5 Surprising Ways to Run Your Mac Like New With CleanMyMac X

It’s quite natural to gush over Apple’s Macs and even refer them as lean and fast machines. Wiping those new slim Macs will keep them clean physically. However, Mac’s performance tends to become slow and sluggish over time. After a few months or a year, you might start looking for ways to run your Mac like new when your Mac takes too long to boot, or app takes a minute to launch. That’s where CleanMyMac X steps in to save your time and energy.

5 Surprising Ways to Run Your Mac Like New With Clean My Mac X

Though the recent Macs pack faster SSDs, there are several reasons why the experience of using it feels strained. Many folks still use older Mac machines, and you can easily imagine their frustration.

The performance dip occurs when you don’t purge junk files, app caches, unused apps, and more. You’ll end up spending several hours every week to erase those unwanted files and apps manually.

Thankfully, you can automate those tasks and cut down on hours spent on manually deleting files, folders, and unwanted apps. Whether you’re using an old Mac or new, here are the 5 smart ways to make your Mac run like a spanking new with a few clicks using CleanMyMac X.

Clean Up Junk Files

Combing different directories to manually delete unwanted files and folders is such a tedious chore. Wouldn’t you want to clean up all the garbage and leftover files quickly? Well, CleanMyMac X provides a Smart Scan option, which explores your Mac’s storage for temporary files, browser cache, app caches, files left over after uninstalling apps, mail attachments, and even the files in the trash can. All these unwanted files hog space and slow down your Mac’s performance.

Smart Scan on Mac using Clean My Mac X

You can purge all those unwanted junk files with a single click and reclaim the precious storage space. After that, the Mac apps will run smoothly, just like when you had installed them for the first time. Your browser will suddenly start appearing responsive after the browser cache is wiped clean.

Of course, you’ll permit full disk access to CleanMyMac X for performing a deep and thorough scan for such data.

Discard or Relocate Large and Old Files Smartly

The Space Lens feature in CleanMyMac X performs a rapid scan to show an instant storage map. That means you get a view of files and folders that consume the most space. You can then browse through those specific folders and figure out which old and unneeded files do you want to remove or move to trash.

The Large & Old files option under the Files section is a straightforward way to list all the huge files that you haven’t used or accessed in a long time. Of course, that means it shall show you the biggest files by date.

Remove Large Old Files using Clean My Mac X

Here’s the kicker: you can use the same feature to transfer those massive files to external storage. Yes, you don’t have to remove those large media files. Now, that’s real smart.

You should use the Shredder feature to remove the digital footprint of any file or folder from your Mac securely. Whether they are sensitive or locked by the Finder, you can wipe such data directly off the disk without leaving any trace.

Uninstall Old, Unused Apps

Who doesn’t love trying out new apps? Many apps and utilities can be fun and beneficial to use. However, we only end up using a fraction of them regularly. Removing unwanted and unused apps can also free up some space on your disk.

For instance, many folks may barely use Garageband, and removing it will free up nearly 1GB worth of space. You may have also uninstalled a lot of apps manually. Such uninstalled apps often leave several files and folders that hoard some space or cause conflicts.

Uninstall old unused mac apps using Clean My Mac X

The Uninstaller option instantly shows you a chronological list of apps that you haven’t used in a while. Apart from that, it shows one of the coolest options—a list of all 32-bit apps on your Mac. That means if you’re running macOS Catalina or higher, such 32-bit apps will not work and will significantly slow down your system.

Extensions option can quietly and efficiently remove all kinds of plugins, extensions, or widgets that you don’t use.

You can always use the Updater to keep your apps up to date if you’ve disabled the automatic App Store updates to save up on data or want to update apps manually.

Optimizing Speed and Maintenance

Reclaiming storage space by purging junk is only one of the few steps for improving your Mac’s responsiveness. The next step is optimizing the performance by assessing the unwanted apps and services that run in the background. You can disable the Login items, which automatically open every time you log in to the Mac.

There are small ‘app agents’ that run in the background to monitor your usage and try to assess things like when you’d need to use that particular app. You can disable them to free up system resources.

Optimization and Maintenance using Clean My Mac X

Multiple other factors also impact the speed and performance of your Mac. The Maintenance section lists out several such options ranging from Free Up RAM to Repair Disk Permissions. When you run all of them regularly, you’ll witness that bump in speed while launching apps and opening files.

Running the Optimization and Maintenance section even once in a fortnight will eliminate any hiccups with speed or performance.

Protection and Privacy

Let’s get one thing straight: Mac’s security may be arguably stronger, but it is still susceptible to attacks and malware. So instead of taking your Mac for granted, you can protect it. That’s why it’s a good practice to let CleanMyMac X scan your Mac for Malware often, especially the Mail attachments.

Though it’s no standalone security app, it does a darn good job of thoroughly inspecting every digital nook and cranny of your Mac.

Protection and Privacy of Mac using Clean My Mac X

You’ll be surprised how the Privacy feature quickly accesses the different app permissions to display app-wise details of those permissions. That way, you can safeguard your data from any smart alec app that has requested unwanted permission without your knowledge.

Of course, the same feature will instantly remove the temporary files, cache, and browsing data of your browser(s).

A Click in Time Saves Nine

All those activities will take barely 2-5 minutes with CleanMyMac X. And you’ll be surprised how fast your Mac runs after that. Of course, you won’t realize the hours you’ve saved with a few clicks.

Even when you close or quit the CleanMyMac X app, its icon shows up on the Menu bar and shows you information about your Storage, Memory usage, CPU Load and Temperature, Battery Charge, and Network Speed with a single click.

You can give CleanMyMac X a shot with its free trial, which comes with a few limitations on the file sizes that you can remove and other options.

Menu Bar View of Clean My Mac X

CleanMyMac X license is available through an annual subscription that will cost you $34.95 for a single Mac, $54.95 for two Macs, and $79.95 for five Macs. You can also opt for a One-Time purchase option that will cost you $89 for a single Mac, $134.95 for two Macs, and $199.95 for five Macs. If you aren’t happy with the product, MacPaw also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on buying it from the MacPaw Store.