15 Ultra Cool Thor Ragnarok [HD 4K] Wallpapers

Namrata Gogoi

The God of Thunder is back with a bang! Thor: Ragnarok – the latest movie from Marvel – is a hilarious sequel with its share of end-of-the-world battle scenes, humongous monsters, and, of course, gladiator face-offs.

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As Thor makes his way to save Asgard (yet again), we have scoured the Internet and compiled some of the coolest Thor: Ragnarok wallpapers. Enjoy!

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1. A Technicolor Adventure

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Thor: Ragnorak has been described in many different terms and the one word which fits in perfectly is "technicolor chaos" and well, we can't seem to disagree.

2. Who is the Greatest of 'em All?

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So, who do you think is the greatest of all these ultra-powerful superheroes?

3. Them Headgears!

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A line-up of superstars feature in the second Thor movie.

4. Hela – Goddess of Death

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Played by Oscar winning actor, Cate Blanchett, Hela the evil Asgardian goddess of death has a new plan up her sleeves. What's the plan? Can't tell you that. You wouldn't want me to spoil all the movie, right?

Hela is also the first female villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

5. Bring on the Thunder

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If you're a comics fan, you must know all the facts about the MCU. So, our question is, how fast does the Mjolnir fly? Write your answer in comments.

6. Battle of the Gladiators

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[Spoiler alert] Thor does a lot of things to squeeze his way out of Sakaar, the planet where Hela held him captive. One of the ways to get out is by winning a gladiatorial contest against none other than the incredibly angry Hulk.

7. Valkyrie, the Valiant

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Did you know that Thor: Ragnarok is one of the first Marvel superhero movies to focus more on female characters and marks a major milestone for the production house. Tessa Thompson has won over many hearts as Valkyrie, the brave Asgardian warrior.

8. The Charming Brother

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Loki is never complete without his share of twists and tricks. So, is the good-boy image in this movie a major shift in his character or is it just another ploy? Watch the movie to find out.

9.  The Squad

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From left, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, Anthony Hopkins as Odin,  Mark Ruffalo as Hulk (you can only see the hand here), Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Idris Elba as Heimdall fighting together to defeat Hela, the super-villain played by Cate Blanchett. You game enough for this movie or need we say more?

10. The Power of the Mjölnir

Source: Wallpaper Cave

Did you know that Hela is powerful enough to separate Thor from his hammer, Mjölnir? The only Avenger in the MCU to do this was Vision in Marvel Avengers: The Age of Ultron because he was as pure and worthy as Thor himself. Some also argue that Vision could do such a feat because he was born from a thunderbolt struck by Thor himself.

11. The Hulk

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Mark Ruffalo does all his stunts as Hulk wearing a special suit for 3D-mapping. So, the anger is real!

12. Show of Power

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A pantheon of famous characters is displaying their might and power. The original poster (minus the globe) was released in the San Diego Comic Con. This one gives us hope that movie posters have not lost their creative touch yet.

13. The Knight of Asgard

Source: Alpha Coders

Have you heard about Yggdrasil? It's a giant ash tree that connects all the nine realms in Norse mythology.

14. Always on Watch

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Did you know that Heimdall has the ability to see and hear events even from far off galaxies.

15. A Look Back

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Missed those golden locks of Thor in the sequel? Though a few theories were rife when the trailer was launched, it had to do with a more practical reason and it took a lot of time to get the wig right.

Which is the One?

So, which one of these will grace your desktop in the coming days?

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