16 Best Tips to Use Samsung Flow on Windows 10

When one thinks of sharing files or syncing notifications from Android phone with PC, apps like Pushbullet and SHAREit come into our mind. But in the past few years, Microsoft and Samsung have also entered this zone. Samsung offers a dedicated app known as Samsung Flow to connect PC and Android mobile. Here we will tell you 16 tips to use Samsung Flow on Windows 10.

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Samsung Flow is the successor of SideSync. It lets you sync notifications, share files, and even mirror your phone to PC. You can even unlock your Windows PC using this app.

Excited? Let’s check out all these cool features of the Samsung Flow app.

1. Share Directly from App

Anything that you receive in the mobile app of Samsung Flow from other devices can be directly shared with other apps. For that, long-press on the item in the app and hit the Share button. Then select the app where you want to use it.

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2. View Full Notification

The notification history on the computer doesn’t show the entire notification content. If you thought you would have to check your phone to view the full notification, you are wrong. Just click on the notification in the history and you will see all its content.

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3. Filter Notifications

Another interesting feature related to the notification history is that Samsung Flow lets you filter the notifications based on the apps. For instance, if you want to view the notifications received from Google, you can select Google, and only those notifications will be shown to you. To do so, click on the All drop-down box at the top of the Notifications tab. Then select the app of your choice.

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4. Reply to Dismissed Notifications

I’m sure you must be aware that you can reply to Android notifications on the PC from the apps that allow it. For instance, chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. Once the notification vanishes from the live preview, it’s still possible to reply to them. For that, click on the notification in the Notifications tab in the Samsung Flow app. You will find the message box there. Type your reply and hit the Send button.

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5. Dismiss Notifications on Phone

Samsung Flow syncs notifications from your phone to PC. Typically, you can only view it and reply to certain messages. What if you want to dismiss the notifications directly from your PC so that your notification panel on the phone doesn’t feel cluttered? Yes, that’s possible.

For that, you will have to open the Samsung Flow app on the PC and click on the Delete button present under the Notifications tab. Then select the notification that you want to dismiss from your phone. Kindly note the notification will be removed from the history of the Flow PC app too.

Tip: Use Pushbullet
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6. Disable Notifications from Certain Apps

If you don’t want to receive notifications from a certain app on your computer, disable it in the Samsung Flow mobile app. For that, open the Flow mobile app and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Settings from the menu.

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Tap on Manage notifications. Then turn off the toggle next to the apps from which you don’t want to receive notifications.

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7. Open Received Files Quickly on PC

When you share a file from your Samsung mobile to your PC, you will have to open the folder that carries the file to view it. An easy way exists where you don’t have to go scouting for the specified folder. Instead, you can open it from the Flow app.

For that, click on the three-dot icon at the top of the Flow PC app and select Incoming files. You will be shown all the files received on Samsung Flow.

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8. Share Notes

If you want to send some text from your mobile to PC or vice versa, you can do it with the Flow app. You must have seen the text box at the bottom of the Flow app — both on your PC and mobile. Type the text there and hit Share. You will receive it on the other device.

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9. Share Web Links

There are two ways by which you can share web links from mobile to PC. Firstly, use the message option, as shown in the above tip. That is, copy the link in the text box and hit Share.

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Alternatively, you will find Samsung Flow in the sharing menu of Android too. Tap on the share icon next to the link or text and select Samsung Flow from it. On PC, paste the link in the message box.

Tip: If you use Chrome, you can share links through it
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10. Use Clipboard

Another way to sync text or links between PC and Android phone is to use the clipboard feature of Samsung Flow. You have to enable it first, and then it works both ways. You can copy text on your mobile and paste it anywhere on your PC and vice versa.

To enable it, click on the clipboard icon present at the top in the Samsung Flow app. When the clipboard is enabled, the icon will turn blue.

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11. Mirror Your Phone

Inside one tiny button in the Flow app, you will find many more features, starting with the screen mirror. When you enable this, your entire mobile display will show up on your PC. You can use it to control your phone. To turn the screen mirror on, click on the Smart View icon present at the top.

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A new window showing your mobile’s screen will open.

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12. Change Mirror Screen Resolution

If you feel the screen mirroring works slowly, you can change its resolution to low. Doing that will drastically improve the speed.

To do so, launch the screen mirror from Smart View first. Then, tap on the settings icon at the top and select Change resolution.

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13. Take Screenshots from PC

You can capture screenshots of your mobile directly from the PC using the screen mirror feature. For that, enable Smart View and then click on the screenshot icon at the top. The screenshot will be saved on your PC. The Flow app will directly open the folder that houses your screenshots.

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14. View Messages and Check Battery

While Samsung Flow doesn’t offer a native method to view SMS on your PC, you can check them using the mirror feature. Open the Smart View and then navigate to the messaging app on your phone. Similarly, you can check your phone’s battery from PC.

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15. Open Apps Quickly in Screen Mirror

When you mirror your phone to PC, you see all the apps as they are present on your phone. However, if you have some favorite apps or you want to open an app quickly without opening the app drawer, you can add them to the favorite section in the Flow app on your PC. Then, when you need the app, open that section and click on the app.

To do so, start Smart View and then click on the star icon at the top. Click on the add icon to add your app. To launch an app, again, click on the star icon, followed by your app.

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16. Unlock PC from Your Phone

You can unlock your Windows PC from a distance by using your Samsung phone’s PIN or fingerprint sensor. That is possible with the Windows screen unlock feature available in the Flow app.

For that, click on the three-dot icon at the top in the Samsung Flow PC app and select Settings. Then turn on the toggle for Windows screen unlock. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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Go with the Flow

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you to use the Samsung Flow app optimally. In case you aren’t satisfied with its features, you can try apps like Microsoft Your Phone or Pushbullet. You can even give a shot to AirDroid and AirMore.

Next up: Want to switch to Microsoft Your Phone app? Here’s a detailed guide on how it differs from the Samsung Flow app.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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