This Diwali, Decorate Your Home with These Smart Gadgets

Diwali is knocking on the door, everything from our wardrobe to our house is about to get a makeover. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a few knick-knacks — we all do our bit before this festival to give our home a facelift. This year, we at Guiding Tech thought that you should bring this change in a different way.

Universal Remote For Android

We are presenting a range of smart home products that are going to revamp your home in a smart way. Let’s see what we have.

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1. Amazon Echo Dot

8 Smart Home Gadgets You Can Buy This Diwali 10

Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Hound or Bixby — we now have an arsenal of smart assistants waiting to take our commands. But there is a question – aren’t these limited to just our phones?

Not exactly. This Diwali, if you want to take this smart experience a notch higher, say ‘Hi’ to the Amazon Echo Dot. Recently launched in India, this tiny voice-controlled assistant with a built-in speaker reacts to your commands instantly.

From playing music, checking facts or setting reminders to providing data on a plethora of subjects – the Echo Dot will give you all the information in a matter of seconds.

The brain behind the Echo Dot is Amazon’s Alexa that is supported by machine learning, which means that the more you use it, the better it becomes in the longer run.

8 Smart Home Gadgets You Can Buy This Diwali 4

What if I tell you that the mosquito repellent at your place can be turned on automatically before you reach. How? Magic, of course!

Okay … I made that up. On a serious note, the TP-Link smart plug is a WiFi-controlled plug that can do a variety of tasks such as switching the evening lights on, turning the coffee machine on, etc.

It’s controlled via a mobile app called Kasa. TP-Link comes with the Away-Mode to turn devices on/off according to a fixed schedule. What’s more, if you own an Amazon Echo, the benefits double up as you can add voice control to this gadget.

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When we are talking about smart home gadgets, it’d be a shame to skip the Philips LED Lamp Hue Starter kit. It’s a set of three bulbs connected wirelessly that lets you create the perfect ambiance.

Be it creating the perfect mood for your gaming sessions or a romantic dinner at home, you can do it all seamlessly through the Philips Hue app or through an Amazon Echo device. Though the price of this awesome gadget is slightly on the steeper side, the experience is totally worth the money.

Alternatively check out the

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb on Flipkart

4. Firefly Home Automation Module – WiFi Switch

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Another cool smart light option is the Firefly WiFi-controlled switch. This gadget lets you connect up to two light bulbs at the same time via WiFi or the Internet.

If you’re assuming that you’d need to change the wiring system of your house, let me tell you that this switch doesn’t require any rewiring. It too comes with a phone app – Firefly Connect – and supports multiple access. Apart from an easy installation process, this smart switch includes a built-in timer that enables it to handle the routine tasks.

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After knowing how to light your home smartly, how about locking it the same way before Diwali? The best option for a smart lock is the Kwikset Kevo touch-to-open Bluetooth smart lock.

Despite being a bit expensive, it’s a convenient option to lock/unlock your doors. The smart lock shows a green light when it unlocks and amber when it locks.

It works with both Fob and Alexa. Using Alexa, you can check the status of your lock or remotely instruct it to lock the door.

41Jc87 Zrel

As a Guiding Tech reader, you must have come across our article on universal IR remote apps that let you control a number of infrared-enabled devices such as cameras, ACs, and TVs through your smartphone. Broadlink has taken this mantra a notch higher through its WiFi IR universal remote.

It lets you control IR-enabled devices even when you are away from home. It’s a tiny device and the only condition is that it needs to be in the same room of the target appliance. So, the next time you want your room to be cooled before you reach home, all you have to do is give the necessary command through your phone.

Perhaps the best thing about this gadget is that even if it switches off (due to insufficient power), it’ll get back on the network on its own once charged.

Alternatively, you can also check the

FutureLife Broadlink Universal Remote


7. Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb

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Go crazy with colors this Diwali. The Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED smart bulb is the lesser-known cousin of the Philips Hue lights. The LED smart bulb lets you connect wirelessly and change colors without any hassle.

What’s more, you can choose from over 3-million colors and the installation process is simple. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it offers a lifespan of around 25,000 hours.

8 Smart Home Gadgets You Can Buy This Diwali 2

If you do a quick search for the most commonly lost personal items, keys and spectacles will top the list. Just the other day, I had a harrowing time finding my home keys and eventually found them inside my pockets.

The MacBerry Bluetooth alarm device helps to solve this in a simple manner. It’s a small colorful tracker that you can hook to your key ring. In case of misplaced keys, all you have to do is search for the tracker using the iTracing app and it’ll lead you to the right place.

So, which of the above devices will end up in your cart today?

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Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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