Top 7 Free Number to Words Converters

You are in the bank filling in a cheque and need to convert the amount in words. Sounds familiar? It happens every now and then, more so with people who are required to input figures in numbers and words both, to comply with the laws of the land.

Number To Words Converters

While small figures are easy to convert mentally, large figures running in 6-7 digits or more can be difficult. Why do it verbally when there are simple yet effective number to word converters available online.

Because I had little else to do, I started messing around with numbers to see the highest value these tools can handle. I found some new words!

Online Number to Words Converters

1. Code Beautify

The number to word converter by Code Beautify is available online for free. The tool is simple and quick. You enter a number and hit Convert to Words and it will get the job done.

Before you hit the button though, you can choose your country. If you choose USA, 1 followed by 6 zeros is 1 million. If you choose India, it becomes 10 lakhs. So, depending on where you live and why you need the converter, you can choose appropriately.

Codebeautify Number To Words Converter Tool

The highest value it can handle is 1 followed by 30 zeros which is called nonillion in the USA, and 1 quintillion in the UK. Yep, I feel proud to have discovered the word ‘nonillion’.

Fun Fact:

2. Tools4noobs

While Code Beautify did a real good job of converting numbers to words, I wanted to see what else can I do with these tools. How far could I go. I found another number to words converter, this time by Tools4noobs. Here is a screenshot.

Tools4Noobs Number To Words Converter Tool

I don’t even know how much that is but I guess scientists are gonna love it. What with all the galaxies and planets they keep discovering that are a quintrigintillion miles away!

Oh, forgot to mention that this crazy tool supports 20 languages and countries. Go have some fun with it now. Let’s see what is the highest number you can find.

Number to Word Converter Apps for Android

While online tools are great for converting numbers and amounts to words, apps are even better. This will come in real handy when you are filling rows and columns in excel sheets.

3. Calculate in Words

Calculate in Words is nifty little app that will work offline. The app is only 1.4M in size and comes free with no ads. Where it shines is in its calculator style layout. You can not only convert numbers and figures into words, but you can also calculate, say, the amount you have to enter using the built-in calculator.

Calculate In Words Western Standard

This can save a lot of time that otherwise would have been wasted going back and forth between two apps. It supports both western and Indian figures as well as currencies. I like its ability to save calculations in a separate history tab which you can access using the arrow button on the top left of the screen.

Calculate In Words Indian Standard

The highest number by western standard is 1 Decillion while by Indian standard, it is 1 crore. After 1 crore, it will go like 1 lakh crore and so on.

4. Number to Word Converter

Number to Words Converter is another free app but is ad-supported. The layout is different (and more colorful … way too colorful). The calculator is missing but the app can handle larger numbers.

Number To Word Converter Western Standard
Number To Word Converter Indian Standard

By western standard, the highest number is 1 vigintillion while for Indians, it is 1 arab.

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Number to Word Converter Software for Windows

Not everyone is lucky enough to work from the comfort of their homes. Many people are logging in hours at the office working on their desktop. If you are one of them who needs a desktop computer to input figures in words, there is a software for you.

5. 1888 Number to Word Converter

1888 Number to Word Converter is a free, small desktop software with a bare minimal UI. It is free to download and use with no ads. I am not sure what the developer was thinking when he/she came up with this name. An inside joke?

1888 Number To Words Converter

This offline tool can handle up to 15 digits before and after the decimal point. The highest number in this case is a 100 trillion. Should be enough for most people.

Interesting Stuff:

6. Number to Word Converter

Excel is powerful, like really powerful. It looks like you can also use it to convert numbers to words. In fact, Microsoft has written a small tutorial on it too. It is in VBA. What? You are not VBA savvy? I am not either but I am good at research which is why I found a free add-in by the good folks at Able Bits.

Excel By Ablebits

You can use it to convert amount in figures to words. So $1 will become one dollar and so on. The author/developer also offers a solution on adding the word ‘only’ after the amount which is required in the finance sector.

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7. Spell the Number

Spell the Number is a fun game by Fun Brain. This is for parents who want to teach their kids how to spell numbers. Instead of using one of the above solutions for converting numbers into words, you should try this game. Why? For the magic of gamification.

Fun Brain Spell The Number Game

The interface is colorful and engaging. A random, but small number will be displayed and your kid will have to spell it, and then sign it. He/she gets 1 point for every right answer.

Convert Like a Pro

From education to finance, you never know when or where you might need to convert numbers to words. Depending on your situation, you can choose the appropriate tool to achieve the desired results.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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