Top 7 Space Games for Android for 2018

Space is the ultimate frontier and it’s up to you if you want to explore what’s up and beyond! Download and install the coolest space games for Android and play your heart out. Take part in intergalactic battles, defend your planet against aliens or race against time to win epic tournaments.

Space Games For Android

In this post, we have curated a list of a few amazing space games for Android that you’ll surely get hooked on. Let’s check them out!

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1. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Acclaimed as ‘Editor’s Choice’ on the Google Play Store, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is an award-winning space combat game. It’s so much addictive and that too for good reasons.

Galaxy On Fire 2

This title is considered to be a benchmark of sci-fi gaming on Android by followers and critics. In this game, you defend your galaxy from the hands of evil alien invaders.

2. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

If you like space shooting games and want to fly a cool spacecraft while destroying fleets of aliens, you’re gonna love Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack.

Space Shooter Galaxy Attack 1
Space Shooter Galaxy Attack 2

In this game, you get to control a spaceship and save your galaxy from alien intruders. Each level introduces an increasingly large number of enemies and an epic boss fight at the end. You can earn points and redeem them to upgrade your spaceship to fight harder.

3. Hades’ Star

Hades’ Star is a space strategy game where hundreds of players take part to explore uncharted areas of a shared galaxy. All strategy game lovers will surely love it.

Hades Star
Hades Star 2 X

In this game, you can explore your own star system, colonize planets and transform them from huge chunks of rocks to hubs of life and activity. You can also engage in battles, form diplomatic pacts and co-operate with others to gain resources.

4. Space Racing 3D – Star Race

Rated as one of the coolest racing game ever, Space Racing 3D – Star Race is every racer’s delight. The game lets you race with multiple players offline and online and earn points.

Space Racing 3 D Star Race

There are more than 40 interstellar race tracks and three gaming modes – Career, Chase, and Survival. You can choose from six awesome spacecraft and upgrade them to become the space racing champion.

5. Space Agency

Personally, I love this game! Space Agency is a simulation game where you actually build a rocket, launch it and place it on Earth’s orbit at the right trajectory and add more components to the satellite.

Space Agency
Space Agency 2

Run your own space program. Build rockets, launch satellites, create a space station and explore the solar system. Although it sounds simple, Space Agency is quite a challenging game and it will test your intelligence and reflexes to their fullest capabilities.

6. VEGA Conflict

Another space strategy game on this list, Vega Conflict is a real-time strategy game where you team up with players to take your galaxy back from the evil VEGA federation and fight alien enemies.

Vega Conflict X

Forge alliances, craft powerful spaceships and battle it out with the powerful VEGA federation to claim what’s rightfully yours.

This campaign-based game is never-ending and will keep you engaged with its high-resolution graphics and awesome gameplay. This one is surely a roller-coaster ride!

7. Solar Walk Lite – Planetarium 3D

Is your head overloaded with boss fights and campaigns and you just want to relax and take a walk through the vast outer space? Well, Solar Walk Lite – Planetarium 3D is the best option for you.

Solar Walk Lite Planetarium 3 D
Solar Walk Lite Planetarium 3 D 2

This game gives you a 3D model of our Solar system for exploration. It’s a time-sensitive space simulator with an accurate representation of planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, satellites, and their motion in relation to one another.

You can just cruise through the simulated Solar system and know all the amazing details of our celestial neighbors.

Up and Beyond!

All set to zoom away with these awesome space games? Do let us know which one of these you liked the most. Our comment section is below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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