5 Snapchat-like Filter Apps for Android (Live Face Filters)

The freshest trend in the social media circle is live face filters. Ever since Snapchat came out with their widely popular live filters (Lenses, as it was known), the world of selfies got even bigger and undoubtedly, more creative.

5 Android Apps For Snapchat Like Face Filters

Face filters have been infused into a number of popular apps such as Instagram and Facebook. However, at the end of the day, not every photo is meant for the social media. If you ask me, I’d like to keep a few pictures to myself.

If you’d like to keep a few of these creative pictures in your Gallery, here are five best Snapchat-like face filter apps for Android.

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1. Camera 360: Get Creative With Cute Animal Faces

The first app on our list is the good ‘ol Camera 360. This Android app, introduced as a photo editing app, has included live face filters as one of its freshest features.

Screenshot 20171229 145018
Screenshot 20171229 144932

It has both still and motion face filters and most of them are meant to get a laugh out of you. What’s more? You can also add music to your motion clips.

Camera 360 is available for free on Google Play Store and shows a few occasional ads.

2. YouCam Fun: Get Into Different Characters

If playing with your eyes is your game, trust the YouCam Fun app to take it to a whole new level. This Android app has some dramatic eye effects combined with the usual funny elements of face filters.

Snapchat Like Filters 5
Screenshot 20171229 123001

You get a default set of around 8 to 9 filters. However, if you want to have some more fun, a tap on the little filter icon at the lower-right corner will open the gates to dozens of more filters.

Screenshot 20171229 144711
Screenshot 20171229 144643

All you need to do is tap on one filter to download it. From the Maleficent-styled antlers to Indian princesses, there are only a few characters that this app can’t transform you into. The lack of musical filters is the only drawback of this app.

3. Face Camera: Bring on the Party

Face Camera is one of those rare apps that combine all the different elements of live face filters. From the popular face swaps to cute cat faces, this app has them all.

Snapchat Like Filters 10
Snapchat Like Filter Apps 1

The filters are neatly categorized as well. Just make sure that you download them in advance if you’ve got a spotty Internet connection.

Cool Tip

4. B612: Explore the World of 3D Stickers

The next app on our list is B612. Known primarily for making collages, this mobile app has a plethora of cool face filters.

Snapchat Like Filters 11
Snapchat Like Filter Apps 2

Name the effect and you’ll find it here to suit your mood. What makes this app stand out from the rest is its use of 3D face filters.

5. Like: Add a Touch of Fire to Your Clips

Like isn’t a face filter app in the strictest sense. However, its diverse range of video overlays will win your heart.

Best Photo Editing Apps 2017 8
Best Photo Editing Apps 2017 7

This app works only with videos and has also been picked as the 2017 Editor’s Choice app on Google Play Store. All you have to do is record a tiny video in real time or choose one from the Gallery.

Once done, choose an overlay and apply it to the video. From laser eyes to Kamehameha just add your favorite layout, save and you’re done. Simple!

Unleash Your Creativity

Playing with face filters is the latest trend and make sure that you have the best trick up your sleeves. Do you think they can challenge the biggies like Snapchat, Instagram or the Facebook Messenger? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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