• 6 Best Smart Locks With Handle

    If you are into smart home devices, you must know the advantages of smart locks. These nifty locks make life more convenient and easy. And at the same time, maintain the security just like a normal lock would (or more). Smart locks with handles let y

  • 4 Best Smart Locks That Work With Google Home

    Smart Locks are a good addition to your Google Home-controlled smart home. These locks let you control the lock from your phone using simple voice commands. More importantly, the smart assistant compatibility adds a ton of convenience.

  • 4 Best Smart Locks With Keypad That You Can Buy

    I think the keys have a (devilish) mind and often act on their own. They tend to get lost when you need them the most. If you have a traditional door lock, you must have felt this quite often. Smart door locks help you avoid just that.