5 Mindblowing Smartphone Accessories You Can Buy On Indiegogo

The market for smartphone accessories is booming all thanks to the numerous smartphones that are available today.

While most accessory brands are just producing generic and not-so-innovative products, there are a few brands that are actually taking the pain to go that extra mile for innovation.

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Here, we are going to talk about some mindblowing smartphone accessories that are way ahead of time.

We have zeroed in on 5 uber cool smartphone accessories you can buy on Indiegogo, one of the biggest global crowdsourcing platforms.

Word of advice: Before purchasing anything, please go through the terms and conditions of the site and the products.

1. Volterman Smart Wallet

You must be wondering why I am talking about wallets in an article on smartphone accessories. A wallet is more need than just an accessory, we need it to keep our money, credit or debit cards and all sorts of things, and in the digital age, it’s also become integrated with online currency in the form of digital wallets. But this is not of that kind.

What if I tell that you can recharge your phone wirelessly with your wallet, access Wi-Fi, track your wallet and even keep a tab on it using a camera as well? Sounds super cool, right?


This is exactly what Volterman Smart Wallet promises to do. It comes with enough tech to put your average smartwatch to shame.

The best part about the wallet is wireless phone charging, which is compatible with all Qi-based devices. Don’t worry if you don’t have this technology, you can use a USB cable as well.

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The Volterman Smart Wallet also comes with a built-in GPS-based tracking system and a distance alarm so that you never forget your wallet anywhere. It also has a micro-camera, which can capture an image of the person trying to open it, in case it gets stolen.


Moreover, the smart wallet also provides Internet connectivity during international roaming with charges starting at $15 per GB.

If these features weren’t enough, let me tell you that you can also choose the material of leather your wallet would be made of.

Volterman Smart Wallet on Indiegogo

2. ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

For any premium smartphone user, a feature-rich smartwatch is a must-have. However, in the abundance of available options, which one should you buy? I would suggest buying the one that has the most number of features but looks like a hunk of metal strapped to your wrist … oh, wait! Few people actually like that.

Nonetheless, for people who like to keep a balance between tech and looks, the ZeTime hybrid smartwatch is a perfect fit.

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This watch sports a minimalistic design and packs more features than any Apple smartwatch. The unique thing about the ZeWatch Hybrid Smartwatch is the combination of a digital LCD display with a mechanical watch. Yes, the hour and minute hands are real.

Apple can actually take inspiration from the ZeWatch makers as they have managed to drill out a hole right in the center of the LCD panel so that the mechanical arms could move without any interruption. The ZeWatch has also managed to produce a seamless display, unlike the X.

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In terms of features, this watch comes with a full touchscreen display, a heart rate monitor, sapphire glass at the front, a full stainless steel case, and replaceable straps for easy customization.


It can be easily recharged using the wireless charger provided with the device. While the interactive smart display lasts for up to 3 days, the mechanical watch can function for 30 days on a single charge. The watch can also automatically adjust time zones, which is a very useful feature for frequent travelers.

ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch on Indiegogo

3. SELFLY Flying Selfie Camera

We all love taking selfies. But imagine how it would be to get a drone to take your selfies every time you feel like. Pretty cool right?

Let’s go one step further and imagine if your drone could simply and neatly fit inside your smartphone case.

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Impossible? That’s a big word in this digital era, my friend. Let me introduce SELFLY flying selfie camera, which pushes the boundary of innovation.

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SELFLY is truly a genius idea, which integrates three separate things in one neat package — a drone capable of hovering and taking pictures with an integrated camera, a 12,000-mAh battery pack to charge your phone, and a protective case to prevent any damage to it.


As per the designers, SELFLY can easily be used with any phone with screen sizes ranging between 4 to 6 inches. This one has me hooked like a leech!

SELFLY Flying Selfie Camera on Indiegogo

4. NIFTYX Wearable Powerbank And USB Cable

Let us take a breather and look at more essential accessories. First up, we have a miniature power bank that doubles up as a fashion accessory.

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The NIFTYX is one such brilliant gadget. Cables and battery banks are two of the most sought-after smartphone accessories and NIFTYX is a one-stop solution for both.

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Designers have cleverly embedded a USB cable inside hand-braided leather to give it a chic look. The cable also packs a 210-mAh battery pack that’s good enough to give any phone a jolt of life in case of emergencies.


If you are tired of carrying bulky power banks, try NIFTYX and charge your phone anywhere while making a killer fashion statement.

NIFTYX Wearable Powerbank and USB Cable on Indiegogo

5. Nope Webcam Cover and Sound Blocker

Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Yes, the founder of Facebook. Do you also know that he uses a piece of black tape to cover his laptop camera so that no one can hack and see through it? Guess not.

Well, this is indeed a legitimate concern in the era of hackers. It has become ridiculously easy to hack computers and mobile phones. Once hacked, anyone can gain access to your device and see through the camera. However, with a simple solution like Nope camera cover, you can stop the sneaky stalkers.

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Nope is a simple piece of marvelous engineering where a thin piece of metal has been shaped into a mechanical shutter for the camera. You can simply stick it onto the camera of any laptop or smartphone and protect your privacy.

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In a way, using this smart accessory will put you a notch above the founder of Facebook.


Moreover, Nope also ships a sound blocker, which is nothing more than a dummy 3.5-mm connector that you can use to block sound input and output and stop any hacker from recording your conversations secretly.

Nope Webcam Cover And Sound Blocker on Indiegogo

That’s Not All

These gadgets may just be the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous such exciting gadgets available on several crowdsourcing platforms such as Indiegogo. These platforms allow device makers and inventors to run wild and invent cool stuff without any marketing pressures, which results in such awesome gadgets.

Smartphone Art

I couldn’t resist and have already ordered some of these products and I’m sure you are also itching to do the same. Just as a word of advice — all these products come from distant places and take a lot of time to ship and get delivered. Order only if you have the patience and enjoy the coolest smartphone accessories available.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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