7 TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote PC Control and Access

You might prefer TeamViewer alternatives for their features, pricing, endpoint technology, adaptability, help desk solutions or for other reasons. However, most users do not know what other remote access software solutions have to offer them.

Team Viewer Alternatives Lead

Remote access software allows businesses, as well as individuals, to access or interact with computers and other devices from a remote location.

TeamViewer, a global leader in this industry, reportedly holds the highest market share. And more than 1.5 billion devices have activated the software.

But what can TeamViewer alternatives offer you? Let’s find out.

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist Team Viewer Alternatives

Zoho Assist is second on our list and one of the widely used products from Zoho Suite. Zoho Assist provides remote support solutions for IT help desks, Outsourced IT, and Managed Service Provider Support.

This remote access software allows you to support your remote customers even when you’re on the go. With Zoho Assist, you can offer remote support to computers from an Android or iOS device and vice versa.

Remote Access Zoho Android Team Viewer Alternatives

Zoho features are immense. You’d be sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

The most popular features are the on-demand remote support for web and mobile devices, unattended remote access, and screen sharing.

Remote Access Zoho Desktop Team Viewer Alternatives

Also, the security (SSL and Two Factor Authentication), integrations, customization, and user management are features that make Zoho stand out.

This tool is free to use. You can upgrade to the paid versions to unlock advanced features such as remote printing, annotation, custom domain mapping, and sophisticated reports.

Remote Access Zoho Pricing Monthly Team Viewer Alternatives

The remote support plan includes the Standard (technician), $8 or $10 per month, the Professional plan is $13 or $15 per month, and the Enterprise, $21 or $25 per month.

Moreover, the Standard (unattended computers) starts at $8 per month for yearly plan and $10 for monthly plan. However, if you choose the yearly plan, you’d get some discounts.

Remote Access Zoho Pricing Yearly Team Viewer Alternatives

Zoho Assist has an adaptive and straightforward interface and pre-built integrations with help desk solutions such as ServiceNow, Zendesk, Zoho Desk.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft remote desktop enables users to connect to remote desktops, PC’s or applications.

Remote Access Microsoft Team Viewer Alternatives

The beautiful thing about this software is that it is free, simple to use, and supported on a wide range of devices.

Although its features are limited compared to other solutions in this space, you will find great features such as remote connection, simple connection management, secure connection to data and applications, and high-quality video and audio streaming.

Also, you can access published remote resources and remote PCs running on Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server.

3. RealVNC

Remote Access Realvnc Team Viewer Alternatives

RealVNC is one of the leading software for remote access across desktop and mobile devices.

This software has custom-built solutions for system administrators and experts, Managed service providers, Integrators and OEMs, and embedded engineers.

Remote Access Realvnc Features Team Viewer Alternatives

While using RealVNC, you’ll struggle to bypass firewall if you aren’t an expert. Also, you cannot use a port that is running a different program.

Asides from these drawbacks, RealVNC has excellent features that make it a go-to solution. The cross-platform support, team management capabilities, and intuitive remote control make it a great alternative to TeamViewer.

Remote Access Realvnc Pricing Team Viewer Alternatives

Real VNC has a free plan useful for non-commercial purposes. To access advanced features, you will need the paid version.

The professional plan starts from $40 per year and instant support at $200 per year. Also, the enterprise plan starts $55 per year, with support at $400 per year.

4. AnyDesk

Remote Access Anydesk Team Viewer Alternatives

AnyDesk remote desktop software provides secure and reliable remote access and desktop connection. Apart from its cross-platform support, the user interface is easy to navigate.

Though its features are limited when compared to other solutions in this space, you’d be sure to find some distinctive features.

Remote Access Anydesk Features Team Viewer Alternatives

Some of the unique features include its bandwidth efficiency, a customized security solution for your security requirements, connection verification, and access restrictions.

Remote Access Any Desk Pricing Team Viewer Alternatives

AnyDesk does not have a free plan. The Lite plan starts from $10.99 per month, Professional is $ 20.99 per month, and Power is $52.99 per month.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop provides secure remote access and support across computers, phones, and tablets. It’s secure and available as an extension on Google Chrome.

Remote Access Chrome Team Viewer Alternatives

Though it works only on Chrome, it has impressive features such as remote connection through a remote desktop gateway, remote access, and support, and simple connection management.

The simple nature of this software makes it easy to use. The software is free, and just like other solutions, it supports multiple local displays.

6. Splashtop Business Access

Remote Access Splashtop Team Viewer Alternatives

Next on our list is the Splashtop Business Access, one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer.

Splashtop business access provides secure remote computer access and support for individuals and businesses. Also, the custom-built solutions to serve business professionals, managed service providers, IT departments, and help desk.

Splashtop Dashboard Team Viewer Alternatives

Some of the incredible features you will enjoy include remote access from any device (individual and teams), mobile and desktop screen recording, and 360 mirrors. The File transfer and remote print are also an important USP.

Remote Access Splashtop Pricing Team Viewer Alternatives

This software is user-friendly and has scalable pricing to suit your needs. The business access solo plan starts from $5 per month while the business access pro plan starts from $8.25 per month.

If you require access to True Dual Monitor support, this solution will come at an extra cost.

7. Goverlan Reach

Remote Access Goverlan Team Viewer Alternatives

Last on our list is Goverlan Reach. Goverlan Reach is a complete remote access tool for desktop support and systems management.

The software is scalable, and easy to use. It provides secure access, easy onboarding, reduced resolution time, and endpoint management.

Remote Access Goverlan Features Team Viewer Alternatives

This is a built-for-enterprise remote access tool that comes with host of other features like advanced remote control, active directory management, etc. that businesses are likely to find useful.

With Goverlan reach, you can use the Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution Support tool to unify passwords on computers within a domain.

Remote Access Goverlan Pricing Team Viewer Alternatives

Goverlan Reach gives a 30-day trial, after which you can choose from any of the three payment plans (billed monthly or annually). The Standard plan starts from $29 per month and the Professional plan at $69 per month. The Enterprise plan unlocks advanced features such as IT compliance assessment, starts from $129 per month.

The background system management works on windows supported devices only, so that’s a limitation.

It also supports Citrix and MSTS Session Shadowing, multi-session Screen Activity and Performance Counter Monitoring.

Choose Your Preferred TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer has several suitable alternatives, so it’s important to find the right software that meets your needs. So you’ll have to evaluate these alternatives based on your desired features to make an informed decision.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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