5 Best Sniper Games for iPhone You Can Play Right Now

Sniper games are generally slow. You have to be patient and calculative for taking the right shot. It can take anywhere between a few seconds to a couple of minutes before anything exciting happens. Unlike some other fast-paced shooting games, sniper games are more about concentration and strategy.

N Best Sniper Games For Iphone You Can Play Right Now

Enjoying such games on a mobile phone can get a bit tricky. You might have to zoom and pan around to connect with a moving target. So if you are up for the challenge, here are some of the best sniper games for iPhone.

Did You Know:

1. Hitman Sniper

The Hitman is a video game series so popular that Hollywood decided to make a movie on it. Both in the game and the movie, the story follows Agent 47, a pro bald assassin, contract killer, with a unique skill set.

Sniper Games For Iphone 1

As Agent 47, you will be assassinating high profile businessmen and power brokers using a variety of tactics to kill the enemy. During the gameplay, you will not be susceptible to counterattack, but if the target or their bodyguards get wise to your action, they will leave the premises.

Sniper Games For Iphone 2

There are many missions to pick one and get started. Some missions have multiple targets or secondary missions (150 in total). As the game progresses, you will unlock more powerful snipers, scopes, and other accessories. As has become the norm with most games, there is a zombie mode available.

Hitman Sniper will cost you just $0.99 and comes with in-app purchases.

2. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fry offers some of the best graphics and special effects in the sniping world. I found it to be at par with Call of Duty series. Where Hitman Sniper is set in the city, Sniper Fury is more about military combat that will take you through several exotic locations.

Sniper Games For Iphone 3

There is a PvP (Player vs. Player) mode where you will be working with your squad to loot resources and weapons and then protect it against other players. Apart from clan mode, there are single missions that you can complete to claim rewards and upgrades. Watch out for the energy bar. You will need it to enter missions. Unlike Hitman Sniper, enemies are looking to kill you, so keep that in mind. Makes it more challenging.

Sniper Games For Iphone 4

There is a lot of blood and gore involved that action game lovers will love. Sniper Fury is free but comes with in-app purchases as most games in this genre.

3. Sniper 3D Assassin

Sniper Assassin is a wildly popular sniper game for iPhones. The 3D graphics look realistic. The game provides hundreds of missions and spoils you with hundreds of weapons, especially snipers. I wish the game offered more locations. I went through the cityscape, and it is designed beautifully. I would have loved some forest or desert action.

Sniper Games For Iphone 5

There is a handler that will give you missions. Completing each mission will unlock accessories, weapons, and rewards. There is a player vs. player mode where you will go against members of other squads. The app is free, and you can unlock various missions and weapons with in-app purchases.

Fun Fact:

4. Sniper Strike

In Sniper Strike, you are going to be part of an elite force who will carry out a range of missions. These missions include rescuing hostages, securing packages, and so on. It’s a multiplayer game where you can either play in a clan and complete missions or go against other clans (PvP mode).

Sniper Games For Iphone 6

The storyline is amazing and very realistic. I don’t like going on a killing spree for no apparent reason. There has to be a sense of purpose and Sniper Strike provides it. There are many locations like sea, ground, buildings, city, and more.

Sniper Strike is one of the coolest sniper games for iPhones and iPads. It is free, but there are plenty of upgrades and guns to unlock using in-app purchases.

5. Sniper Arena

Sniper Arena has one extra element — drones. You can use them to wreak havoc on the rival clans. It’s a strictly PvP sniper game for iPhone where you will need to create a team or join one to go against other players. The control pattern is similar to most sniper games, and the graphics are at par.

Sniper Games For Iphone 7

There are different ranks, and as you level up, you will face players with similar ranks, thereby increasing the difficulty level. Weapons and accessories unlock with each level until you reach Phantom. There is support for live chat so you can strategize and come up with a plan.

One Target, One Bullet

Snipers games are no longer limited only to point-and-shoot. Modern warfare has changed the rules. Every sniper has a spotter with him/her whose job is to identify the target and calculate distance, wind, and heat. Cool, huh?

So which of these games will you and your friends play on iPhone? Did we miss one of your favorite titles?

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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