

  • Height Range: 30 to 50-inch
  • Weight capacity: 176 lbs

If you do not want to spend a ton on a standing desk, the Vivo desk makes for a good choice. It has almost the same range of motions and can go as far as 50-inch, making it feasible for a person of average height to work on it. However, the weight capacity is on the lower side and can take up to 176 lbs, making it ideal for you only if you do not have many things to put on your table. For instance, if you have two standard sized monitors and a few desk accessories, you should do just fine on this table.

Similar to its counterparts above, it has standard T-shape legs, and the counter is on the right. There’s no crossbar, but thankfully, the table doesn’t wobble when typing unless extended to its maximum height.

A major difference between the standing desks above and the one by Vivo is that this one has a physical button-based counter. So yeah, you do not have to wait for the display to come alive.

The motor is quiet and fast, and it’s easy to switch between the different heights. The good news is that it has cable management in place to manage the cables and wires.

4. Fezibo Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

  • Height Range: 27.6 to 47.3-inches
  • Weight capacity: 176 lbs

Another table which is both affordable and packs a good amount of features is the one by Fezibo. Priced at less than $300, this table has a large working area, which means you can spread out your displays and other desk accessories at your convenience. However, the crux of this table is the pull-out keyboard tray. Yes, you read that right. It comes with a keyboard tray, thereby giving you ample space to spread out your documents and papers.

The Fezibo table will be useful to you if you switch between physical documents and their softcopies. And if you want to take things further, you can invest in a quality monitor mount and free up more space.

It has plenty of great features to start with. For one, the motor is quiet and smooth and you should not have many issues in lowering or increasing the height.

Simultaneously, the table’s assembly is simple and straightforward and shouldn’t take much time.

Another standing desk worth a look is the one by Flexispot. This one boasts of a maximum height of 47.6-inch. However, the weight capacity is a tad on the lower side and can carry weights up to 154lbs.

Rise Up

When it comes to standing desks, keep in mind that standing for long hours can adversely affect your lower body. So, do make it a point to wear comfortable footwear and invest in a comfort mat to lower the fatigue.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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